Cat Controls Person

“I do know a person controlled by a cat when I see one.”

Cat controls person
Cat controls person
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I have seen this sort of thing before. It is always a man and it’s an example of an extrovert wishing to be noticed. I see guys in busy shopping areas with cats on their shoulders. It looks interesting and amusing but it conerns me because I fear for the welfare of the cat. What happens if the cat is disturbed by something unexpected and jumps off? Perhaps he/she runs off into traffic. I see danger but perhaps I am being overly concerned and am too controlling.

I don’t think it works in terms of cat welfare and the application of common sense! But then as I said perhaps I need to loosen up a bit and let it happen. Take some risks. The trouble is in this instance it is the cat who is taking the risk. And the older I get the more danger I see.

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  1. You’re right and reasonable to express concern. I also am when it comes to cat welfare. It’s proper. While the man wearing the cat knows the animal more than anyone, he can’t predict all that might happen, and it’s his duty to at least know that and take precaution, if for no other reason than to demonstrate to others that cat welfare is first priority. The cat should be on a harness and retractable leash anywhere outside his familiar environment, just as if he were crewing a boat or riding a bike or motorcycle, which I’ve seen often too.


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