Residents set hunting traps for outside domestic and feral cats in Nassau County, NY

Hunting trap used to catch domestic and feral cats --(credit: CBS2)

In the hamlet of Baldwin, Nassau County, NY, USA, some residents are setting hunting traps in the neighbourhood, reports CBS local online. This is not believed to be the actions of a lone cat hating individual. In all six traps … please continue reading

Disaster: California’s bill to ban declawing died at committee stage

California Legislature

Those of us who hate cat declawing will have to wait longer for a state in America to be the first to ban declawing and thereby start the beginning of the end of this thoroughly objectionable and cruel veterinary practice. … please continue reading

Indoor/outdoor cat persecuted in Bellevue, Washington under strict companion animal laws


Miska is described as a badass cat, the baddest cat in the US but she’s just a standard free-roaming, tabby, indoor/outdoor cat who happens to live in Bellevue, Washington, USA, where there are extensive animal laws/regulations governing cat and dog … please continue reading

Discussion: Good or bad for state dog wardens to conduct dog license and rabies vaccination checks (including cats) in 23 Pennsylvania counties

A program aimed to raise awareness of the importance of following state law of having your dog or cat up to date on a yearly license (dogs only) as well as being vaccinated against rabies (dogs and cats) between April … please continue reading

South Dakota Nest Predator Bounty program allows children to kill. Governor says “Love seeing kids this excited about being outside!!”


This article is very tough to stomach. I’ve blurred out the images of the children for legal purposes but you can see the entire photo if you visit the source page at the bottom of this article or check out … please continue reading

Success! USDA will stop using cats as part of any research protocol in any laboratory in ARS

Animal testing center in Maryland, USA

ARS stands for Agricultural Research Service. It is part of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). You may remember the sad and unpleasant story that went viral about the USDA using cats, young cats we were told, to research toxoplasmosis. … please continue reading