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  1. Judging from the photo of Kristen’s momma, it looks like Kristen herself doesn’t have much of a future to look forward to. Yikes!

  2. Update
    The issue has been resolved regarding using Tigers images,the admin from the page (Remembering Tiger) issued this apology….

    Hello Admins: Justice For Tiger,

    I am an admin on the Remembering Tiger page, and it was brought to our attention just now that one of our members has given us a bad image by attacking you for use of Tiger’s photos.

    I would like to first, on behalf of the admins of the Remembering Tiger page, apologize for the pain and troubles she has caused you. We have reasoned with her and helped her to see that her sorrow for Tiger is misplaced in fighting anyone who is on Tiger’s side. She sees this, and is sorry she let her emotions take over. We have removed her as admin though, as a result of her actions.

    We completely agree with you that all admins of all of the pages should work together. We believe it is important for us to run our page as a memorial for Tiger, so Amy and Tiger’s owners don’t even have to be reminded of Kristen Lindsey, and at the same time it is incredibly important for your page to run and keep up the momentum on prosecuting those that were involved in his death. We completely support your page and appreciate your constant updates in news articles and more. Please keep up the good work. We share your posts on our personal pages and know you are doing the right thing.

    We also feel it is important for Tiger’s face to be remembered, and so we don’t wish you to stop using the images of him. If Amy has an issue with what you post, it should be between you and Amy to settle it, not one of our other Admins. Tiger belongs to the world at this point.

    Please let us know what we can do to repair the damage that our member caused. We want, as you do, for everyone to work for the best for Tiger.

  3. Ok this needs to be corrected.

    “The Daily Mail (UK newspaper) say that Lindsey allegedly ‘hunted down’ Tiger in her backyard. This tells us she carefully hunted the cat and was probably quite close when she fired the arrow because it was very accurately placed in the back of the head.”

    You state that the Daily Mail (an organization repeatedly sued for inaccurate stories) says she “allegedly ‘hunted down’”. So a paper with hardly any credibility says “allegedly”. From that you infer this: “This tells us she carefully hunted the cat..” No it doesn’t… it says that the Daily Mail was desperate to cash in on the momentum of this story, it says nothing about actual facts.

    The level of hysteria over this incident has reached insane proportions. If 1/10th of the same social outrage was put towards any other cause we’d be curing cancer and feeding starving children by now. What happened to that poor cat is very sad but it’s a matter for the legal system to decide now. Put just a fraction of the time people are spending on this into another cause and do something to actually change the world.

    • Thanks Susan. I agree I may have been a bit to strong in the language I used. However, the image of Lindsey holding the cat with the arrow so accurately placed in the face and through the head indicates strongly that she was close and she was stalking the cat. Also the cat was a domestic cat and likely to have been approaching her perhaps for an interaction. The word ‘allege’ is technical. It is used to avoid defamation proceedings. All the online newspapers have covered the story using similar language to mine.

    • This is a start of doing good for the world,can’t you see???A world that is in an uproar over a helpless little cat,cruelly killed by a demented(she got a dui recently,tells you something!) vet,can’t be a bad world! Approach them right and you may get your movement started.Don’t be so lax about the humane treatment of animals,God’s creatures,too!

  4. Well it seems I offended some people who run the other Tiger pages by using the photo of Tiger above,they told me in a threatening manner to remove that photo and that I stole it off their page,incorrect so after a long ugly dispute between the admin of the other pages and my admins on my page I had thought we came to an understand after I logged off last night but then I wake this morning being told my page was reported to facebook for stealing images,let them report because the photo wasnt copy righted,it is really pathetic when adults act like little children over images,I had thought we were all in solidarity to bring justice to Tiger but they seem more concerned over images,their excuse was they didnt want confusion,where was the confusion when I created the page last saturday when their page had been pulled,well tis water under the bridge and will move forward and keep fighting for Tiger and him getting the justice he deserves.

  5. The cat was shot in the face. It’s pretty much widely known now but even when you look at the picture, you can see the green flange (end of arrow) still in front of him.
    Experienced archers surmised he was shot at close range, most probably while the friendly cat was approaching her.
    And others (veterinarians) have also surmised by his body & tail positions, that he was probably still alive when the photo was taken.
    Despicable human being.

  6. I went to the page and liked it. I feel so bad for Tiger’s pet parents and for Tiger himself. He didn’t deserve to die this way. He was much loved by them, I’m sure!!!! I imagine he loved them too (you could see it in any video they had of him). I really want that HORRID person to pay dearly for what she did to him. Not just her: But her rotten parents too…for allowing & encouraging her to do it

  7. Irish: Thanks for posting that info. I’d like to send a condolence card to the family, so will get that organised before the weekend.

    • Thanks, Irish. Poor little thing. He didn’t deserve that. I would put that woman so far underneath the jail they’d have to pump sunlight to her, but I doubt she’ll get any hard time because the law will consider him to be “just a cat.”

  8. I am currently in contact with Tiger’s pet sitter and personal friend to his human parents,only she and his parents know where Tigers body is but have been advised from telling the public and when ready to his parents will release a public statement but for right now they are concentrating on the DA (District Attorney) since the case has now been turned over to the DA’s office for review,any and all correspondence such as mail and cards for his parents will go through his pet sitter first and will be monitored so no hate mail will be able to reach his owners,if anyone would like to send them a card of condolences then here is the address.

    Tigers Parents
    C/O Amy Hemsell
    P.O. Box 1225
    77834 USA

    • Irish , that is very sweet of you to post the contact info, I would like to send a little card or something.
      I know if that were my cat then it would be me the DA was after because I would kill that women.
      To:law enforcement , please don’t allow such an act to go unpunished … Please !

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