Bobcat land tenure system (infographic)

Bobcat social organisation - land tenure system

This is about bobcat social organisation. Like most other wild cats, the bobcat basically lives a solitary life occasionally encountering other bobcats within their home range but these meetings are brief. Sometimes there can be ‘gatherings’ and on one occasion and anecdotal account tells us that 11 individuals were in one “drove”. In general, …

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Are bobcats good climbers?

Bobcat scales 7-foot fence with ease and in a few seconds

Bobcats are good climbers as you might expect. They will climb a tree if and when pursued by dogs or perhaps charged by a deer. However, they spend most of their time on the ground. The video, I think, is quite a nice example of the abilities of the American bobcat to climb very …

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Domestic cat that looks like a bobcat?

Pixie-bob cat

There are two purebred domestic cats that look like a bobcat: American Bobtail and Pixie-bob. In addition to these two purebred cats which are designed through selective breeding to have a domesticated but slightly similar appearance to the American bobcat, you might see a random bred cat with a tabby coat and a very …

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Are bobcats legal pets in California?

Bobcat photograph by PD Ryan on Flickr

Bobcats are NOT legal pets in California unless you have a ‘special permit’. All cats species other than the domestic cat are classified as “not normally domesticated in this state” and for that reason the state has decided that “it shall be unlawful to import, transport, or possess live animals restricted in subsection (c). …

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