URGENT: Cat Owners in Utah USA Must Read This

The shocking element of this infographic is the conclusion which I came to using simple maths, that over 300,000 domestic cats in loving homes (I hope) are in constant pain, or at the very least discomfort, from the declawing operation that their owners had put them through. please continue reading

Veterinarian Butchered the Toes of a Polydactyl Cat

Veterinarian butchered the toes of polydactyl cat

The photographs show the results of a botched declaw operation on a polydactyl cat. They are horrific photographs and it makes me wonder how a veterinarian could do this bearing in mind his oath to never harm a cat but to promote the health of animals in his charge. please continue reading

California Plans to Ban Declawing

California plans to ban declawing

California is planning to ban cat declawing. Eight cities within the state banned declawing some time ago. If California passes this bill it will become the first state to ban declawing and it will be a monumental moment in the fight against this unnecessary and cruel practice. please continue reading