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Bobcat social organisation - land tenure system

Bobcat land tenure system (infographic)

This is about bobcat social organisation. Like most other wild cats, the bobcat basically lives a solitary life occasionally encountering other bobcats within their home range but these meetings are brief. Sometimes there can...

IUCN Red List don't know the total number of bobcats

How many bobcats are there in North America?

The short answer is that we are unsure. You will see some very variable answers from about one million in North America (National Geographic) to between 2.3 million and 3.5 million in the world...

Bobcat scales 7-foot fence with ease and in a few seconds

Are bobcats good climbers?

Bobcats are good climbers as you might expect. They will climb a tree if and when pursued by dogs or perhaps charged by a deer. However, they spend most of their time on the...

Pixie-bob cat

Domestic cat that looks like a bobcat?

There are two purebred domestic cats that look like a bobcat: American Bobtail and Pixie-bob. In addition to these two purebred cats which are designed through selective breeding to have a domesticated but slightly...

Picture of a bobcat – a selection

People like to see a picture of a bobcat. There are some good ones here. I have taken this opportunity to add a written description. Of course, the name of the cat tells us...

There is a greyish colour to this bobcat

Do coyotes attack bobcats? Yes, according to 3 sources.

Yes, according to 3 reliably sources. Bobcats share many habitats with other carnivores including coyotes and pumas (mountain lions). According to (1) E.M. Anderson in Bobcat diurnal loafing sites in south-eastern Colorado – 1990...

Can bobcats have long tails?

Can bobcats have long tails?

Bobcats cannot have long tails. All true bobcats have a genetic mutation which shortens the length of the tail. The tail is usually about 14 cm long (5 inches).

There is a greyish colour to this bobcat

Can bobcats be gray?

The background colour of the bobcat varies from ‘buff, brown, reddish or yellowish brown to light gray and is streaked or spotted with black or dark brown”. So, yes, bobcats can have a grey...


How much do female bobcats weigh?

Based on studies as reported in the excellent reference book Wild Cats of the World (ISBN: 0-226-77999-8) the following weights apply to female bobcats: In Minnesota, a sample of 15 females weighed between 3.6-18.2...

Bobcat den in small cave

Can bobcats swim?

Of course, bobcats can swim because all cats can swim from the smallest to the largest and from domestic to wild. In fact, they are at least competent and sometimes excellent swimmers (e.g. the...

Bobcats in Michigan

Average size of a bobcat in Michigan

I have some data on the average size of bobcats in the US state of Michigan but it is quite sparse but nonetheless I hope useful. The information is broken down into head and...

Bobcat compared to the domestic cat

Bobcat size compared to domestic cat

People search for “Bobcat size compared to cat” but what they mean is a size comparison between the bobcat and the domestic cat. I’ve prepared an image which I think is pretty accurate in...

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