BENGAL CAT RESCUE exoticatz bengals

by lisa
(ambarvale nsw australia)

Exoticatz Bengals

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Exoticatz Bengals

Hi, we are Aussie breeders of Bengals, we also take in surrendered bengals or bengals in shelters and rehabilitate them and place them in homes. Thought you could add us to your Bengal rescue link...Thanks

Hi Lisa: I have added to your submission and left it here because this page will be found by Google and seen better. Also it is on the Bengal Cat Rescue Page so people will see it. Thanks for the submission. I also added a link and a photo; hope that is OK....Oh, and I hope you don't mind me quoting you below. It's the best way for accuracy...Michael (PoC Admin)

Here's a bit more from me about Exoticatz Bengals:

This is a small cattery located in the Macarthur region, NSW, Australia. It is run by Lisa Murchie. Lisa says,

"Our cats are our pets and breeding is a hobby done for the love of it definitely not for the money. All our cats are housed in clean, hygienic accommodation, giving them space to run and play but protecting them from the elements . Our girls and kittens remain indoors whilst our boys have separate comfortable outdoor accommodation."

Update 26th March 2010: Lisa says this

I am advising you I no longer do Bengal cat rescue as I do not have the time, space or facilities and for other good reasons I am also no longer breeding Bengals (all my cats are for sale).

Please therefore do not contact her on matters concerning Bengal cats. Thanks for your cooperation.

18th June 2010 - Polite Notice: Comments for this page are closed. Please do not comment as it will not be published unless it is exceptional and necessary for me to publish.

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BENGAL CAT RESCUE exoticatzbengals

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Apr 08, 2012 Alison driver IS CAUGHT ABUSING CATS BY animal welfare organisation
by: Anonymous

BREAKING NEWS! Alison Drivers Perth home was raided by animal welfare organisation last week, because of alledged complaints .It is alledged Many Bengal, Persian, Exotic and some X bred cats and kittens where confiscated.Conditions where said to be terrible with workers having to wear masks because of the extreme filth and smell of feces , many cats where unwell, some where found in tiny cages inside a wardrobe,newspaper had been put down on floors in one room and then more and more newspaper placed on top in one room a dead decomposing cat was found.whilst other poor creatures nearby tried to feed their emaciated litters.There was over 120 cats and kittens found on her property and workers believe she may still be hiding more cats at a another location.It is alleged charges have been made in relation to this and Mrs Driver will be attending Court to answer to her atrocities.I am so pleased this woman has finally been caught and will now be stopped and made to answer for her disgusting abuse of cats I am just sad that no one took notice and investigated her sooner.For so long this woman pretended to be a ethical breeder offering advice and supposed help to those with unwanted cats only to take them and put them in her hell hole of a kitten factory.So glad her time is up.Its just a shame that the law will not allow for her to be treated like she treated her cats!

Mar 13, 2012 Why?
by: Michael (Admin)

I leave this post on the website because the comments give visitors an insight into the cat breeding world. The bits that they don't see.

It can be bitchy out there. It is not all about beautiful cats and cat shows.

There is some poor breeding going on and health is not focused on enough in my opinion. I have the right to express my opinion through the comments of others.

The public should be allowed to see a glimmer of the reality behind the glossy veneer. This page does that.

I am sure some comments are in bad taste. If they are defamatory, the allegedly defamed person can contact me and I will assess the comment and if I agree with them I will delete it.

But rude comments expressing opinion are not necessarily defamatory.

99.9% of this site is pleasant and nicely packaged. I need to present the whole and show some of the other aspects of the real world. I am a realist. There is too much that is fake in the world. This page is a can of worms in one way but the reality is a bit like that.

I have always said that what we see and read about is not what is actually happening.

That is why I leave this page on the site. I believe that visitors to the page are sensible enough to make their own judgements about the truth of the comments and the image they present.

Mar 13, 2012 sick and tired
by: Janet

I am so sick and tired of this thread, I know you can say well don't read it BUT really Michael it is getting a bit old, how long do you intend to leave this gossip up here for? Is it here forever? I'd love to see what your answers are and what your reasons are? What do you hope to achieve from this? I don't know you at all but I really do question your motives and what it says about your character.
Cat breeding like everything in life has good people and bad people, those who do the right thing and those who sadly do not BUT I don't think this thread is helping anyone make any decision as to who is good or bad all it is is a public place where anyone can write anything they want anonamously with no repurcussions on themselves.
At the very least if you intend to leave this topic up so that people can air their alledged grievences publicly then place it somewhere more appropriate.I do not see how a pack or backstabbing breeders(if thats even who they are) is in anyway related to rescuing Bengal cats.
If you are hoping to inform the public on pitfalls of purchasing cats from unethical breeders or such then why not move this to a new thread and moderate the thread to control the back stabbing and gossip, deal with the facts.The real breeders who genuinely care will offer advice on how to approach researching and purchasing a kitten/cat,and what to do if you do run into problems.Its not just a matter of saying don't buy from this person because I know he did this to so and so.Name calling is not educating buyers.Buyers need to be educated on how to purchase,what to expect and not rush in.buyers need to take responsibility for their purchases and not rush out on a whim and buy a cheap kitten from a fly by nighter and expect to get ongoing support, it just doesn't work that way.
I have no idea what is truth and what is lies in this topic below but I do not believe that the benefits of leaving this topic here are worth it.I think that by doing so Michael you need to yourself take a large portion of blame for possibly allowing good breeders to be slandered very publicly.
I think you will be surprised and that if a new thread is started that some real good may come by way of educating cat/kitten buyers from those of us who genuinely care.

Feb 26, 2012 Bengal
by: Mara

I am a Bengal breeder and I have seen my share of unethical breeders who I have personally dealt with and have ripped me off,scammed me out of money sold me cats not as described, I could go on and on.None of those peoples names appear below and I have had personal dealings with some of the breeders listed below and know the purile rubbish written about thenm to be nothing more than hurtful lies written by jealous breeders hoping to discredit those ethical breeders who have had success in breeding and showing our Bengal breed.No one who had a genuine problem with a cat,kitten that they purchased from a breeder would deal with it in this manner.You people need to realise you are playing games from behind your computers under your anonomous names that affect real, caring peoples lies.These comments placed here, are here for good, they do not go away.I feel very sorry for you all that you have nothing in your lives that is of importance or matters, that you must attract attention to yourselves in this way.This is not a fun past time, this is dangerous.One day your name may be up here, or your childrens names.I am proud to say that i am a Bengal breeder but i am saddened at my fellow breeders actions.To my friends and you know who you are, I support you and will be behind you 100% to those that have wronged me and my breed and you know who you are I pity you and I know that what goes around DOES come around so look out!

Feb 26, 2012 Four Legacey Bengals FACTS
by: Crystal Simons

My name is Crystal, I am a pet kitten buyer who went to Four Legacey Bengals previously in camden but now located in Camden NSW to purchase a kitten.Samantha Rowlands the breeder owner of the cats was polite but lacked knowledge and some answers I got from her in regards to the breed where sketchy to say the least.Her cats where not as flashy as some and 3 of them had obvious mucky eyes, she didn';t try to hide it.She was selling, Chihuahuas, Devon Rex x's, Bengals and staffordshire terriers.Although she advertises as being registered breeder and i checked that she was, that doesn't mean she is a good breeder.Her hygiene was sub standard and the kittens where in small cages and looked a little undersize for the ages she stated they where.She was not selling them desexed and did not provide veterinary proof of vaccination as she does this herself.As much as i wanted to rescue one or more of the animals in her care i refuse to purchase from someone with such little regard to their animals welfare and who appears to clearly be breeding for financial gain.She claimed she was a vet nurse I do not know if this is true or not but if so then you would think she could provide veterinary care to the cats with mucky eyes.Their eyes had clearly been that way for a considerable time as they where very stained with a lot of crusty muck.It is breeders like Four Legacey Bengals that the public should be aware of, they are targeting people over the internet and counting that they will send a kitten off without the buyer inspecting their substandard cattery.

Jan 31, 2012 Beware of Lisa Mitchum/ sgarron sloane
by: Anonymous

Beware- Lisa murchie previously exoticatz from Ambarvale in Sydney (dodgey suburb near cambelltown) has ripped off so many people.
As a breeder I have had endless phone calls about this woman.
She had to change her identity as she had such a bad reputation. So no matter what Lisa is calling herself- if it's a cat in Ambarvale FORGET IT!!!

Jan 31, 2012 Comment
by: MIchael

Response to last comment. The reason why I have let this thread take place is because there needs to be an airing of views on breeding. There is too much secrecy with respect to breeding in the cat fancy. Breeders tend to hide health issues for example. Breeders tend to breed for appearance at the expense of other elements.

I am not saying that that is the case for you. Just a general comment. But people should have a place where they can vent some disquiet.

I am not saying it is all true. I think the benefits outweigh the disadvantages though - just.

Jan 31, 2012 re below post Kathy hunter sierra gold Bengals
by: Anonymous

I agree with you completely, its very easy for anyone to write anything, these posts are all anonomous or at least most are at best ficticious names, most are just slander or made up stories, based on what? anyone with a real issue would not be sitting behind their computer posting here, there is real ways to address/resolve real issues.I would not give credit or a second thought to the vicious people(most likely jealous nasty breeders)trying to discredit others on this thread.For all the honest reputable Bengal breeders out there who think your untouchable,take note, it could be your name up on a site like this and your dream of breeding beautiful Bengals destroyed by the likes of some of the people posting on this thread.People think twice before you write rot on a site like this, it there for good it doesn't rub out or go away.If your a Bengal cat breeder go breed/show your cats, pat your kittens don't reduce yourself to being party of something like this, if you own a Bengal be thankful that some breeder put in the time/money and tears to produce one for you, enjoy your cat and stop reading this rubbish.

Jan 06, 2012 THE FACTS
by: Anonymous

I don't know who the person listed below is, whether they are ficticious or not as placing an anonomous post must make us question the validity of the writers allegations.My name is Maddison and I am a registered breeder with NSW CFA, my prefix is FUNKYKATZ.I am not associated with LISA Murchie, Shannon Sloane or anyone else in the below posts.I would like the comments regarding myself and my prefix withdrawn.I am a new breeder to Bengals and am struggling with the behaviour of people on boards such as this.I do not need to have my credibilty brought into question.I have only bred 1 x litter of kittens and that was for the purpose of advancing my own breeding program.I keep to myself and with good reason.I have a wonderful mentor and thats what counts.If I had a problem I would go straight to the person responsible and I suggest others do the same.Please remove the reference to my prefix or withdraw the statement,thanks Maddison.

Dec 08, 2011 Lisa Murchie/ Shannon Sloane
by: Anonymous

I am currently seeking monies from Shannon Sloane after I purchased a rosetted Bengal from her and received a marbled Bengal, lacking registration and papers as well as vaccinations! I believe she is now trading as Funkykatz bengals.. And obviously under yet another name... BEWARE!! She can no longer register kittens so you won't get papers or she will send you fake papers. And check with ASIC to make sure that the business is registered before purchasing from a website

Oct 17, 2011 Kathy Hunter,
by: Anonymous

In relation to the below comments about Kathy Hunter, I would be careful as if it were found out who you are you maybe up for slander.

If every one would only comment on what they have actual seen and not what he said she said and then times it by 10 Chinese whispers.

How many of you can truly look in your hearts and say "Yes, I saw it for myself?"

How do you think these breeders feel hearing things being said about them that well maybe untrue.

You are all responsible for what you say and do.

Oct 17, 2011 In regards to below comments
by: Anonymous

You say you will go over sea's to buy a Bengal.
How will you know that your Bengal over there is better then an Australian bought Bengal.

1)Will you travel to the other country to inspect the said cattery before buying?

2)Or will you just be going off what the breeder tells you over the phone or buy email.

3)Or will you be going off what a friend of a friend said about that cattery?

In regards to your quote about breeders keeping pets for life I have left breeding but still have a number of cats I have kept back as my life pets.

I must add that they were not the pick of the litters either but the ones I felt I could love when others may just see faults.

1)I kept this one because he poo's next to the litter tray and never in it, he also like's to pee down the drain so I felt I would be able to love him faults and all and would not risk sending him to a new home that may not love his funny little ways of doing things.

2)This one I kept because has was born with cow hock legs which were not apparent till he was 7 months old. He had been sold oversea's however when I realized this I pulled the plug before sending him. Having said that though, someone out there will find a way to turn this around on me. Not that I had done the right thing by not sending the kitten and refunding the money but now by no fault of my own I will be named as a bad breeder with hock legs and that's why I left breeding, right?

3)This one I kept as he went to a pet home where he did not get along with the other cat, I took him home and he got along with my cats just fine so I thought it best to keep him in the environment he was happy in.

Please don't label all breeders the same.
I left this hobby behind because of the nastiness the cost of these cats bring.
At the end of the day we need the sales and profit to import new cats, to feed, to vet, to house and so on.

I can not name one single breeder who says they can support a working cattery or kennel for that matter with out the income of sales.

Don't label us all the same when you have not even started out.

Will you only ever have on or two breeding cats?

This is the only way you can promise never to sell on your cats.

Or will you end up with 15 or more cats at your home that you can no longer feed, house and litter due to the extravagant costs and then the RSPCA end up with more Bengal's to re-home then they already do now, or even worse having to put some to sleep because you have let the standard or care go by over crowding and they have developed diseases?

Oct 08, 2011 (cont.)
by: Anonymous

When your Queens are ruined from extensive overbreeding you desex them and palm em off to the nearest shelter in the hope its adopted.

1 Question., how many of you have even had a single Bengal cat for the duration of it life?

Lemme answer that for you.., No one in this conversation because your all johnny come latelies making a mad money grab and your lines aren't even worth mentioning in an international conversation

Perhaps some of you should learn the definition of what a Steward is.., and instead of considering yourself "Breeders" take a more responsible stance of a "Steward of the Breed"

Savannah Cats are not allowed in Australia not because of Peter Garret.., because of the precedent already set by the greedy warmongering of the Bengal Industry!!

It makes me laugh but at the same time sick to my stomach when self proclaimed responsible breeders try to blame backyard breeders for the explosion of the Bengals on the market. How typical of Australians to blame shift., its almost ingrained in the Aussie hereditary is it not. Blaming backyard breeders when many of you refuse to sell cats that aren't desexed. Some of you asking as much as $2000 for a desexed cat...!

Lets take a headcount shall we.., the English Bull Terrier is a breed that's been around since before the foundations of Australia were even laid

Yet how many English Bull Terriers are there to be counted? German Shepards? While we're at it I wonder if any breed of dog can outnumber the current population of Bengals. Even the explosion of Illegal American PitBulls by backyard breeders in Australia looks mild compared to the fiasco you people have created

I still intend to buy a Bengal though., however I will be going overseas and buying from a respectable breeder and if I have to wait 6 to 12 months for my cat I think I will be much happier with the knowledge I am buying from a STEWARD!!

Oct 08, 2011 Wow., just wow!
by: Anonymous

I know Im bringing up and old article here but this is exactly why Im staying the hell away from ALL Australian Bengal Breeders!!

I've been breeding dogs most my life as my father did before me, however I have a passion for exotic cats but realised I could never be fulfilled short of running away and joining the circus (jokes)

I have been watching the development of hybrid cats with curious interest for a long time now and recently made the decision to cease procrastinating and just buy. The decision was provoked after trying to acquire a pedigree dog and realising their were simply none available til mid next year from ANY Breeder of that Variety. I had been planning an extensive breeding program but started adding dollars and time/commitment only to realise I would be robbing my children of a father and myself of a life.

So Bengals was the choice and to my delight the first site I checked had kittens available. Upon further examination almost 90% of Bengal Breeders in Australia not only have kittens but about 40-50% have kittens from multiple litter with one Breeder having kittens from what looked like 4 or maybe 5 litters.

I thought Dog Breeders were a bunch of pr**ks til I began to glance into the world of cats.

I began to ring a couple of Breeders and the sheer snobbery and snideness of you people oozes through the phone so bad I had to use anti bacterial wipes to clean my damn hand-piece with after the fact.

You are not Breeders (my apologies to the few who actually are) you are just registered kitty mills pumping out what you see as dollars signs and the evidence of that is clear in the substandard of Australian Bengals!!

I bet almost every single one of you knocked your Cats up on their first heat and every successive heat after! You have buyer contracts which are for the most part fucking ridiculous and almost a joke for their content contractually obligating people to standards you don't even fulfill yourselves!

Oct 05, 2011 Kathy Hunter,
by: Anonymous

I am a veterinarian with a long established practice. First of all with all the complaints about cat breeders here and elsewhere I have to wonder why would any one consider buying a kitten from a breeder in the first place. Kathy Hunter stands out to me because of all the complaints about her.

1; She is always in a dispute about another cat breeder or one of her clients. That should tell you something right away. Makes you wonder?

2; She was banned from TIBCS for stealing other Bengal breeders web domains and for bad behavior at cat shows. She seems to have an excuse for that too.

3; A pet contract can be abused even if it's a contract. Especially if Kathy has a history of selling diseased kittens then does not want to reimburse the unknowing pet owner their increased vet bills because it seems the contract is there for Kathy's sake.

4; She sold a not fully weaned cat to someone. That cat now has physical and behavioral problems.

5; Her responses to the complaints she receives here and elsewhere are just not fully explained. She twists her responses to them for her convenience only. A half truth is still a lie after all.

6; She tried to sell a sick cat to another breeder and then would not refund their down payments or return their phone calls.

7; she sold a breeder quality kitten then denied breeding rites to the owner.

8; She switched a cat purchased by a client behind their back and then admitted to doing it after the client noticed a difference in the way the cat looked in a picture she sent the client before the kitten was delivered . After the client confronted her about this Kathy admitted to doing so. As explained in the complaint the cat has behavioral issues;

9; Four days is just not enough to tell if a cat is behaviorally well adjusted. I know that from my professional experience.

Even if I wanted a kitten I would not go near Kathy Hunter with a mile long pole. In my professional advice, I suggest that you stay away from her. Any kind of pet should be a source of joy not pain to the owner and their family especially at her prices. By the way, my husband is a psychiatrist.

After reading about all her responses and complaints, he tells me that Kathy is one of the most passive-aggressive personalities he has ever encountered in all his years as a doctor. I do not post this lightly. As a veterinarian I think that it is my professional responsibility to warn people of breeders like her.

May 04, 2011 Terrifying!!
by: Jane D

Hi all, I am a new breeder, and after reading this, it's scared the shit out of me! I aspired to be like a lot of you but I have been left wondering if everything is a front. Nothing professional in what I've read.
So sad, it really is.

Mar 29, 2011 All I know

All I know is I received an undersized kitten who if I hadn?t of taken to the vet that night she would have died. She had an upset tummy and was tiny. Lisa has some beautiful cats but I was sold a runt. While my cat is now full grown she is still very small for a Bengal. Exercise caution.

Jan 19, 2011 Shocked
by: Anonymous

I am a cat lover in New Zealand and came across this site while seaching for information.

All I can say is how horrifed I was at the level of childish vitriolic irrelevant personal rubbish being bandied about by supposed cat lovers. Why would anybody wish to be involved in any way with a cat breeder after reading this - it just gives everyone of you a bad name.

If you have a complaint, address it to the appropriate authority, via the correct channels and try and behave like responsible adults with the internet.

I apologise for doing this anonymously but would not wish my name to be associated with anything on this page.

Jan 08, 2011 Facts about payment to Sherlean Hunter
by: Helen

In response to the below comment, I, would like to inform this "Amy" that Sherlean did give Lisa a part payment of $4500, of which Lisa DID give half back to me. BUT this was only half of what had been paid to Sherlean by Lisa, as Sherlean continually advised us that she was broke and couldn't afford to feed any of her cats. Anybody that has been scammed by Sherlean should contact Ocala Police as they have an ongoing investigation with many victims around the world. I actually still have the paperwork direct from my bank that shows 2 different transactions of payments of over $1000 each being deposited directly into Sherleans account, to which Sherlean claims she doesnt even know who I am. She took my money and never refunded ANY of it to me, and this was seperate to the money that was shared with Lisa. This is fact, and people need to stop assuming what they want too.

Nov 30, 2010 Did you know?
by: Amy Hunter

12th June 09 Sherlean Hunter paid Lisa Murchie $4500 US
21st June 2009 Lisa Murchie said she received it

This was far more then Lisa ever paid. Lisa said if Sherlean paid it she and Helen would take down the false allegations on their websites.
Lisa and Helen continued to bully Sherlean on the internet and post untrue things.
I doubt Lisa told Helen that she received so much money from Sherlean.
The comments about Sherlean should be removed from this site. Lisa Murchie is a crook.

Nov 27, 2010 Kathy Hunter:
by: Anonymous

I post this complaint here in order to express my disgust with Kathy Hunter of Sierra Gold Bengals ( I purchased two Bengals from her on separate occasions. Both arrived sick, one with a runny eye and a cold; the other with diarrhea. Both have heart mummers. In addition, Kathy never sent me their registration numbers. Further more, I had purchased them as breeders (they were listed as such and paid), but then Kathy informed me that I do not have breeding rights. And lastly, after I had purchased and received one kitten, she switched the cat I thought I had originally purchased with another one. It was not until I inquired with her re his looking different than in the original photo, that she admitted to doing so. As you can imagine, the health problems I encountered with these cats ran by vet bill up by several hundred dollars. Kathy would not reimburse me for it, after her having sold me sick cats. Watch out for this women, people. She is wolf in sheeps' clothing, who preys on honest hardworking individuals like me. Kathy should not enjoy the privilege of breeding these wonderful animals; she is what gives breeders the bad reputation that they have. Kathy has been banned from The International Bengal Cat Association (TIBCS) for stealing Web site domains from other Bengal breeders

Sep 29, 2010 Ooh La La Bengals
by: Anonymous

Warning: Lisa Murchie of Exoticatz is now breeding and selling cats under the prefix ooh la la bengals using the name shannon sloane.

Jul 10, 2010 I need information
by: Michael (admin)

I have been asked to delete some or all of this page but I have not been given enough facts and information upon which to make a decision. Who is making defamatory remarks? And are the remarks defamatory? Who has tried to take their life and why? Where is the evidence? Where are the other posts on other sites that come from this post?

I see an argumentative thread of comments that reflect a section of the cat fancy and for that reason I like to keep it on the site. It has a value - an educational value.

In short I won't delete the page if the reason is because some people don't like it.

However, I will delete a comment if I receive good evidence that it is malicious and claims to be stating fact when it is fiction.

If a person makes a post on this site they must be aware that people will be free to comment. They make a decision to allow me to publish their article on that basis. Some comments may be critical of the author of the article. I cannot delete comments just because the author doesn't like them or the author of a comment doesn't like a subsequent comment.

Tell me in detail and precisely where the defamatory comments are - spell it out to me please.

Jun 18, 2010 Polite Notice
by: Michael

18th June 2010 - Polite Notice: 18th June 2010 - Polite Notice: Comments for this page are closed. Please do not comment as it will not be published unless I feel it is sensible and reasonable.

Jun 18, 2010 Bengals Rock
by: Anonymous

Bengals are the best cats in the whole world!

Jun 16, 2010 June 02, 2010 Bad Bengal breeders lets name names
by: Lyn Keevers Benzots Bengals

Hi everybody,

Firstly I am very sad and disappointed by some of the messages posted. Some messages are full of lies and slander.

Secondly I wish to set the record straight and reply to the coward who could not sign their name and who also have not got their facts correct.

I sold a proven bengal stud Leopardspotsuk Hudson Hawk (Imp USA) to Athalie Schillings, Ashmiyah Bengals, Adelaide on 22nd June 2009 for $1500.00 and a proven queen Benzots Lacey Cleo (parents two UK imports) for $1500.00. Neither bengals were on medication as both very happy and healthy.

Within a very short space of time I was notified by Athalie that Hudson and Cleo had spent quality time together. Hudson x Cleo gave Athalie her first Ashmiyah Bengal litter approximately late September or early October 2009.

Hudson x Cleo had another litter 18th January 2010 and than Hudson x Cleo had a third litter on 22nd May 2010. Hudson x Wontok Maddies Pride had a kitten on 9th November 2009.

I received an email from Athalie on 24th March 2010 to say that? He (meaning Hudson) began having libido issues back in early September last year?

To cut a long story short Hudson had sired two litters here for Benzots Bengals. His first litter of 6 kittens born 6th May 2008 was to Korshki Nessie Lives at Benzots (Imp Scotland). Hudson's second litter born 19th March 2009 was to BZ DB GD CH Korshki Silver Illusion aka Eve (Imp Scotland).

As you have just read Hudson has sired 6 litters. I was not notified until March 2010 that Hudson had problems and I feel that I do not have a right to replace or reimburse. Hudson did more than his fair share and kittens were sold from $900.00. I have not received or sighted a Vet certificate/letter as to Hudson's condition. Hudson has since been desexed.

As to "welcome to the real world of breeding" has been taken out of context. Following is part of the email that I had replied to Athalie on 25th March 2010.

"You may think that I brushed you off but I did not Athalie. I was shocked and very sad for you and Hudson when I received your email as I have not heard from you for months.

I did sell to you in good faith and you bought in good faith and there is always hiccups along the way Athalie. If at any time I thought Hudson was not well he would not have been sold and you know that. At least you have had a number of kittens from Hudson. I could understand you being upset and angry and rude if Hudson had not sired any kittens but he has done more than enough for your Cattery. Welcome to the real world of breeding Athalie. Owning a bengal is not all about breeding and showing, it is about the love for our Bengal breed."

Also I am far from being a shifty money hungry breeder trying to make a fast buck.

I am a very ethical and responsible breeder and I am more than proud of Benzots Bengals.

Jun 15, 2010 Re: Naming names
by: Laurie (Adabel Bengals)

I am in absolute shock!

Lyn Keevers is a wonderful lady. She has trusted me with a beautiful stud boy and has given me more support and advice than any other breeder has. Her cats are beautiful and have loving temperaments. She would NEVER sell on a cat with a known problem.

Why can't we stop all of this fighting on A PUBLIC WEBSITE!! If you have something to say I'm sure you all have a phone, call them up and tell them what you think. I am appalled and as a new breeder myself I'm scared to think of what I'm getting myself into.

Jun 03, 2010 Responses
by: Michael

Can someone please tell me do all Bengals have FIP?

The answer is a clear NO. A decent breeder only breeds healthy cats and that means no major illnesses or even minor illnesses for that matter. FIP is unpleasant. Visit the breeder and ask questions. Get a vet to check the cat if you are unsure about the breeder.

There is no doubt, however, that some breeders behave unethically. This is to be expected as it is a business and some businesses act unethically (e.g. the BP oil spill).

I have it on the best authority that sometimes breeders, even high profile top range breeders, sell breeding cats that are totally inappropriate for the role to inexperienced new comers to breeding. The cats are wrong because they have the wrong appearance pursuant to the breed standard.

If visitors accuse a breeder of something that is detrimental to the breeder's business they had better make sure that it is true. Otherwise they open themselves up to a claim for defamation in the civil courts.

Michael Avatar

Jun 03, 2010 Facts
by: Artattack Bengals

We were informed that we were slandered on this site. This is such a low act of moral conduct.

We love our cats and kittens and take care of them with the best of care. We have only ever had 3 cases of flat chested kittens in our 5 years of breeding from 3 different breeding girls. We sold these kittens to pet homes who were aware of their condition. We did our research and found that we could rectify the problem of flat chests with soft cushioning right in the beginning of our breeding program and haven't had a case since, in over 4 years.

We have no disease in our cattery. We have tested for tri-trich twice and both times came back negative, however we conducted a clean sweep through our program despite this fact and the fact that our Vet kept saying that the tests are very reliable and that we don't need to do a clean sweep. Feel free to contact our Veterinarian - Dr Tilly at Wakely Veterinary Clinic - 9609 7966, if you have any questions as he has all our test results, records of all litters, kittens and cats since we started breeding. If you want the facts about us, you can easily get them from the most reliable source - Dr Tilley.

To all breeders, when problems arise, try and rectify the problems within your own breeding program by doing your own research and take a look at what you could be possibly doing wrong, instead of wasting your time slandering others as this doesn't get you any closer to working out a solution to the problem!

Jun 02, 2010 Who's Bengals have FIP and why?
by: Anonymous

Can someone please tell me do all Bengals have FIP or just ones from some of the breeders mentioned, what is FIP and should I be worried? I just bought my first Bengal cat from a Sydney breeder and am looking for another one.

Jun 02, 2010 Thats a lie
by: Jane

Helena and Renata have wonderful cats, I have been to their cattery many many times over the years and have a great friendship with them both to whom I have also visited on a monthly basis due to our friendship and each and every time their cattery has been spotless, their kittens healthy and happy, their adults lovely.

Don't lie about good honest people because you cant keep up or cant afford one to buy.

People buy their cats because they have beautiful patterns, type and blood lines, I have seen the most amazing kittens from there develope into stunning adults who are also show stoppers.

They have international buyers left right and centre and its because they are doing so well, they are up their with the best and also why kick them now, when they are having private and personal issues, that's just low.

I purchased a beautiful boy from them and paid good money for him and was nothing but grateful to have the chance to work with such a boy, the blood line, the look of the cat, the stunning soft nature, he was worth every penny and I do feel I got the whole package when purchasing from them.

If you want quality and blood lines and a true guarantee all in one then you will be like me and be ready to pay for it, not looking for the next cheap breeder to come along telling you what a great deal they are doing for you when they aren't.

I would highly recommend Helena and Renata to all without a second thought, you will pay more but you are getting something so special, so unique, it makes it worth while.

Two very kind and passionate breeders.

Jun 02, 2010 naming bad breeder
by: Anonymous

Helena and Renata from Art Attack are selling cats with Tri tric, and breeders still keep buying from them.These people buying their cats have them arrive with diareah and have to test for many things until the finally treat for tri tric and the diareah goes away,CONICIDENCE, we don't think so not to mention they are flooding the market with sub standard breeding cats with flat chests,cross eyes ,lockets and tail faults to name just a few problems.
ure the cats are pretty with nice coats but there is a lot more to a Bengal than its coat.
these cats are over inflated price wise expect to pay anywhere from $3500-4000 for what other breeders are selling as pets.

Jun 02, 2010 Bad Bengal breeders lets name names

I know a new Bengal breeder and after lots of research she bought a male so called proven Bengal stud from Lyn Keevers this cat has not sired any litters whilst with her,she has spent too much money at the vets on testing,fertility treatment etc and the vet has stated the cat is infertile for numerous reasons.after contacting Lyn Keevers from BENZOTS she was told, "welcome to the world of breeding" and offered no support, no replacement and no reimbusment.Is this really how established so called ethical breeders mentor new breeders? No this is how shifty money hungry breeders shaft their dud cats onto new unsuspecting novice breeders as a way to get rid of their problem and make a fast buck.

Jun 02, 2010 Shame
by: Michael (PoC Admin)

I have visited this page for the first time in a long time due to pressure of work and like others I am shocked at the childish, infantile, puerile and idiotic behavior of some anonymous visitors who delight in making rude and insulting comments.

I have deleted those comments. I have also set up a moderation system for this article. No comments can be made without my approval in future. Puerile rubbish will result in the author being banned.

Defamatory rubbish and insults will also mean a banning.

I have decided to leave the remaining post and comments (subject to further review) because it sheds light on the idiocy of some people (few I hope) who work in or around the cat fancy (note most people in the cat fancy are fine). And it shows how stupid or rude some people are who wish to be cat owners.

Please behave with decency. Please argue your case sensibly with supporting evidence.

Michael Avatar

May 31, 2010 disgusted
by: Gretchen

I am disgusted at this whole thread you are all behaving like children, never ever have I seen a site that is so completely far fetched, nothing on this thread is to do with rescuing animals in need and that is what you people should be putting your time into.

by: Elaine

Jan and Debbie have no idea what they are talking about,I don't even think they are Bengal breeders

May 31, 2010 I agree with Alison
by: Suzanne

I agree with Alison,Melissa has gone too far.

May 31, 2010 Melissa Platt is a liar
by: Alison

Enough is enough,Melissa your tirade of lies,gossip inuendo and vulgarities has gone on long enough.You are doing yourself the breed and other breeders an injustice by continuing this childish behaviour.Please stop.

May 30, 2010 Hmmmm
by: Anonymous

As for the false comment about the person who bought a breeder from Melissa in melb, that's obviously fake, if she lives in Qld, and is a member of the Qld feline assoc.

May 30, 2010 Lisa murchie feels so guilty
by: Anonymous

Because Lisa feels so bad for what she did to Melissa she us obviously posting false things, as a comment gets written back straigt away

May 30, 2010 Melissa does live in queensland
by: Anonymous

Melissa does live in Queensland she is a bad breeder and a terrible person dont buy a cat from her or her mother Annie

May 30, 2010 yes thats right melissa platt lives in q'land
by: Anonymous

yep thats right as I said in my post I bought a cat from melissa Platt that was unwell,I live in Melbourne, the cat was flown to Mel airport and I picked it up from Mel airport, read the post properly STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 30, 2010 Funny that Melissa lives in Qld not melb
by: Anonymous

She is reg with Qld feline ass. Call and see. Get ya facts straight u faker

May 30, 2010 I hate Lisa murchie
by: Anonymous

I am from Adelaide, got a pet from Lisa, that was ment to be desexed. Wondered why at 6 months was suddenly meowi g all the time, took it to the vet, to my suprise it was never desexed!

by: Anonymous

I googled Bengal Cat rescue Australia and this link was the first one that appeared. I could not beievev my eyes,no wonder there is so many poeople like me not knowing what to do with unsociable close to feral Bengals! Because all of you breeders are too busy bitching to help.If anyone knows of a genuine rescue centre I'd like to have the details.Thanks for opening my eyes to the pitifiul existance of Bengal cats in breeders hands

May 30, 2010 Melissa Platt
by: Anonymous

Hi MelissaPlatt and Anonymous which I know is just Melissa Platt hiding behind her computer because things are getting hot!
It will be interesting when the NSW CFA opens this morning and they are forwarded the posts on this site placed by Melissa Platt, the secretary who works in the office is Cheryl Steff so you have stated that Cheryl told you not to buy from Lisa Murchie or Exoticatz Bengals because she is a bad breeder with numerous complaints against her and lives in ambarvale a as you state scummy as they come area,INTERESTING and total bullshit!
The NSW CFA does not take likely to their name or their employeees names being used in this manner and you have made false statements, I knoew legal action ewill be pursued 🙂 So funny! ha ha ha.
As to why you would mention where Lisa lives as though that would lend weight to your case thats really an odd thing to do??? Ambarvale is where a lot of NSW CFA breeders live so that would mean they are all scum? In fact NSW CFA president Dennis Turner lives in Ambarvale.Also a lot of Waratah Breeders live there too, so are they scum?
Stupid people say stupid things, the proof is in the reading.Stop while your in front Melissa Platt.
P.s Its a surprise your ugly mother hasn't piped up revealing her foulness yet,thats the norm where you two are concerned.

May 30, 2010 I agree with Melissa
by: Anonymous

I agree with Melissa. I am not a breeder myself, but when I contacted the nsw cat fanciers association to ask about 3 particular breeders in nsw they told me to stay clear of a woman named Lisa murchie from ambarvale, which I remember clearly, as an aunt lived in a suburb near by way back, and ambarvale is as scummy as they come.

Anyways, thankfully I purchased a lovely rostetted boy from another breeder, as I have heard many terrible things about this Lisa lady from exotic cats bengals.

Thankfully to everyone she isn't breeding anymore now, as everyone deserves a healthy Bengal. They truly are the most precious pets!

May 30, 2010 Lisa Murchie
by: Helen

Well Lisa, i am upset to see you retire from breeding, but given that i have seen your amazing set up, i also know personally how well and how much time you spend with the cats. Melissa, you are lying, the cat with Pyo was from you not having a male. i remember the whole situation and you cannot blame anyone else. When you attack Lisa, you also are attacking many others, including myself. which, unfortunately for everyone trying to "ruin" Lisa, i bear witness to so many things, that you have no idea about. So maybe its about time for you all to pipe down, and get your own lives. I know as well as you do that Lisa bred the most beautiful Bengals in Australia, still there are no cats as nice as hers. Loosing Lisa as a breeder is a real shame, and most of you breeders have Lisa's bloodlines in your cats somewhere. i even know some of you sre sorting after other breeders with Lisa's cats cause you want her lines but you cannot admit that Lisa nbreeds beautiful cats.

But anyway, take a real hard think, cause all of you posting on here, is doing you no justice. Just making you look like jealous, bitchy, horrible and nasty people. What are you saying to the public about yourself - NOTHING GOOD!

I am proud of Lisa and although sad to see her retire, i am happy to see her family life blossom. Good work Lisa, you know what you are worth, much more than anything anyone could ever measure up.

May 29, 2010 Melissa is NOW LYING continued
by: LISA

Furthermore as to Melissas previous "allegations"

she says she is glad I am no longer breeding and I had to be stopped??? Stopped why does she say this, why is this person so contemptuoius when it comes to me? I believe Melissa may be a little unstable.

As to why I am no longer breeding, I bet you all want to know why?

WHY? I am no longer breeding and promoting this breed that I am passionate about and love and devoted a very large part of the last 12 years of my life because of my own personal choice.My interests and commitments have taken me elsewhere and i no longer have the time to devote to mentoring breeders and helping re home Bengals or answering a dozen ph calls a day relating to kitten enquiries, I also simply do not have time to care,clean,play interact with a large number of cats sovcialise kitten or the endless other tasks that breeding involves.

I am no longer involved in Bengals in any way other than being owned by my three wonderful cats but still you people will not leave me alone.

You still want to seek me out and persecute me for what you see as my wrong doings whilst breeding.Do you not take any responsibilities yourselves for the situations you have found yourselves in? Why do you see everything as my my fault?

I think you all need to sit back and have a harsh look ast what your own cats need or do without and whats lacking in your own lives before you go blaming others and making up lies to suit your own vicious ends.

Yes I have made mistakes as would anyone who has bred as long or as many cats as i have but i have also contributed much to this breed and produced many outstanding Bengals in happy homes and successfully contributing to many breeding programs, I have made many life long friends and enemies too.

Breeding cats is not glamourous its hard work! If your not prepared or can't afford to or just don't want to devote all of yourself to it, then don't,you can't commit to it and then when it gets hard or doesn't go to plan blame someone else.

May 29, 2010 30/05/2010 LISA MURCHIE STATES THIS
by: Anonymous

After contacting Micheal from POC regarding these posts on numerous occasions, the most recently onl yone month ago I am now going public on this site with what I have already stated privately to him,

I am no longer breeding Bengals, I do still own three Bengal cats,they are my PETS, I am no longer invvolved in showing Bengal cats, i now longer have a website I do still receive enquiries relating to Bengals, most relate to people asking for assistance in rehoming unsociable Bengal cats that they have purchased from other breeders.I can no longer offer assistance to these people, not only do I no longer have the facilities but I do not have the time due to my personal circumstances at present.

I have continually asked that this post/thread/article be removed I do not see what benefit it is to anyone or to the breed in general.It shows a very ugly side to breeders and people and is not bringing any sort of good publicity for the Bengal breed.I seriously question why it is here.

So again michael I ask you to remove this.

May 29, 2010 Melissa is NOW LYING
by: Anonymous

Unfortunatly Melissa the truth hurts and in your case my previous comment hit a little close to home, so you have retaliated with child like school yard tactics of name calling which only lowers you so people can now see the real Melissa.

Why would you post on this site? thats a question that I often ask, why would anyone add their name to this board? Its not constructiver, it is a slanderous mud slinging competition.I appal this site but i will not stand by and have untruths spoken about myself and not defend myself.

My cats are exceptionally well cared for, given the best possible diet and veterinary care, as for my studs, i do not and have not ever studded my boys out.I have in the past offered a very close friend of mine oppertunity to mate her girls with my boys whilst she had no stud cat but I never made money from that so again untruths as to me studding out my cats.

As to my family going without food so I could buy a cat, i think thats a bit ridiculous and most reading this will see ver clearly that you are just retaliating with nasty words and untruths because its the only way you know how.

As to your allegation of the NSW CFA stating I hasve numerrous complaints against me, this is a comment you are liable for, as it is outright rubbish.I will ask you to keep your comments to the truth and if you have a genuine reason that you believe warrants a replacement cat then you should contact me privately with those details.

May 29, 2010 No one likes or trusts Lisa
by: Melissa

If you did the right thing by me why would I be posting this?

It's a shame I contacts the nsw cat fanciers assoc after I bought the cats, as if I'd called them beforehand I wouldn't have gone near her! They told me they had numerous complaints about Lisa murchie and reccomended I stayed clear of her.

Vet report was sent to her, and she did nothing about it.

Stupid cow.

Also I had a breeder from USA or Canada, I can't remember, contact me and said Lisa was buying one of her males for her breeding program, after I told her about Lisa, and I told her the male would not be looked after and just thrown in the cattery, and studded out for thousands, she told ne she would take my advice and not sell him to her!

Lisa was so angry, and told the lady she would sue her for hardship. She forwarded the email to me and it was so funny! She said her family had to go without food as she had put the money to this male and would sue her for hardship.

I'm glad she is no longer breeding, as she had to be stopped!

May 29, 2010 Melissa is not telling the truth continued
by: Anonymous

furthermore to your allegations Melissa, I would like to add, that you claim the cat had Pyometra and that it came from my house, that would be quite a difficult situation.

Pyometra is not something that the cat just "catches", I would view it in your situation as possibly arising through allowing the queen to call several times with no male cat available to breed the cat, then after advice from myself you sent the cat queen for a mating, to which the queen was put under stress and did not settle well and was thenm sent back and forth several times between your home and the breeders home where the matings took place never being given time to settle properly, there also may have been other things that may have affected the outcome.

May 29, 2010 Melissa is not telling the truth
by: LISA

Hi Melissa,long time no speak hey! What can I sa other than what youve posted is full of half truths, yes you where a new breeder, yes I sold you two adult female breeding cats for 2500 each which was/is the average price of a breeding Bengal.I said to you they had been running with a adult male cat and "MAY" be pregnant which would be a bonus if they where, but that there where no guarantees re this.

Yes I sold the cats to you with a guarantee and to this day I will honor the guarantee.After your mother contacted me quite abusively regarding the cats, I contacted you asking for certain information, I do believe one of the cats you are claiming for has successfully been bred from and her offspring is currently in a breeding program at Beckatt Bengals in Victoria, so you have no claim where that cat is concerned, as to the 2nd cat if you would like to supply me some veterinary reports and contact me then I am sure we can settle this.

I would also like to add that you never paid for any matings from me for either of those girls but your post seems to infur as much.Looking forward to your response.

May 29, 2010 Lisa is a SCAMMER
by: Melissa

I was new at breeding bengals, come across Lisa, seemed nice, sold me x2 aldult females fir $2500 each, who both came pregnant. Neither were preg. Paid 2 stud fees, no sycess mating one if them after 4 attempts. Found out she had pyometria, which came from lisas cattery, as when they arrived the one with the problem had FOUL smelling diareah, which she said was normal. Vet had to desex her, and I had to rehome her. Contacted Lisa as in the contract it said she would replace the cat if it had problems, but she refused to replace it. $3500 down the drain!

Nov 20, 2009 ?
by: Jane

From this post below, I gather you have hacked into this site and are trying to tracking peoples IP addresses which I find a complete invasion of privacy and abit weird of you =/

I also have to wonder why cat breeders would go to such an effort to do such an invading act or even obtain the soft wear to do so?

When you do these things remember it can be done on you, even if you have hidden your IP addresses now it is still tracable from previous emails and hiding your IP address is not fool proof anyway, thats how police track the "sicko's."

But as you would know by trying to trace IP's, it will not give an exact location though good enough to put two and two together but many thanks for the tips.

So "yes" to all that are reading this please look into it carelfully before making an opinion......Especially look into the one star postings and their origin.

Nov 13, 2009 re IP addys & html info
by: Yelenayelonina Wavlukulovanic

Hi Bobby,

When there's the possibility of identity theft & fraud, it's always a good idea to check with an IT specialist or even just someone who knows about computers.

If you do this & follow their advice, you'll find through following step-by-step instructions that you'll be able to bring up all the info that is embedded in a computer page or website.

If you are able to do this, you'll find that your name is not Bobby but Jane.

Hope this helps.

Nov 11, 2009 How to........
by: BOBBY Koslowe

I just came across this site.

How do I find the IP address, I can not see them?

Thank you.

Nov 02, 2009 IP adresses
by: Anonymous

For anyone who happens to view this page, please check the IP addresses to see who has actually authored which posts & then assess their credibility likewise in order to make informed decisions.

Oct 29, 2009 Unethical Breeers
by: Janet Erwin

Would the breeder that posted this please contact me privately at ka*************@ya***.com.

Oct 03, 2009



by: Anonymous



Sherlean Hunter


Oct 28, 2009 Abit more
by: Jane

Notice this Alison and Hayja.......

We sign off our names, we do not hide behind ANONYMOUS with the hope things could be unclear as to whether it is truly us or not.

You know you have done the wrong thing as far as your positions goes and that's why you do hide behind ANONYMOUS, The 1st posting on "breeder bashing" was by you I have not doubt, you have now gone and signed off on the below posting in your names because you know those outright lies about complaints could really get you in trouble.

Everyone who is reading this, this is how much our TIBCS SrVic president and our dispute resolution ctr people act. In my opinion they actually make up lies, say there has been complaints when there has never ever been any such thing, I call for them to be removed from their positions ASAP.

by: LISA

Alison I find the fact that you continue to post lies publically absolutely ludicrous.I hope everyone is getting a really good perspective on the type of person you trully are.

You are way out of line and way off base add to the fact you don't read the posts properly and your replying is unsubstantiated mere assumption from the filthy way your own mind works.

What sort of sick person would start a forum to bad mouth themselves, is that what you are saying that I wrote the posts on this site? Come on!!

I said I had no idea of this forum/posts until a couple of days ago,that is TRUE!

You promotoe yourself as a knowledgable ethical breeder.I can see your wonderful ethics(yes thats tongue in cheek), you really do take the moral high ground(again tongue in cheek), come on do you really have yourself convinced that you are right?

Why is such a viscious rumor mungering woman in any sort of position were she abuses that privelege.

I hope the TIBCS commitee sees this site and sees you for what we all already know you as.As to your accusations that Jane,Helen and myself are writing posts pretending to be others, wake up!

One of the posts is from one of your buyers are you that retarded.

Go back to acting lessons and get some more you really need them to at least act as though you have a life and ethics and a brain!

Oct 28, 2009 Bashing other breeders
by: Jane

Alison Driver, You did post that posting on "Bashing other breeders" and I have made a complaint, the facts are, Yes, I too have acted out and called you a B#@!% on this site but I am not in a trusted position with the TIBCS, I am not representing our Bengals world wide, I am not the person people go to when they wish to resolve a problem with another breeder, You and Hajya are and thats what is so concerning.

As for the postings, are you serious, people have had concerns for a long time here in Australia about you and Hayja and your catteries, just no-one could ever speak about them because they would be kicked out of other places/groups and you would gang up on them with your tribe of B@#%&*@.

If it all boils down to it, we can find out what postings are from where and I am sure we would fine you behind most of the 1 star ones, even the postings about Lisa's Cats and the other catttery, they have been clearly copied and pasted from her website at the time and put here with the quick comment to follow, "how Lisa always has something to take the spotlight off herself and put it on someone else," all this has been set out by you and Hayja I have no second thoughts in that.

I too will pull my membership from TIBCS if you both stay on in the positions you hold, I dont feel either of you are of sound mind to have these positions or can even be resposible to apply yourself fairly in these positions.

There is a posting here about a phone call when they first started breeding, I can tell you I had that exact same phone call when I started breeding, Megan, she rang and said in these words, "Will you help "us" destroy Lisa?"

This is how long you people have all been ganging up on her for now, years and years.

What is it, is it just her cats? Is it she can afford to Import on a yearly basis and you cant?

Is it just as simple as she's an attractive woman breeding bengals?

Who can even start to understand what is thought of in a sick mind, for the 10th time Alison and Hayja, Get a life, stop spreading lies, focus on your own cattiers, get yourselves some help, leave everyone else alone..........

Oct 28, 2009 Credibility
by: Alison

Actually, I didn't write that last post but speaking of who writes what..

It seems that Jane has been having conversations with herself, Lisa has been writing her own testimonials & Helen.. well, I guess is Helen.

The third party that typically jumps in "
for credibility's sake" when it comes to concocted stories & says - great to ALL who have spoken up - fully aware that it's really always been Jane & Lisa under various aliases!!

So - who writes to themselves, & then replies to themselves? Who writes stories under a different name & then replies to them? Who unleashes the most extraordinary deluge of malice with the most vile possible scenarios that defy not only reason but the imagination as well?

Answers respectively: Jane, Lisa, Helen.

Lisa now claims that she has never known about this site & so the initial blurb at top of page - "Hi, we are Aussie breeders of Bengals, we also take in surrendered bengals or bengals in shelters and rehabilitate them and place them in homes. Thought you could add us to your Bengal rescue link...Thanks" - she claims was never written by her.

Considering everything, I think this is entirely possible, that it was written by one of her alter-egos or one of Jane's aliases & they forgot to share it with the rest of their "selves"

Whoa... Sick, sad & pretty unbelievable!!

And THIS is the reason why genuinely good breeders & rescuers cringe as it gives ALL these people a bad name. The animals don't deserve this nor do the public.

Oct 28, 2009 Alison Driver
by: Helen

that is so funny alison, there has been no complaint against me, and if there has, then i dont know about it so obviously you do, isnt that breaching your confidentiality in your position. BRING IT ON........dont be such a coward. by the way, i wont be posting on here anymore, email me if you have a problem, although i know you wont.

Oct 27, 2009 THIS NEEDS TO END continued
by: LISA

This is a public site,there is millions of people who can view this, not just the immediate Bengal community.Think for a minute how this is reflecting on the breed and yourselves as breeders??I do think that this forum or whatever the hell it is supposed to be should be ended, God knows how it even got here in the first place? I surely don't!I am not saying this because I am concerned about people bitching about me, breeders have bitched about me from the first day I started breeding, I don't expect it to end now.Frankly I don't care, my hide is thick, I know truth from lies and so do you.My friends, my true friends, know love and support me and that is what matters to me.Why you all attack me I honestly don't understand, I have asked myself many times and my conclusion is that a larger part of you have been misled in your views about me by others.The others I refer to I assume are just jealous or do not want me to succeed for their own advantage, I really don't know or assume to know how others minds work but that is my conclusion.It has never been explained to me either by Alison or Hayja what their issue with me is.Neither of them have ever met me,neither of them have ever owned a cat I have bred, either directly from me or through a third party and I think that says a lot,in fact I have NEVER even spoken to Hayja!I have on occasions contacted both asking to be told why but nevder recieve a response.Alison and I have personal differences, neither one of us likes the other very much but I believe that is more through a clash of personalities, differences of opinions, beliefs,behaviour and ethics than any other reason.That does not make one or the other right or wrong, it makes us different!So where does this leave everything, its now up to Michael, he can kill this now and I am sure it will begin elswhere, if it is his intention to show the ugly side of breeding within the Bengal community then he has succeeded.I am formally/publicly requesting that any images from my website, text or links to my website are removed the site.I am would prefer the bitch session was removed but I know if it is ,the bitching will continue as usual but just on different sites and on phones via e-mails etc as it has done for so long.THATS IT FROM ME! Hope you all think things over and start spending your time more constructively.If you all put as much time and effort into breeding as to perecuting me imagine the wonderful,healthy cats you could produce.Just like mine! xx Life is to short to spend it worrying about what others are or are not doing.Start living your own lives and leave everyone else to live theirs.

Oct 27, 2009 THIS NEEDS TO END
by: LISA

I had said I would not post further but I feel I must.I totally support Jane, Helen and others in their stance here.I can understand why tempers are getting heated, for so long there has been no where for anyone to voice their opinion against Alison Driver or Bengal Banter and there is so much that has never been said but was needed to be said.Anyone who did speak out was quickly terminated from"THE GROUP" and shunned from a large part of the Bengal breeding community.

I am all for freedom of speech and I enjoy a good debate, I think constructive cticism is a good thing.I am going to challenge you all, if you have a real problem with me, be a grown up, come to me with it and lets resolve it.I don't expect to be hearing from any of you as I don't believe any of the people who have posted below have a real unresolved issue relating directly to a cat they have purchased directly from myself.

I will say that you all are behaving like school children, I will also say that this is not the place. to be continued.....

Oct 27, 2009 THAT IS A LIE
by: Jane

I thought I would not post here anymore but after the below from Alison Im sorry but I have too.


If you have made a complaint against me now for speaking out thats fine it will not affect me as I have not been breeding for 12months as you well know, so what ever.

I am a member of TIBCS because I enjoy gettting the books each quarter, though I will stand up and continue to back what I have said previously, I can not believe you are in such a position of trust at TIBCS, this is discusting and I feel it's a complete let down and obviously I am not the only one who thinks this way.

If yoy continue to say these lies about me I will take action against you Alison, I will follow through dont you doubt it.

This website has given everyone a voice as mentioned before, if you dont like what people have to say in defence of Lisa or against you why start it in the first place, I dont like you, I do like Lisa, so it is only natural I would stick up for her and not you, get use to it.

And as for where the postings on this site are coming from, I think only the owner would know have some idea on that, Alison you dont own this site though I think you would like to as you could control what is said but you dont and thats the great thing, you cant control it like in BBengal Banter, people can defend themselves.


You can lump it as far as I am concerned.

Oct 27, 2009 Delete or Not
by: Michael (PoC Admin)

I run this site and I could delete comments but I would rather they remained because they are part of the cat fancy. It is not always harmonious and rosy out there. This site is about all of the cat fancy not just the color of a coat and the size of a cat breed etc.. It is about the good and the bad. It is not one dimensional.

Pure opinion is not an actionable defamation. Statements that are meant to be fact and which are false and which create a negative impression could be actionable.

An allegation is a statement in which the person making it admits that it is without proof and therefore should not be actionable because it is not based on fact or meant to be fact. If in doubt play safe, please.

Please take care, keep your cool and say it fairly. If anyone has a particular problem please leave a comment and I will look at it but no promises.

Oct 27, 2009 Bashing other breeders
by: Anonymous

You know.. if you are to use a forum such as this to bash TIBCS and TIBCS Members who have brought ethics complaints against you, you really should use more than one computer to make your posts under all those names.. Anne, Anonymous, Greg & Jane all appear to be posting from the same computer.. Lorraine from the shelter is posting from Lisa's computer...

Lisa, Jane & Helen are close partners - fighting back any way they can after having a complaint made against them. It might give you a better perspective to see just how ethical Lisa, Jane and Helen are to be posting under other names here in this merely to slander or libel another breeder.

Oct 27, 2009 interesting
by: Sandra

How interesting it is that the person who tried to bring Lisa down is the one being brought down in flames. Together we stand and we do have a voice against the person who claims to be in such a position of power, yet she only abuses that right to be on any committee anywhere for anything to do with Bengals. Thinking she is keeping her dirty secrets hidden, they are fast becoming out in the open. I agree with Helen, thanks everyone for coming forward, it is great to see the support for such a well known and RESPECTED breeder such as Lisa.

Oct 27, 2009 Thankyou
by: Helen

Hi Everyone, It is wonderful to see so many people standing up for what is right, and thank you for everyone coming forward. As i am sure most of you are aware, i will not stand by and allow Lisa to be bullied out of breeding, For you Alison - "Dont throw stones/pebbles cause you live in a glass house".

Oct 26, 2009 TIBCS
by: Anne

I cant stand those two either and their ethics, what ethics?

I am going to write to TIBCS about them, I didnt know they were the dispute people, how's that work, I have had a run in with Alison of Runamok and I am sure no matter how right I was she would not help solve my problems in an unbiased way thats for sure and as for Hayja, well no need to say much there, I think we all know.

Troble with a capital T I say.

I will pull my membership if they stay on at TIBCS, its not worth it for me to be mixed up with those two.

Oct 26, 2009 Fur trade
by: Anonymous

If she is allegedly carrying out her own Autopsies as an unliscenced vet then that would allegedly lead you to think she would have no worries in sending her cats/kittens to Hong Kong for the alleged fur trade market.

This info really should be given to the authorities as it is alarming that she houses that many cats and kittens in its self.

Oct 26, 2009 ALISON DRIVER HAYJA and ELAINE O'NEILL so called ethical breeders
by: Anonymous

Alison keeps over 40 bengal cats,plus she also breeds persian cats,I would alledge anyone with this number of cats is a kitten farmer.There is no way that someone with this number of cats can give each animal individual attention or meet all the animals needs.Yes its true i have heard Alison does not believe in vets abilities or take her cats to the vets.I believe she gains some sort of sick thrill from doing autopsies on her own animals and watching many kittens die slowly from cleft pallets and similar as she is too scummy to take them to the vet.She also breeds a lot of cats with faults cleft paletes,flat chests, heart conditions,not to mention long haior white spots etc.I really think that someone should alert the authoritie as to how this woman houses her cats ,I have heard from others personal experiences the cats conditions are horrific,I have alsio heard that she buk ships kittens crammed into carriers toa Hong Kong buyer on a regulasr basis for use in the fur trade and I know for a fact that often kittens are registered incorrectly.Why does this supposedly intelligent,ethical breeder not est all her cats for HCM a real problem in the Bengal breed, MONEY! thats why.But of course Alison is in a place of some postion in TIBCS so we should all bow down and lick the ground she walks on, I don't think so moreover we should walk behind her with buckets of bleach to kill off the filth that she leaves in her wake!

Now To haja Almaz the woman who bought a imported stud cat from Elaine o'neill.his cat is kept in a tiny cage and locked in a crate at night so as not to annoy the neighbours, does this cat not have the right to jump and stretch or be treated humanely?Why has the cat that has produced several offspring with HCM not been tested by his owner? MONEY thats why, Hayja doesn't want to loose out and be known as having a cat with HCM well wake up everyone knows, your not gaining any respect continuing to breed from him.

Elaine O'neill who imported a cat that was intrusted to her by an overseas breeder for use in her program, when she got a big tax bill decided to sell the cat to some little known breeder without any discussion with his breeder overseas.Why did she do this MONEY!

Lets face it these three breeders don't give a toss about the welfare of their cats they want money pure and simple and they choose to get it by pumping litter after litter often out of old or unfit cats that should have been pet homed long ago.

Oct 26, 2009 IDIOTS
by: Jane

Sorry, the below is by me (Jane).

Title should have been IDIOTS.

Oct 26, 2009 Jane
by: Anonymous

Hi Greg,

I am guessing you are talking about my boy "Sheoak Daito Katana" when you say one of Hayja's boy's off spring tested positive to HCM. I too agree and would not breed with his father again either, the fact is he has produce an offspring with this is enough for me to say no more.

On the other note, think your poems are just lovely Alison though maybe not quite the place to share them as we are here talking cats but Greg has got it, the pebble is appearing to be abit of a boomerang in your case Lol.

Maybe you will think twice in the future before you pick up that pebble hey.

I am also shocked that TIBCS members (me included) and reps are allowing their Dispute Resolution people (Alison Driver/ Hayja Taha-Perisa) to act in such a way, and most shocking is that you Alison you are in the trusted position of Senior Vice President, I think you both should take a good long look at what you are doing and what you have been saying about Lisa and others and maybe consider standing down.

You do not remain unbiased to be in these positions of trust.

Oct 26, 2009 greg
by: Anonymous

Well done everyone, it would be great if more people had the strenght to come forward about Alison and her Runamok catttery, she writes here about pebbles, I guess she has no joy in throwing that pabble anymore as she is quickly learning a pebble is more like a boomerang when she throws it.

I was told by her best friend "Hayja of Almaz Bengals" that Alison dose her own Autopsies.

I have no reason to believe Hayja was lying, infact she said it is meant to be common knowledge.

Who in their right mind would cut open a baby kitten that they have loved and brought to life, this is just sick............

Who would cut open an adult cat that they have loved for years, its time to start going to the Vet Alison!

I also know Almaz Bengals, keeps her only boy in a cage 2x2mtrs square and then at night he has to be put in a dog create for the whole night to keep him quite.

Firstly, that is so unethical and it's really just crule.

Secondly, his breeder knows all about it and lets him live like that, what the?

Thirdly, there is still intension to breed with him even though one of his off spring tested positive for HCM.

Oct 26, 2009 Exoticatz Bengals is a genuinly helping Bengals inneed of homes
by: Lorraine from a Brisbane shelter

I work at a Brisbane shelter.Recently a family surrendered their beloved Bengal.I began contacting breeders of Bengals and asking for assistance in helping this cat.Lisa was a breeder who responded almost immediately with offers of help and advice.Lisa was instrumental in this boy being able to be returned to his family and Lisa has offered continuing support to the family to help the family work through and solve the cats behaviour problems.I do not know very many people who are this gracious in giving up their time for no gain to simply help others.

From the v ery little i have had to do with Lisa I believe she is genuine in her dedication to Bengal rescue.

It is a shame that such a informative website that is obviously here to help cats and cat lovers has such an off topic/thread as this.It really distracts from what this site is all about.

If someone is offering to help rehome Bengal cats that need it why would anyone who is a cat lover want to hinder that process by attacking the person and trying publicly discredit them?My advice to those of you with "alledged" complaints about Exoticatz Bengals is to go to the breeder personally and air your differences if you don't get the result you think your entiteled to then contact the relavent authories.

Its not winning any of you any points by so publicly bashing omeone on a site designed to help your beloved breed.

by: PHIL

I live at My Lawley I own two Bengal cats that were bred by Alison Driver,Runamok Bengals.I can no longer keep these cats and they require new permanent homes although it is very difficult to place them.The female has a heart condition and is extremely timid it will take her a long time to settle in ,the male doesn't like being held.

I have contacted Alison in regards to this b ut she has not been much assistance.Coincidently I after googling I also contacted Lisa from Exoticatz Bengals.Lisa was extremely helpful and supportive.

Oct 26, 2009 ALSION DRIVER and everyone else who is weak
by: Helen

Lisa is the most wonderful person i have ever known. Her dedication to breeding is outstanding, and she breeds beautiful cats. She rescues bengals all the time, and rehabilitates where necessary then offers the cat to a good forever home, and it always turns out to be a perfect outcome.

I am not going to fill this space rambling on and on, but the proof is in the pudding, look at the cats Exoticatz owns and breeds, then compare to others, you will soon see why people are jealous and are trying to shut Lisa down. FOr alot of bengal breeders, it is about the sales and greed, the only motivation for putting Lisa down. you can continue to read below and see who is jealous, its real easy......

Good luck Lisa, you know we all stand beside you in the fight, your wall of support is thick and strong, nobody can break it. So just sit back and let them try. YOu cattery will survive no matter how much Alison, Elaine, Gabrielle or any others try to beat you down. You dont just survive, you succeed and that is their problem. Keep breeding those beautiful babies.

Oct 26, 2009 ALSION DRIVER and everyone else who is weak
by: Helen

Well interesting you say that about Alisons cats being in the pound, i too had found out about that by someone who was directly involved. And isn't it funny that she was not there, thinking that nobody knew about the situation. I have also been kicked off Bengal Banter, the first time i withdrew my membership because of all the bitching that was doing on, i couldnt stand it, Alison called me, always very careful not to put in an email any evidence, but she also told me that she doesnt use vets, also advised me to keep a cat with luxating puttella in my bredding program, as according to her, she does not eliminate them from breeding, as long as the cat can still stand and mate. The second time i got banned from bengal banter was because of an email i sent to her best friend, after her best friend invited me to explain what i was thinking. so i did, and obviously Alison didnt like this, so she banned me thinking it actually meant something to me, trying to use her so called "power" to put me down. The list is endless, i could on and on for hours. The breaching of contracts, her incorrectly registering cats and yes, the way her cats are housed/looked after. i personally have never been there or purchased a cat from Alison but yet she continues to trash me for what reason - because i am friends with Lisa of course. Her jealousy is so strong that it has made her obsessed with Lisa and Lisa's cats, going as far as to attack Lisa's family also. And for what reason - jealousy. you can expect a post from Alison defending herself, as she does, always tries to blame everyone else, but i dont need to justify my self to her or to anyone else, what goes around comes around and her "image" that she thinks is so clean, is forever tarnished and continues to get worse. As mentioned Kellie, i agree, she is her own worst enemy, doing her own damage. And how pathetic is she to have to use this as an opportunity to bitch about Lisa, what a coward.

Oct 26, 2009 Last post title should have been ALISON DRIVER
by: Kellie

last post was by me (KELLIE) but should have been under the title Alison Driver. sorry for any confusion

Oct 26, 2009 Kellie
by: Anonymous

Couldn't agree with you more about Alison Driver from Runamok. 2 of her cats were recently found in a pound, unsociable and unhealthy, plus another 2 as of a couple of days ago, also need re-homing, i had the owner email me asking for help. so you see people, Alison thinks she is the best of everything, but she isn't and slowly she is digging her own grave, don't waste your breath about her, she is doing all her own damage..... HA HA,,,,,

Lisa, keep doing what you are doing, we support you and we don't need a bengal bitch group (Referring to bengal banter) to protect us, or to make us "appear" to be breeding nice bengals, because you know, that what you are breeding is true to type, health and personality. you dont need a group of "would-be-disciples" to make you your an amazing woman, Alison needs that to make her feel worthy, after all she is a washed up bad actor and needs to get a rush from somewhere..... HA HA...

Have a nice day people!

Oct 26, 2009 Regarding Alison Driver
by: Sandra

very well said, couldnt agree more with the post previous to mine. You have our support Lisa, your cats are gorgeous and i, very much, enjoy owning a few of them and the support you have given to me.

Oct 26, 2009 ALSION DRIVER and everyone else who is weak
by: Anonymous

oh Alison Driver, your words are so full of absolute garbage! i, just recently had a serious call and alot of emails from someone who went visit your cattery, this person was actually interested in purchasing another bengal, however, they were truly horrified after being at your place, seeing the condition your cats were kept and all the while you claim yourself to be some ethical breeder who in your eyes is the best thing here in australia. This is by far the first complaint i have received about you. you cant hide behind any bengal group, oh except of course your own Bengal group, which you ban members for whatever you feel like, it has nothing to do with the rules, but the power you are trying to gain. All the while, you are gaining nothing but a bad name and i sit here, finding it very funny that you think yourself to be a good breeder - well australia has news for you - you are back in the dark ages, and you have never purchased a cat from Lisa so your lies and untruths are completely fabricated. Oh, but we all know how much you like to gossip and cant keep anything confidential, even in your "role" that you took just to gain more sales. Have you ever been to Lisa's house - no you havent. so stop your rumour spreading, you are being very nasty. By the way, your attacks on Lisa just make her stronger, as a person and as a breeder. YOu are so jealous because Lisa breeds close to the best bengals in australia, not long haired, big boofy head things that keep popping out of your cattery. Alison - GET A LIFE, i know you are obsessed with Lisa, but maybe you should focus more on your own cats. I could say so much more but your time is coming, and i will get my chance.

As for everyone else, you are so gutless, speak to Lisa herself, instead of hiding behind your computers...... oh no, i can easily see that wont be done because you have no real gripe! Just greed.

I support Lisa and her cats 100%, i have owned several of them, i have watched her rehabilitate numerous bengals, i have been to her house several times and the cats are spoilt rotten. And trust me, its not about the money. Lisa just spent alot of money (in the thousands) on a pet bengal of hers, not a breeding cat, just a young desexed girl. I cant say much for others that i know wont do this, like Alison Driver(Runomok), she doesnt even use a vet (her words quoted to me personally), she doesnt believe vets know anything and that they cant help, along with the fact that she doesnt use antibiotics to treat anything either, so you can imagine how healthy - OR NOT- her cats are.. :-))))

by: Anonymous

To say i was shocked when I just came across this site was an understatement.

I know there is Bengal breeders that do not like me but never ever in my wildest dreams did I think any hated me this way or that any of you were so ugly and vicious to run around slandering behind someones back . How couragous of you all to be anonomous.


I think it speak volumes that all the comments below are anonomous,your all very big and very honourable and ethical sitting behind your computer screens throwing stones.You must all have very pathetic lives to put so much time and effort into trying to destroy me.

Also thankyou for all this fuss being made about me, I take it as a compliment,because as the saying goes, "if you want a place in the sun youve got to be prepared to put up with a few blisters"

Get back to breeding,and to your families and friends and stop behaving like playground bullies.


I am not going to enter into this further on this site were cowards dwell, you can all keep on doing what you do best, and its certainly not breeding bengals!

Thankyou to all my friends for your support,luv you lots


Oct 25, 2009 I WIN
by: Anonymous

I Win

It was hard for me to carry on with my life after what you did to me

You thought you won, beat me into the ground, but there was something you didn’t see

I am stronger than all the things you did, you won the battle but I will win the war

I don’t need revenge to feel better; I’m not about settling the score

All the pain that once inhabited my heart will be gone without concern

Life is too short for you to take away everything I have struggled to earn

So do what you wish try and take me down

You will only end up looking like a clown

You are a loser there is nothing you are worth

Your existence is a pathetic waste on this earth

You will not be amongst my fears

And never again will I shed any tears

You have poisoned my life for too long

Don't worry though, you will be punished for everything you have done wrong

Oct 24, 2009 "The Pebble & The Pond" - conclusion
by: Anonymous

Ultimately, and sadly,

we've lost the art of precious, careful selection, the musing of a smooth pebble worn by nature's time so delicately -

We used to delight in skipping that pebble............................

But -

It's just not fun anymore.

And we can't even remember the joy...

Oct 24, 2009 "The Pebble & the Pond" - continued...
by: Anonymous

...As a child, that pebble was so precious, it symbolized our hopes & dreams..

But - As we get older, we're not so careful with the stones we choose. We hurry, impatiently, run to the river bank...we start to select less carefully & then we pick up misshapen stones & throw them carelessly at the pond, that was formerly so sacred & a place of pleasure, quietude & innocent joy... Now - we're picking up rocks with crude edges & hurling them at the water's surface.

They don't skip.

We wonder why?

We become disappointed -

but only marginally because these days we expect disappointment & we hardly care anymore..

Oct 24, 2009 The Ripple Effect - Or - The Story of The Pebble & The Pond
by: Anonymous

It's often regarded as "the ripple effect" in popular culture, when someone does something good - or bad - & the effect flows on to others. I think there's a lot more to this metaphor; one observation is that the ripples actually become less distinct as they flow outwards & the initial disruption to the peace of the pond or lake eventually becomes negligible as nature restores order & things are as they were to begin with; another observation, or story rather, is that of the person who initially cast the stone...

A long time ago... When all was innocent in the world, a child picks up a pebble along the bank of a river, of a lake, of a quiet pond. She considers that this pebble has to be perfect in order to successfully make the journey of several skips across the surface. She takes great care in choosing the perfect stone, turns it over in her hands, rubs it musingly, considering how smooth its surface & excitedly, in childish anticipation, imagines how far it will go...

Oct 17, 2009 Do it right - - - -
by: Joe

"Kitten farmer's" is the name I think you are looking for!

Oct 16, 2009 Do it right.......
by: Belinda

Yes I understand what you are saying but the thing that also gets me apart from the HCM thing is the breeders with that many cats (20+) aren't they just like back yard puppy breeders like on RSPCA the other night?

I dont see how they can truly support their cats every need and have them attend the Vet when needed, wormed when needed and so on.

(Even if the Vet gave them a special price still it would be an incredible hardship to cover the costs, something has to give)

Yes these cats/kittens have their papers but so did those dogs/puppies but I dont believe it makes them ethical just because of that, thats why I will not buy interstate, I will only ever buy from a breeder to which I can visit first.

Oct 12, 2009 Do it right
by: Anonymous

Aren't all breeders ripping us off in one why or another?

You are selling cats from parents that are not HCM tested for starters? Can you guarentee my cat will not die of HCM when you don't test?

As far as I am concerned you are all as bad as each other, you are ignoring a major problem in the Bengal breed, atleast in the Mainecoon breed 95% of breeding cats are tested, yes I understand this is a DNA test and not a ultrasound so therefore it is much cheaper and more readily available but at the same time in the best interest of the breed as you all go on with why don't you test? I understand their is someone in 90% of our states now to do this and if you do test advertise your results so we as the public know what we are look at, what have you got to hide?

I see some catteries with atleast 20 or more cats on their websites, I do not see how these breeders at $280 - $380 per cat can even afford to test if at all.

The tiny tiny few that do test haven't updated their results for a couple of years so that leaves me to believe that they have not retested.

Other's say yes they have tested but can not produce the results.

You are all selling animals that could drop dead at any time making my money and other pet owners money go down the drain, and yes we too work hard for our money not just you breeders.

Since my experience with HCM I have become aware "In memeroy of Jags" 13/5/09

You all need to realise how much money and effort really needs to go into breeding, not this half hearted stuff, the cats are wormed, vaccinated and flee free, is that what you all think breeding is about, if you are going to change these prices $600 to $1200 for a pet then get it right the first time do it right by us but most of all do it right by the cats.......

Start testing there is no excuse f you really love the breed and want the best for it and its future and not just the dollar that gets to you pocket today.

Oct 12, 2009 Often easier said than done...
by: Anonymous

Hating is a waste of time; lets then win; then; though; forgiving, is possible, perhaps; but it takes a long time. Forgeting; never - one learns from their mistakes; or hopefully anyhow. In this instance; it's to watch one's trust.... Giving it out becuase of one's assurances and a group's garauntees, as a novice or beginner often does; ends up with them hugely set back; whether it be emotionally; mentally; or finatially - hold your cards close to you; don't let them be veiwed at all untill you're good and ready for them to be shown to the world; because secrets (even if it's as simple as where you're next cat's from) - in any sort of situation; very rarely stay secrets; and they almost always get thrown back in your face.

Oct 12, 2009 Often easier said than done...
by: Anonymous

Hating is a waste of time; lets then win; then; though; forgiving, is possible, perhaps; but it takes a long time. Forgeting; never - one learns from their mistakes; or hopefully anyhow. In this instance; it's to watch one's trust.... Giving it out becuase of one's assurances and a group's garauntees, as a novice or beginner often does; ends up with them hugely set back; whether it be emotionally; mentally; or finatially - hold your cards close to you; don't let them be veiwed at all untill you're good and ready for them to be shown to the world; because secrets (even if it's as simple as where you're next cat's from) - in any sort of situation; very rarely stay secrets; and they almost always get thrown back in your face.

Oct 12, 2009 Move on........
by: Anonymous

It's time to move on, forgiveness is the key.

Oct 10, 2009 What does any of that have to do with this?
by: Anonymous

Isn't that funny that a good number have experienced the "my way only or the highway" with Lisa; too? To be entirely honest; I know of ONE instance where Lisa's stood by her name and promise in the case of an 'accident' or 'misshap' - and multitudes where she has not. I do not in any was dispute that breeders are human; that they make mistakes; too - HOWEVER; it comes down to admitting you've made a mistake and doing what you can to rectify the mistake; not getting absolutely horribly nasty about it; go about spreading absolute bull about the people who'd given their hard earned money to get something that they simply did not get. And generally even if people start off civilly asking about how or why this had happened; and what they should do about it; every single time; it's twisted so that it wasn't Lisa's fault; when if you go back through HER history; it's happened, time and time again. I'm not saying she's not had it tough sometimes as everyone does; but often she goes out of her way to make it difficult for others; out of her way to make what should be a hobby into something sinister and unpleasant; just for the sake of some of the people you have to deal with. Yes; everyone has their friends; and yes; everyone has their opinions; but when 'friends' are considered stepping stones to better one's own standing and nothing more; that's when everything is taken by far to far. Much of the posts on this forum here have ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with anything but being nasty; what does this haev to do with BBanter or Ali or Hayja or Jane or whoever else is here who keep dragging it all off of topic. This is about Lisa; one's experiences with her; whether positive; or in my case, far from being positive; she'd put the ad in saying she'd done bengal rescue; which I don't see that she has at all; but then that is my opinion - I have fact that I'd got badly burned; and I know for a fact I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE; but where all this other stuff in all these other posts is coming from; I don't get it; NONE OF IT has ANYTHING TO DO with the topic at hand; Lisa Murchie of Exoticatz bengals. It's like the person below said; whenever it comes to herself; she's quick to put herself in the spotlight; but if it goes off the rails; she's quick to point the finger on someone else. She put it on herself; let her deal with the fallout afterwards.

Oct 10, 2009 It is about people
by: Michael

I consider that the the activities of people in the cat fancy to be very much about cats. It could be argued that what we do is more about cats that what cats do because we hold the power of life and death over cats. We create cats and feed them and euthanise them. They depend upon us completely.

And if people in the cat fancy have differing points of view and argue it helps to resolve problems, which helps cats.

If it is done in public it means that it is transparent, which is always good as it opens it up.

The only rules are to say things politely and constructively no matter how mad we feel. And feeling angry is natural and not necessarily a bad thing.

That is why I don't like to "moderate" comments except when really forced to. Moderation can mean censorship and I like fairness, openness and honest discussion which airs problems for the betterment of cats.

Any problems in the cat world are people problems.

Finally, I don't care about the star system. Everyone can rate it how they like. That is their choice. I do care when someone says that this site is not about cats as it is built for cats. It is the voice of cats. It is biased towards cats because they need a voice and bias.

Oct 10, 2009 Further
by: Anonymous

And I meant to say -

"I MEANT to say 'rescue cats' rather than 'cats'". Sorry for the confusion.

But to respond to these attacks on people who work hard at rescue, it is absolutely deplorable that those who advocate putting their own cats to sleep because they cannot find homes for them (& these very people who they are attacking spent hours, days, weeks trying to help THEM) & those who are directly responsible for cats ending up in shelters in the first place - think to vocalize themselves on a rescue page!! This is unbelievable. Not to mention the sickness which has been treated as a result of being in these shelters & which money has come out of the personal pockets of these rescuers!!

Welcome to the sleepless nights, the vet expenses, the worry, the TIME & EFFORT that is world of cat rescue... And the sickening irony that YOU berate US - when we helped & put our other priorities on hold to help these bengals in need - where you couldn't or wouldn't.

Stop the idiocy & put your energies into something useful & positive for once.

Oct 09, 2009 To Michael:
by: Anonymous

"not about rescue cats at all" was referring to Bengal Cat RESCUE exoticatzbengals only & only this misnomer, Michael - NOT the rest of the entire "PoC" site of course which is ALL about cats, very comprehensive & almost exhaustive in its links!! Not at all a comment to denigrate your hard work.

I think this is what the star system is also commenting on? Not on the entirity of the PoC site? Just this page? This is how people have been using it - is this what you intended? I hope that no offence is taken by posters using this rating system. It is JUST a comment on the header & the topic of this page - which IS confusing to those engaged in feline rescue out here in Australia as the workload both emotionally & physically is harrowing.

Oct 09, 2009 Yes - What do you mean girls?
by: Anonymous

Unfortunately this is just what the BBengal Banter moderators (Alison of Runamok Bengals and Hayja of Almaz Bengals) are all about.

If something is not going their way they will become quite nasty as seen in the comment below and then not respond, The saying "snakes in the grass" Im sorry to say seems to describe their underhanded actions quite well.

I must add that I agree with the person who said, "Thank you for giving us a voice, THANK YOU SO MUCH."

Wake up girls this site is full of wonderful info, pictures, video's, health issues and so much more all for our wonderful cat breeds, its just fabulous!

Maybe you need to look at this site properly girls and look at what this discussion has been about, (cats and cat breeders I would say).

You should take your own advice and respect other peoples chat area's and site's, obviously they are right when they say "if you don't see eye to eye your out."

Oct 09, 2009 Last Comment
by: Michael

I consider the last comment a personal insult. I would be pleased if the person who made it would explain what they mean when they say:'s quite obvious by now that this site is not about cats at all..

Thanks in advance.

Oct 09, 2009 really & truly...
by: Anonymous

I'm sure that this is very entertaining to all who may be reading this, & it's quite obvious by now that this site is not about cats at all, which is simply very sad.

Jane - there is absolutely no reason why everyone else can abide by chat rules & yet an exception should be made for you.

I also retain records & unless you have added to my correspondence, everything is entirely in order.

I was under the impression that everyone who has made comments on this site, knew who had made others, so there have been no "curtains" to speak of, nor to come out from under, at least not to my knowledge.

"Anon" is simply continuing de riguer.

Oct 09, 2009 Thats Not It At All
by: Jane

You know and I know that is not it at all, I have the emails between us both at the time and they back up what I am saying, that is when they are left unedited by anyone which i am sure your side is edited to suit you best.

No surprise though that you are right here when Lisa is being attacked, no surprise at all........this just brought you out from behind the curtains of anonymous :o)

Oct 09, 2009 BBengalbanter
by: BBModerators

Showing hostility towards a chat group & engaging in personal attacks is a reason for you not to be there Jane. This is clear in the BB rules. This does not just apply to you but everyone.

There are plenty of people who are current members who have do not see eye-to-eye. This is encouraged because different opinions result in every angle being able to be considered by those who choose to read it, which is very important, & infact is the philosophy of a chat group to begin with.. Otherwise we wouldn't have chat groups at all!

In fact, it has often been said: heated debate is fine but personal gripes are not.

The list rules on the home page are well-defined & not adhering to them is also well-defined.

This is the norm for any chat group, Jane, both in Australia & internationally.

BBengalbanter Moderators

Oct 09, 2009 I forgot
by: Jane

We all make mistakes but I dont think Lisa is a bad person for her mistakes.

I actually admire her for staying so strong.

Oct 09, 2009 BBengal Banter
by: Jane

I was removed from BBengal Banter this is not allegedly but I was and questioned why, Alison of Runamok Bengals said it was because I had left breeding and it was only for current breeders.

At the time I said I thought it was a group for people who loved bengals and a place to share info, luckily there are still many other bengal groups who love all to add and share their stories.

I would agree with one of the other statements, if you don't see eye to eye you are out.

Oct 09, 2009 I dont get it
by: Anonymous

Her contract has not been edited and was signed and dated by both parties, the cat was sold on from what I have read from Wildsyle Bengals, how is it wrong, how can this not be right?

Oct 09, 2009 wrong
by: Anonymous


re-read all the posts

by: Anonymous

EXOTICATZ TAKARA SHAINE'S contract has not been changed or added to, so that would mean that this contract still stands, Yes?

Oct 08, 2009 ?
by: Anonymous

I didn't think it was "gutsy" to engage in hearsay & slander - I thought it was the opposite.

I thought that when someone had wronged so many others & then played the victim card, it would be obvious.

Obviously not.

Oct 08, 2009 It's not about stories...
by: Anonymous

It's about personal experiences; not stories. It's about truth and trust; not stories. IT's about; as a person below me said; the love or unloved cats - it's the cats that this is really about; not the people. Saying stories that 'you have heard' somewhere has nothing to do with anything; people can come up with stuff easily; people can be nasty just for the hell of it; as some people here have been at the brunt of. IT's when you have actual pesonal experience yourself; that one can speak; not in hearing something from someone else - how is one to verify the words of someone else without having been there - without concrete evidence of some sort anyhow? As the person who owns this site said; be ware of slander - saying something you've heard somewhere else in a nasty way such as much of this is nothing but that and heresay. When one has personal experience; has concrete proof; that is different; but again; there's been that many people who have had problems; many of whom do have proof, concrete, unaltered, evidence - and the people trully involved and not just being nasty for the sake of it or standing up for someone when they don't knww everything; will understand/

Oct 08, 2009 Now you say that
by: Anonymous

Yes, now that someone has come along with the guts to speak out you talk all nice to try and prevent any nasties coming out about you but all the while Lisa is able to cop it all, its so funny how things quickly change..............

EG - What about all the other crap breeders who are letting their cats live in filth, I know a few good stories about a few of you, would you like me to start posting them, I can allegedly.

Oct 08, 2009 A VOICE
by: Anonymous

Look I fully agree with the below person but at the same time it has given us a long over due voice, a voice that is normaly locked out of BBangle Banter where anything can be said to breeders who are good enough to be involved in the group in the first place but allegedly only good enough when they comply with the owners of the group, there is no room for looking at the world in a different way or your out.

Even ex-breeders are allegedly removed from the group so they can not be involved or be apart of what is said and to still add important info and help to new and old breeders.

We all have different expierence and tackle them in different ways, their way will not always mean the right way.

As it has been said many times, Lisa has been a target of gross abuse for a long time, this is at last giving her a chance to stand up for herself and have other people who have had a good experience with Lisa to come forward and say their piece.

Oct 08, 2009 A rescue site?
by: Anonymous

- I thought this was what this was supposed to be!

Still awaiting tales of woe & authentic & heartfelt upset for the unfortunates in need...

Despite what we may have experienced with this breeder, we should all remember that cats only know love & lack of love.

When rescues come up - or at least I assume they will be if this is the reason for this site - let's all help to find them permanent loving homes.

In the meantime, let's please desist from recounting our personal experiences.

Mine is too painful to relive, others have genuine anger for the way they've been treated & the animals that have suffered as a consequence & seek to purge their pain, but honestly, what does airing this all achieve? Especially here, on this site.

We have those who have been hurt, we have those who have not BUT we also have those who cannot recognize the validity of the pain of others because it is too confrontational & would challenge their own faith that they put in others (& I do mean others because if you have been deceived by one person, sadly you are likely to have been deceived by others in your life.. Psychology 101.)

But for those who recount their bad experiences, WHAT is this achieving?

This will not be listened to by those who have already closed their minds.

And, if you recount your good experiences, these will be only be viewed with scepticism & raise other questions for those who have not had this experience.

In short, while this is a nice site to air one's grievances on, it is not the CORRECT site.

If you have a strong enough concern, please petition those who may be able to instigate change.

The way it stands, only the site owner & the emotions of a narcissistic sociopath (who by nature & notated in psychiatric journals, thrives on controlling others & creates scenarios whereby their apparent plausibility can only be discredited through external subjectivity) will benefit from further discussion in this forum.

Please do not feed an angry thread.

This is NOT the forum for debate.

Oct 07, 2009 I signed
by: Anonymous

When I puchased my cat from Lisa I signed a contract.

I was also able to bargin down the price of an imported breeding queen to $1,500 so I think that was a great price for a working girl at 24 months old, nothing at all wrong with that.

I have also been to her home and every thing both in the house and outside her house was so lovely and clean, I had only arranged to go the night before so it's not like she had alot of time to clean.

I think selling a queen on at just over 1yr after her first mating is ok, the girl is proven and you may get something you want to keep in that litter, why not.

Everyone knows a cat can easily reabsorb her kittens, really easilly if going on a flight to her new home too, you cant keep bitching at her because of this.

What about all the other crap breeders who are letting their cats live in filth, I know a few good stories about a few of you, would you like me to start posting them, I can allegedly.

Oct 07, 2009 Contract
by: Anonymous

In looking at these contracts that Lisa's saying she'd had signed.... I always was under the impression that if there was any alterations to the actual contract (such as any added portions as there is in Fusion's 'contract' about not being able to be bred past 4 years); the contract was considered void unless both parties signed the added portion - as it could have very easily been added after the contract was signed? Niether party in this instance has signed the altered portion; which realistically should mean Fusion's 'contract' is invalid?

Oct 07, 2009 Yes; I've seen that; too....
by: Anonymous

I know she's offered a good few girls at about 1 year old for sale; yes; some of which were uspposed to be pregnant; but I know of at least two seperate instances where girls that were mated; supposed to be pregnant - the girls didn't end up taking and the person was still out the extra she charged for the mating. But most of these 1 year old girls had had a litter already; too; seemed she pumped a litter out early so she could sell them as proven breeding girls and keep what she'd wanted out of that first litter; even if it meant; by simple mathematics for those that she advertised pedigree or date of birth to date of birth of kittens (and look; she'd stopped doing that recently; too; if you look; so it's harder to do the math as she realised it left her quite open) mating the girls at 8 months or earlier. And yes; no contracts; seems weird that the people I know that have gotten cats from her; too; I know of none that signed a contract around when these contracts were supposed to have taken place... Interesting that she'd make only one person sign one; and noone else? Then; yes; try to sell the cat on herself that were supposed to be under contract? I remember that ad quite well myself. Come on, people; think; open your eyes and see; the real Lisa; for what she is; the person below me labeled it very well.

Oct 07, 2009 Consider
by: Anonymous

The cats weren't sold on.

There were no contracts.

Oct 07, 2009 BENGAL stud cat,proven sire
by: Anonymous

I wouldnt be putting much credence into the alleged contracts. I rang up Lisa last year when she was advertising Exoticatz Wild Fusion for sale. For a trip down memory lane heres the ad. So stop the BS about these "contracts". Viper mouth hope you meet Karma.

BENGAL stud cat,proven sire

Posted by BEN_06 (Sydney NSW Australia) on 7-Jun-08 07:24 PM AEST

To reply to this advertisement email in**@ex**************.com

Beautiful golden rosetted male Bengal.

Fusion is a young boy and has already sired some incredible litters.He is hugely affectionate and just adores human companionship.

He has been lightly shown with good results.

His sire is GD CH Dazzledots Perfect Prints Imp Can

His Dam is Tigakat Vanitee

He carries the seal lynx gene from his mum.

He will only be placed in a responsible breeding home and I will be asking a lot of questions.

For photos and further details please contact Lisa


or e-mail using the link.


Oct 07, 2009 Oops! she did it again
by: Anonymous

Just had a look at the Exoticatz site. Another young girl "Wild Instinct" is for sale "possibly pregnant". For those of you who haven't figured it out yet this is how Lisa makes her money. She rips off new breeders who buy supposedly pregnant queens who... SUPRISE SUPRISE!!! aren't pregnant.

And as usual when there’s a problem Lisa plays the poor sweet innocent victim & blames everyone else, don’t buy her act, she’s just one nasty viper mouth.

Oct 07, 2009 Just wondering
by: Curious

Lisa told me she recommends selling breeding cats at one year. She does it with all of hers. I bought several cats from Lisa and she never asked me to sign any contracts. Did she ask anyone else?

Oct 07, 2009 Has nothing to do with what's imported or not//
by: Anonymous

The thing is; it's not people being bitchy for the sake of having to pay money for cats; or what Lisa brings in or doesn't; etc. etc. etc.; most of what has people so riled up here is people paying their own hard earned money to get something from Lisa; who's said this cat is that or this or of this line, and they get the cat and find out that everything she told them was lies. THAT'S why people are so arched up; has nothing to do with Lisa having this said cat or that said cat; it's the resulting purchases - people wouldn't buy from her if it wasn't for the sake she'd had this or that cat; it's when they don't get what they were told, were promised; they were getting; THAT is when people; and rightfully so, get angry.

Oct 06, 2009 Further to 'This is all Pointless'
by: Anonymous

Whether the cats were sold on or not is NOT THE ISSUE!!!!

The issue is that one of the cats Lisa bred has the wrong pedigree!!!

Nothing could be simpler to fix than this!!!

Instead we have every Tom,Dick and Harry adding whatever they want to this "debate".

If Lisa from Exotixcatz is the sort of person that many of the messages listed say she is,then surely this reputable,helpful and whatever else, would have corrected what in cat breeding must be one of the worst things that could happen!!!

Instead all that seems to have come out of it is broken contracts etc.etc.

Why cant she just come clean and take the blame!!!

If one thinks about this seriously there is only one person who will come out of all this with a very bad reputation!!!! This is silly when it all could have been resolved.

Sort it out Lisa and get back to your breeding instead of wasting all those years and knowledge.

Oct 06, 2009 This is all so pointless - More
by: Anonymous

The cats were sold on, Lisa has openly show the contracts for both cats on her websites home page, it is clear the cats have been sold on and the terms broken, where the DNA is correct or not Lisa is not the only one who should be getting bad talk from this, I would be so angery if my cats had been sold on and the breeders knowingly did so after signing contracts to say they wouldn't, really like the contract say, these cats should be returned to Lisa ASAP as it has not been upheld.

This all started from you lot bad mouthing her and even when it is fully out in the open she is not the only one who makes mistakes you all still attack her,

I am so sorry Lisa for all you must go through to just keep breeding, after all it's a hobby, let the girl have her hobby and leave her alone, take your fustrations out on your husbands or something :o)

Oct 06, 2009 This is all so pointless!
by: Anonymous

This debate is really a waste of time and effort.

If the RIGHT thing was done in the first place all of this 'mud slinging' could have been avoided.

Why on earth wasnt the pedigree corrected when it was found to be incorrect!!!

Anyone can make mistakes and all it would have taken was for the breeder to correct it.

Instead she decided to bring up things that were irrelevant and carry on to the point where its ridiculous.

In my opinion any breeder that truly is a breeder would want to rectify this immediately and try desperatley to keep their reputation or what is left of it intact!!!

I would like to say to Lisa of Exoticatz, do the right thing,stop bringing up the past and correct what can be corrected.

You have been breeding long enough now to know that this is not the way to go.

Kittens and cats MUST have the correct pedigree regardless of what the situtaion was and how it happened.Do the right thing,you will be much better thought of in the long run!!!

Oct 06, 2009 Interesting...
by: Anonymous

It seems interesting how the Exoticatz breeder always seems so ready to advertise her cattery in every means possible; and yet; when people say about the bad experiences they've had with her; no matter what they are; she always changes the topic to 'look what this person's done'; even though I doubt it's all, or any of it's; true? It's just a ploy to get the point off of her. She put the highlight on herself in advertising, didn't she? "Hey; I do this, too!..." (Even though as the person below me stated; I'm not sure that it's true)... "Look at my cats too!" but when it goes off the rails a bit; she's always so quick to point everyone's attention to someone else; often when it has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the conversation at hand... Exoticatz! Not anyone else!

Oct 05, 2009 Examples?
by: Anonymous

We also take in surrendered bengals or bengals in shelters and rehabilitate them and place them in homes.

Not the ones where purebred bengals are "rescued", bred, then sick underweight kittens are sold on & given a "pedigree".

Talk about your real rescue please if it exists, the time involved, how do you rehab them? what medications involved? successful placements?

Give us examples of your lack of exploitation of people & animals if it exists.

Otherwise this is trying to sell your own kittens by now using the words "bengal rescue" as a gimmick & a ploy.

Disgusting. If you ever rehabilitated a traumatized cat you would know that this is not something to be taken lightly & the tremendous amount of money that goes into saving a life & giving it an opportunity to thrive again...

Oct 03, 2009 It isn't just the breeders...
by: Anonymous

And yet; it seems; "Wisen up"; that people who have bought kittens; breeders or pets; have had the same sorts of problems in this instance...?

Oct 03, 2009 Good on you Lisa!
by: WiSE UP


You are so right about how easy it is to make money from idiots.

Give it a rest idiots. Take the time to look at yourselves. If you are dumb enough to buy an adult breeding cat it is going to have problems. If you are stupid enough to give up a pedigree cat someone is going to make money. Lisa told you all Dumb Arses!

Oct 03, 2009 bad woman
by: Anonymous

lisa took money, never sent cat, never refund singapore

Oct 03, 2009 BUYER BEWARE
by: Anonymous



Sherlean Hunter


On 22 October 2008 we deposited a large sum of money into an account with the name of Sherlean Hunter (Hunters Ridge Bengals). We since have not heard from Sherlean.

We have sent several emails to her requesting information on the cat we paid for (pictured below) but she has not, to date, replied to us.

It is apparent that Sherlean Hunter of Hunters Ridge Bengals has been and is continuing to constantly fraud people of their money by offering cats for sale and then never producing the cat. Sherlean believes that we, as international buyers cannot move to get our money back, instead she challenges that we go to Florida and file a complaint with her local court.

Upon investigation, it is clear that Sherlean has had several dealings with her local court for various financial matters. We will not be proceeding with civil court action, instead we are proceeding with criminal action.

At the present time, we have opened an international fraud enquiry and will pursue this until our money is returned in full with interest.

Thankyou to all of you out there who have contacted us with your support and to everyone that has shared their own stories with us regarding Huntersridge Bengals/Sherlean Hunter.

We will continue to post updates here until we receive a full refund.

by: Michael (PoC Admin)

This is my site. I manage it. I positively love comments and submissions to the site as they are often the best material. I like honesty and openness but please beware of the laws of defamation. You don't want to end up being sued in the civil courts. I would like comments to continue in good faith but with a little less vitriol, please. If comments are to criticise (which is entirely justifiable, sometimes) please make sure that they are worded in a way that is acceptable to everyone and if possible, constructively. Thanks a lot.

P.S. One thing visitors can do is to prefix a statement by the phrase, "It is alleged..". This helps avoid making defamatory remarks.

Sorry to intervene

Sep 30, 2009 You cant be serious - but wait theres more.....
by: Anonymous

I agree.

I would strongly suggest not buying a kitten from Runamok Bengals as her cats are over crowded, screaming out for food, in bad health, or maybe if you want to rescue a cat "yes" buy from her. I have even seen long haired Bengals on her web site, "what the."

I would not suggest buying from Almaz Bengals either, she calls herself a breeder but has only breed a handful of kittens in 4yrs, her cats call all year long to be mated and her boy lives in a small cage out the back with no attention ever given to him as she says he's feral, i wonder why ya dumb sh*t.

Sep 30, 2009 You cant be serious
by: Anonymous

Take a look at your own cats and think, do they have a great life? Dose my boy have a great life? No none of them do. I know who you are and I also know you have had it in for Lisa for a long long time, give it a rest, take the time to look at your own cattery and your friends catteries, are all these cats full of happiness, do they lead wonderful lives, NO.

No working cats is a truly happy cat, but as breeders we can only try and give them the best, i dont believe anyone breeders for money but when you are importing cats like Lisa you do need to sell at a higher price to help bring in the new lines and keep the Bengal breed in Austrlia up to date with the the U.S. or we fall behind and have ungly cats with patterns that are far behind the rest of the world.

You can buy a spotted Bengal for $600 - $1000 or a Bengal with beautiful rosettes and depth of
colour for $1000 plus - when you pay a higher price you are getting something really special that only comes with a higher price and this is because they are usually of show quality. Now I know what you are going to say, Lisa dosent breed show quality, well she dose, she has many awards for her cats and also for cats that she has sold, now dont tell me she has a finger in the pie at the cat shows and she only wins because of that, well you can stop there as we all know that is not true.

You must be so jealous of Lisa to keep this back stabbing bitchy partion going against her for all these years, or for that matter any one who is achiving better then you, you just dont like it do you, like I said get a life, mind your own cats, put your energy into the instead of cats over the other side of Australia.

Lisa is still doing well even after your nastyness, that says alot for her......

These are some breeders who I would not recommend, Almaz Bengals, Runamok Bengals, I am happy to give details on request.

Sep 29, 2009 You cannot be serious! - continued..
by: Anonymous

And that's not to mention the prices she's sold her cats at, the numbers of which she has had. Back at her site it's listed 2,800 when the average breeding kitten price was 2,500; and then the average price still started at 2,500 to 3,000 for a breeding kitten (obviously; I'm not saying all were sold at these prices; there were exceptions either way across the board; I am saying average). Lisa's show/breeding kittens started at 4,000(!), even when her cats were not nessisarily better than any other breeders; let alone at ususally over a 1,000 less - same with her pet kittens; when most other people were charging 600-1000 (again, speaking averages here), Lisa's pet kittens started at 1000.

Now there are other breeders charging prices as such, too, but she always seems to be one of the ones the first up the prices over and over; until it almost seems the 'norm'. Again - and this is just off of her website - now; all of a sudden she 'only sells kittens surplus to her needs' and that she 'only breeds a few litters a year.'

What happened that changed her stance from a year ago to now; then? It's curious, all these changes. if potential buyers can look at her site; anyone can; and even just looking at the history of that; everything is all to clear.

I know of good number of people affected negatively by Mrs. Murchie. I find it incredibly hypocritical of her to have her details listed on a 'cat rescue' site. As to the person talking about the 'registered breeder' bit, there are guidelines that one 'must' adhere to from my understanding in reading through all the NSW site. But they do nothing to make anybody abide by them. And in regards to the 'she wouldn't let a kitten go before 12 weeks', according to the NSW CFA site alone they are allowed to under their guidelines, to allow a kitten to go at 10 weeks, which I can assure you has happened in Mrs. Murchie's case.

Obviously some people can have two sides. I've seen the negative, bitter, positively hostile as well as the friendly, supposedly truthful side and trusted Lisa. As many new Bengal owners would do; expected all 'registered breeders' to act ethically (though don't get me wrong; there are some absolutely wonderful breeders out there; who genuinely care for their cats and their well being - Mrs. Murchie has just shown herself not to be one of these) and gotten massively burned and crushed as a result, And not just myself; but the poor cat caught in the middle of it through no fault of it's own. It's not right or fair for the cats to be consistently locked in at the centre of these battles that seem all to common where Mrs. Lisa Murchie is involved.

Sep 29, 2009 You cannot be serious!
by: Anonymous

Sorry for the low rating; it's not about the page; it's about the breeder...

I too; have dealt with Lisa Murchie; and I; too; have come out burned; out quite alot of money and ended up with a cat that was not at all what she's said it was; she lied to me in the leading up to purchasing this cat to many times to count.

It's not about the money; really; though; its about the complete breach of trust; the complete disregard of care, both for her buyers and her cats, that matters. Even just looking back at her website; through the many (many!!) changes there has been; the shoots herself in the foot time and again; first the labels this and that disease that's tested for; and then all of a sudden that one's taken off, then another, then another; until it's just that her cats are disease tested and come back regularly disease free; and now even that is gone. She's had it where cats were mated extremely young (Ie. 7 months; 8 months, as a routine basis). She's had it where kittens were born so shortly from the same queen after other kittens; there wouldn't be more than two months absolute tops between the birth of the litter and a repeat mating.

Sep 29, 2009 Are you for real ?
by: Anonymous

Are you for real, Lisa is a registered breeder and would not let a kitten go at 8 weeks in the first place. (only 12 weeks)

And to add to this "many kittens have loose stools when babies, human babies, puppies, birds and much more also do as babies this dosent mean they all have a diease."

Dont point your finger at one breeder.....Dont try and start a rumour that isn't true.

Get a life and stop making trouble for her, you must have nothing in your own life to keep you busy.

Sep 28, 2009 Not so sure
by: Anonymous

I bought a 8 week kitten from Lisa of exoticatz that had smelly horrible diarrhea that wouldnt go away. Lisa said it was stress and my fault but after many expensive vet bills I asked the vet to treat for the trich disease on Lisas website at the time and it went away. My girl is now grown but it was touch and go for awhile and she is still small.

Sep 05, 2009 Exoticatz Bengals
by: Anonymous

The below comment "ALWAYS INVESTIGATE" I feel this person is full of it, I think this is an out right lie about Lisa and who ever wrote it should be ashamed of themselves......

Why would any body take the cats as rescues and then place them in the pound?
Why would they take them into care in the first place, when they could have gone straight to the pound?

Sep 03, 2009 Lisa Murchie - Exoticatz Bengals
by: Anonymous

I have found Lisa to be honest and open, I find people only say bad things about her when prompted by other unethical breeders of the Bengal breed. These people are underhanded in their actions and their only aims are to discredit anyone who is not in their little group.

I would highly recommend Lisa of Exoticatz Bengals, Leopardtopia Bengals, Artattack Bengals, Ricway Cattery, Warpaint Bengals, Sheoak Bengals.
Please speak to these breeders first when looking for a Bengal cat/kitten or rescue cat as they are the best in this breed.

Aug 29, 2009 Always ask questions
by: Anonymous

My much loved breeding and pet cats needed a home when I got sick and could not care for them. This rescuer was like an angel promising to place my much loved cats into loving pet homes for free. I was told I should respect the new owners privacy and not ask for photos and details. This sounded fair and I was grateful for so much help at that time.

A few months later I was contacted and found my cats were in a pound on deathrow, sick, infested with fleas. The breeding cats had had multiple litters in one year, and onsold for thousands.
Even though you are desperate please investigate anyone who claims they are a cat rescuer carefully and decide for yourself.

10 thoughts on “BENGAL CAT RESCUE exoticatz bengals”

  1. Do you mind if I quote a few of your posts as long as I provide credit and sources back to your
    site? My website is in the exact same niche as yours and my
    users would truly benefit from some of the information you present here.
    Please let me know if this okay with you. Thanks!

  2. Re: Artattack Bengals complaint.

    I am not a breeder, just a cat owner and I was very upset and distressed to read the post about Artattack Bengals!
    Helena and Renata are such lovely ladies who really and genuinely care for their cats.

    They come with health checks and guarantees and if there is any issues with the cat they will happily work those out!
    Their cats are expensive–but what do you expect?
    They come from champion imported bloodlines?! Do you have any idea what their breeding queens cost them??

    Their cattery is immaculate and having purchased one kitten and on a waiting list for a second one; I can safely say that not only is my cat exceedingly beautiful, but she is also in excellent health.

    Name and shame unethical breeders if you must; but please leave these good honest and reputable breeders alone..!

  3. I have some photos taken by a TIBCS breeder (and former officer of TIBCS) of her facility and who represented herself in writing as a “rescuer,” and “boarding facility.” If you are interested, contact me.

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