An animal’s right to be rescued

Puppies found abandoned in El Paso, TX. Hired by the city to develop policy for the city shelter, Best Friends embraced turning animals away to inflate placement rates.

In an email to me, Nathan Winograd, America’s most knowledgeable person about animal rescue, included the following statement: While closing one’s doors to animals in need may not undermine an animal’s right to live it ignores an animal’s right of rescue. Nathan Winograd The right of an animal to be rescued is something I’d …

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New York State animal protection laws (with comments)

New York State animal protection laws

New York State’s animal protection laws are comprehensive and extensive which is unsurprising to me as it is one of just two US states which ban cat declawing (Aug 2023). The governing politicians are progressive. Because the law is extensive, I’ve focused on those parts that concern domestic cats and dogs together with other …

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VICTORY: Court advances WHITE COAT WASTE PROJECT’s lawsuit against NIH’s illegal foreign animal lab loophole

WCW versus NIH

WHITE COAT WASTE PROJECT (WCW) has won an important legal battle against National Institutes of Health (NIH). Background WCW’s mission is to “unite animal-lovers and liberty-lovers to find, expose, and defund wasteful and cruel taxpayer-funded animal experimentation.” They represent both animals and American taxpayers. In respect of animals, they are the voice of the …

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Animals might feel more pain than the human-animal (Dawkins)

Gervais and Dawkins have similar thoughts on animal rights

Ricky Gervais and Richard Dawkins are very similar in their attitude and thoughts about animal rights. I admire them both. I am sure that their attitude is similar to millions of others. It certainly chimes totally with me. Gervais is a comedian and animal rights advocate and he is so important in the animal …

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Conservative UK government allow animal testing for cosmetics after 25-year ban

Animal testing for cosmetics

NEWS AND OPINION: To compound their earlier failures particularly those of Liz Truss, the short-lived former Prime Minister, this dying conservative government has allowed the use of animal testing for cosmetics to protect the workers making the products after this form of animal testing was banned in the UK in 1998. The BBC reports …

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White Coat Waste Project pressured Biden administration into defunding Russian animal experiments

America's funding of Russian animal experiments has ended

I had no idea. I’m sure the same applies to almost everybody else. America was sending hundreds of thousands of dollars to Russia to conduct cruel animal experiments on cats and dogs. It has not been explained to me as yet why the American government sent US$770,000 of taxpayers’ money to Russia to conduct …

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Socially intelligent and emotionally sensitive pigs are relentlessly abused at factory farms

Pigs are sophisticated and smart

For me, and for many thousands of others, the relentless and heartless abuse of pigs throughout their lives is baffling and depressing. How can humankind be so heartless and ignorant? Well, we can and often are. Look at the pathetic ignorance and selfish behaviour behind global warming. Humankind in 2022 does not give a …

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Argentina divorce court allowed pets to select separated owners

Dog with owners

A divorce court in Argentina gave the couple’s dogs equal rights on this one occasion and allowed the animals to select who they want to live with. The case sets a legal precedent, and it is probably a world first. The case temporarily grants rights to animals that are equal to those of humans, …

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