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Can a bobcat kill large dogs like pit bulls or Rottweilers? — 5 Comments

  1. Are you kidding me?… there are videos of Eurasian Lynxes, which are like BobCats and American Lynx killing Wolves!.. a Wolf of any type will kill a Pitbull and in the videos you provided, the BobCat totally mangled several Pitbuls at the same time.

    A BodCat can easily kill a Pitbull, and Pitbulls fear such large felines, the attacks on the pitbulls in these videos stopped because of Humans interfering and because the pitbulls were scared and torn to shreds.

    • Thanks for your input. Can you point to some research other information on this? Eurasian lynx is much larger than the bobcat by the way. Bobcats can be quite small you know.

    • Thanks for this. I added the video to the page and added these words: “That opening introduction appears to be undermined by the video below but we don’t know the ages of the dogs and the size and age of the bobcat. Also, the dogs were not killed but injured. The cat presumably fled at some point in the attack. Therefore, they gave up. I am not sure the video changes my opinion.”

  2. when cats attack from the front they aim their claws to the eyes of the opponent so its a very dangerous scenario for any dog since bobcat can even kill bigger animals than dogs theres very little chance for a dog to prevail

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