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  1. Elisa:
    You & Laura are a classic part of our unique group “cat lovers/helpers/rescuers” late husband & I have owned cat since a very young age (us NOT the cats)my first feline was when I was about 3 yrs old (Dad retired & I was born in Mexico)he loved cats & got his baby daughter a Gorgeous Havana Brown, I had a difficult time trying to carry her but she was my first cat & the begining of a long, long relationship with lots of felines. She passed away when I was about 7 yrs old, Dad died when I was nine. Soon my older brother got me a white/blue eye Angora, she became my friend & confidant, slept on my pillow. June 1965 moved to USA to continue school, family I stayed with had a friendly Tortie, but she picked who her human friends would be.
    Got married before 18 (husband was also one of us)he owned an appliance repair business(Frank was a bit older than me, LOL)on a service call he was given a tiny grey tabby female kitten, she picked him as her human owner, unfortunately due to complications from an ear infection, she died before she was 3 yrs old, then we adopted a Blue Calico (instead of Black/Orange on white)Manchita (spots)was grey/tan/cream, a great hunter/mother. Sadly someone poisoned her & we had her euthanized. She was having horrible seizures. This was late 1976, after Keke adopted us (read Our Russian Blue Adopted Us 7/1976) Keke was a purebred Russian Blue, loved to ride in cars, take showers with Frank, chased large dogs but terrified of birds, unfortunately due to very bad teeth/stomachitis which affected his kidneys, Keke succumbed to Renal failure 10/88.On 7/1981 yrs before Keke died we found a moody Tortie, Panchita, she loved Frank, knew that I was the meal provider BUT hated our son with Mild Cerebral Palsy, she died peacefully in Franks arms 12/2001, vet said she was @ least 24 yrs old. 5/85 Snuggles became part of the family, true hunter, became blind due to Glaucoma by 1998, our cats were being taken care by 1 vet, Dr Sugasky, during a checkup on Panchita, vet inquired how Snuggles was getting along “Dr Sugasky, she caught a bird about a week ago”
    Dr Sugasky responds “For being blind, she’s not doing too shabby”
    Snuggles passed away 6/2004 in her sleep under my husband’s dining chair.
    We had said “No more cats”, fast forward to October & during my husband’s daily walk he’s approached by a young Tortie, Frank pets her a few times close to the alley but by the time he reaches the street he hears a loud meow that says “Take me home please, I promise to be a good kitty, I know you & family love us” Frank places young kitty inside his jacket & she becomes part of our feline loving family. She was trained to wear a harness/leash, accompanies us during occasional walks. Named her “Scarlett O’Hair (Gone With The Wind) because she was determined to find a furever home. Oct 18, 2012 will her her 8th year since Scarlett O’Hair found her furever home with us. She’s quite a talker, not just with us but also with anyone that will listen to her chat.

    As you can see each cat has it own personality with different traits but are loving, clean & unique. Looking forward to enjoying many yrs with Scarlett O’Hair. Hopefully our next rescue will be a black cat.
    Southeast Arizona (USA)

  2. My Monty is very much like Sealy. He is ever curious, loves to explore, but when it comes right down to it, it’s all about the food with him. He’s 11 pounds right now, down from nearly 12. It is very easy to overfeed him because he begs like he’s starving even when his belly is full. I think Sealy eventually may end up with a weight problem. Monty, like Sealy, was feral and starving. When that happens in kittenhood I think the pattern for overeating when food is available is set for life. Sealy had longer on the mean streets. It will always be all about the food for him too.

  3. I chose Cassie when I saw her picture on the euthanasia list. She looked at me like “mama come get me.” So I did. She lives mostly in Lauras room, which is very quiet.

    Midnight lives in the living room and she was very depressed when Laura went to visit her dad. Midnight has to go along on the next trip. Laura worked very hard to get her over the distemper and Midnight is very spoiled.

    I rescued Sealy because he looked like he had given up and I knew he wouldn’t be kept long at the shelter because of his injury. He’s shy but underneath he’s very curious. He’s just taking his time getting adjusted. We had agreed to just foster him but we fell in love with him that first weekend so we decided to adopt. I’ve never had a seriously injured cat before and he’s taught me a lot about not giving up. Sealy never gave up. He says as long as he has food he doesn’t care he only has one ear.

  4. I love black cats. My 23-pounder, MacDuff is the love of my life, along with my other two cats, one a white mix and one a tuxedo. Yay black cats.

    • 23 pounds is a big black cat. Mine is 16 pounds and he’s pretty large but he is missing on leg, which must weigh about a pound. That makes him 17 lbs!

  5. I chose my black cat Lilly because she had less chance of being adopted and because she had been there the longest and I felt sorry for her. She is a great kitty. She was always very playful and still is. She loves kittens. She gets on well with all the cats she’s been with but she needs an adjustment period of a couple weeks. She is very friendly and outgoing and everybody seems to like her even if they not be particularly into cats. She gets bored outside if there are no people around or dogs. She seeks action in that sense. She has always been very healthy and eaten well but not too much and not too little. She loves water. She is extremely vocal, it’s very sweet when she gets fed up with waiting and wants to play now. She has been through alot in that she has moved to a different country. She has been on a train. In cars. She handles everything very well. She is such a great kitty and she has made me like black cats just because she is black and so great 🙂

  6. Hi Elisa, I didn’t choose my black cat. I just had to adopt him. You’re right. The coat color of a cat does not dictate the character of the cat. That said some people believe that calico cats have a certain type of character. And some people think that red cats (ginger) have a certain type of character too. It is confusing.

    Sometimes I think the coat color can have an affect on personality. The trouble with black cats is that they still have to live with the legacy of centuries of superstition that still exists. The last witches where tried over 300 years ago but people still think the black cat is a witches familiar!

    Amongst the wild cat species black is the only color other than their usual color/pattern that some individual cats become. It is due to a genetic mutation. The black serval in Africa is not that uncommon. There must be a good reason for this and it is probably because of health benefits.

  7. My black cats are totally different guys. Cisco is sleek and shiny and playful and aggressively affectionate. I could swear he teleports. Pancho looks very Maine Coon, is big, fluffy, laid back, and a little more diffident but also very sweet and affectionate. His most distinguishing personality trait is that he’s the original curious cat. If anything new is going on in the house, Pancho is all over it. He is more food oriented than Cisco, for whom food is something you do to give you the energy to play and purr some more. For Pancho food is the goal of the day, though pets and cuddles and naps and some play are always fun too.

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