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Can I shoot a dog in my yard in Florida? Yes, if it is killing your cat. — 8 Comments

  1. What a sad, tragic reality. Ultimately, the blame usually lies with the negligent owners. But it is true that a dog can maul you to death, and the cat cannot. I love both.

  2. Just as you can legally shoot any cat to death in Florida if it is only doing so much as peeing on your boat or car. And then you can even sue the caretakers of those cats (TNR’ed or not) for thousands of dollars in damages.


    Are you going to delete absolute proof again? It only makes you look worse and worse to everyone in the world if you do.

    • You are an idiot. You are wrong. If you shot a cat because it was peeing on your car you’d commit a crime if it was someone’s pet and how can you tell the difference between pet cats and feral cats at a distance? Plus you are a nasty individual. The sheriff is almost certainly wrong. The police get the law wrong sometimes maybe often. Killing a pet cat would definitely be a crime on more than one level. Also I look better and better to hundreds of millions of people who care about cat welfare and who hate twits like you.


      • Some people never give up do they. So by this dimwits thinking you could shoot the neighbors dog if you caught it taking a dump on your porch.
        It may be repulsive but it isn’t menacing you.
        I truly dislike people who twist the laws that give us a right to defend ourselves to suit their own agenda.
        The police are often ignorant of AC laws and ordinances. BTW I have never had a cat pee on my car but have had words with people in parking lots at stores using my car tires as their dogs personal toilet.
        I don’t like dogs so I don’t have one. I don’t abuse dogs I leave that to their owners.
        What I really hate are negligent pet owners and cretins like “Darsen” who look for any excuse to vent their hate for cats, dogs or just the world in general.

  3. Poor Pirate… I remember that incident. It was two pit bulls; that’s how they operate (team up) and like what they did to Pirate, literally rip to pieces cats and other dogs. They do it to livestock too, they just have to take their time… even worse. They do this around the world. They aren’t trained to, they just do it, it’s inherent in their DNA. So the bs about it being the owner’s fault is just that, bs.

    As for Florida, they’ve had a huge share of dog violence there so yeah, they let you shoot them. Good. Oh and the tenacity of pit bulls is obvious in this Florida incident too, being that it continued to kill with two bullets in him. Shooting them in the head sometimes won’t work either because bullets have been known to ricochet off…

    • Oops let me make a correction. The incident I was referring to happened a couple years ago. This one was as written, a border collie. Wow I didn’t know they could be that wild.

  4. There is nothing worse than free roaming dogs. Nothing. In neighborhoods, on trails, at a beach and just about any public venue nowadays. For every person who rants about loose cats killing birds dogs have killed more birds, small animals, other pets and killed or maimed or caused injury to livestock along with the endless wildlife they will terrorize. We should feel safe on our own property.
    While many people including myself think the only place a pet belongs is in the owners home, yard or under their direct control via lead or carrier you just don’t hear about loose cats attacking and mauling humans to death.
    So no Micheal I haven’t really strayed from the original article. We do indeed have a right and in some cases a duty to dispose of dangerous dogs that the owners fail to control. The dogs that ripped a living cat in half in front of me , feet from me were later confirmed to be out killing other animals and livestock. It was only a matter of time before they turned to humans. The last one was killed by the neighbor as it tried to kill his dog on his property.
    Many states have laws regarding your right to defend yourself and your property.
    This is a subject that has come to courts on a few occasions namely Santa Fe County that wanted to make it illegal to shoot a dog on your property no matter what it was doing. Thankfully state law overrides that kind of thinking especially in rural areas.
    This is why every dog/cat should be micro-chipped and registered via the local AC be it high dollar purebreds or that litter of pups you dog had because you were too stupid to spay or neuter your pets. The burden of transferring ownership would fall to the current owner thus making it more likely a traceable chain of ownership should the animal be lost or cause damage.
    It is no joke here that people go for walks with big sticks, bats and golf clubs.

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