Another vet tech reduced to tears by botchy cat declawing operation

Another brutal cat declawing story. They come to light on social media. How many messes and mad days occur inside vet clinics when they carry out this unecessary and cruel, legalised cat abuse operation? One day it will be banned but the vets will never it up voluntarily. Never. They love the money the op brings in too much.
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I have another page from a vet tech who took pictures of a cat after the declaw operation. The cat was crawling up the bloody cage walls in pain despite pain killers. I am sure that the vet was at home having a glass of wine at the time. Hippocratic oath? Forget it. Money? Remember it and keep it in mind.

After the declaw operation, the claws attached to the bone of the last phalange of the toe are scattered around like coins from the treasure chest of vet income. As shown in the picture below.

declawed cat claws
Declawed cat claws. You see the claw and the bone to which it is attached, the last phalange of the cat’s toe after the last knuckle joint. Horror. This is the reality of declawing and vets don’t see a thing wrong with it.

There are piles of pages on declawing on this site. They are rarey read and digested which is a shame because declawing is the single most pressing problem in the human to cat relationship which needs elimination once and for all.

At risk of boring the pants off people, vets fight for the right to declaw cats. And it is not declawing. It is a full blown amputation. The vets made up the language. They even describe claws as “nails” to lessen the emotional impact of the declawing operation even more on their clients. The innocent patient is the piggy in the middle, waiting blindly to be badly injured for life at the hands of a person who prioritises money over a cat’s health in breach of all that is holy in the profession.

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