Asian cat meat marketeers sold infected cat meat to US government for toxoplasmosis testing on cats!

Animal testing center in Maryland, USA

The whole ghastly process is horrible from whatever angle you look at it. A while ago I wrote about the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) using young cats to conduct animal testing experiments in order to study the parasite … please continue reading

Senator votes AGAINST protecting aborted babies but FOR protecting kittens in animal testing

Baby life versus kitten life

This is an interesting ethical dilemma, on the face of it. Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon voted against the introduction of legislation that would extend protection for babies born alive during an abortion procedure. The Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection … please continue reading

Thousands of cats disposed of annually by councils after road traffic accidents in UK

Government petition on cats in RTAs

Every year, in the UK, thousands of cats are thrown away on landfill sites without being scanned for a microchip after being killed in road traffic accidents. As a consequence, their owners search for months and years to try and … please continue reading

Australia’s deliberate poisoning of feral cats is essentially a crime

Felixizer toxic trap

Elisa has written about the planned attempt to exterminate feral cats on the Dudley Peninsular on Kangaroo Island which my research tells me is in the Australian state of South Australia (link to article). The authorities of that state have … please continue reading

Communities who don’t support TNR are part of the problem. Here’s why.

Trapped cat - feral? Stray? Or Domestic?

Communities who don’t support trap-neuter-return (TNR) are part of the problem of the cat overpopulation issue. Here’s why. I’ll use “Susan” as an example in both cases. Susan lives in a non-TNR community Susan came to her local shelter with … please continue reading

Fined for feeding: ‘They live in the yard. I consider them mine so I’ll plead not guilty’

A Palmerton, Pennsylvania resident who has been feeding two male cats who live in her yard will be going to court for an ordinance violation. “Sandy” has cared for the neutered cats not knowing she was in violation of Palmerton … please continue reading

Newly amended TNR ordinance will require careful monitoring of feral cats by colony caregivers

A newly amended ordinance benefiting feral cats was introduced Tuesday by the Kilgore, Texas City Council. It will require careful monitoring of feral cats by colony caregivers. The TNR program will allow Animal Control Officer Bobby Jumper to released vaccinated … please continue reading