Shelter “Killed Injured Kittens in a Freezer”

The authorities in Indiana are investigating claims that a Spencer County animal shelter has been freezing animals to death. Yes, it is alleged that shelter workers euthanized (killed) kittens by freezing them alive. The information comes from the shelter employees … please continue reading

He told his veterinarian his cat was choking on glue but there was tape around his cat’s neck

Madman killed his cats

This outwardly respectable health care executive appears to be demonstrating psychotic behaviour. His name is Ryan McCuskey. Allegedly he has a recent history of cat cruelty. In mid-May he walked into an animal hospital in Del Ray, Alexandria with his … please continue reading

WARNING: Girlfriends with cats need to protect their cat from boyfriends with anger

Ramirez an angry young man who killed his girlfriend's cat to hurt his girlfriend

Having managed this site for over ten years I have seen this reported on numerous occasions. God knows how many times it happens but remains unreported. I would suspect many thousands of times annually. The basic scenario is a classic … please continue reading

Australian cutting-edge program to poison feral cats could kill pet dogs too

Felixer being put down

This is described as a cutting-edge program to kill feral cats in Australia. You put a machine, the ‘Felixer’, on the ground in a well selected site and it squirts a specific amount of a poison (1080) onto the cat’s … please continue reading

Restitution in unlawful cat killing cases

Restitution for loss of cats killed by another

When a person is convicted of the unlawful killing of someone’s pet cat the owner seeks compensation for their loss; this is ‘restitution’. A recent live and real case can be used to illustrate how it works. It concerns Pam … please continue reading