Average weight of a male bobcat

The average weight of male bobcats in Oklahoma, taken from a small sample, was 8.9 kilograms (females: 5.8 kg). In Minnesota the average winter weight for males was 13.0 kilograms and for females 9.2 kilograms. To convert kilograms to pounds multiply by 2.205. Adult male bobcats are typically longer and 30-40 percent heavier than females.

The record adult male (as at 2002) was 26.8 kilograms. See below:

Heaviest Bobcat On Record
Heaviest Bobcat On Record. Image in public domain.
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Weight varies with season, age and geographic location. Bobcats living further north are generally larger than those in the south. This applies to tigers as well for instance. Think about the huge Siberian tiger and the smaller Sumatran tiger.

Here are some average male bobcat weights from different US states from the renowned book: Wild Cats of the World by the Sunquists.

Male bobcat weights in kg
Male bobcat weights. Chart: MikeB. One kg = 2.20462 lbs.

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Here is the chart in an embedded spreadsheet:


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