Would Obligatory Sterilization of Domestic Cats Lead to Their Extinction?

It is an interesting thought. The authorities at various levels in several countries including at national level are considering introducing mandatory sterilization of domestic cats and linking it to mandatory micro-chipping. This way a database would be created and veterinarians … please continue reading

You Have To Have a Cat Licence in Guelph, Canada

Cat licensing in Guelph

Guelph is a city in Ontario, Canada which has taken a rather bold step in instigating a bylaw which makes it mandatory for cat owners to license their cat. They say that the primary reason is to help reunite lost cats with their owners. They will be gentle on cat owners in enforcing the law as it is primarily about education. please continue reading

The Psychopathic Kitten Killer And His Delusional Girlfriend

Barker and Castle

This 26-year-old man is a sadistic psychopath who likes to torture and kill animals while his girlfriend is delusional in that she stood by him when he was found guilty of brutally killing two 4-month-old kittens in her care and both of the kittens had been adopted from a cat rescue organisation, Cats Protection, only 10 weeks prior to their death. please continue reading