Have they found the Croydon Cat Killer?

Rusty one of the cats killed in Northampton

We have a snippet of confusing information from the BBC website about the arrest of a 31-year-old man who is suspected of killing and mutilating five cats in Northampton but the Met police, the primary force investigating the Croydon Cat Killer, are unaware of the arrest. It was thought that the five cats were killed by the Croydon man. Sounds strange. Police laziness? please continue reading

Anarchy is breaking out in Blue Mountains, Australia as 65 cats have been killed by vigilantes

Anarchy is breaking out in the city of Blue Mountains in Australia because it appears that vigilantes, cat haters, are roaming around the place at night killing cats at will and in a sadistic manner while the authorities know nothing about it despite the fact that the citizens have reported the matter to the press and have talked about it amongst themselves. please continue reading