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Cat Displacement Activity — 7 Comments

  1. Interesting article, Michael; this is quite interesting, to say the least. I am commenting b/c of the “nose-licking.”
    Do you not think that this is a means of dealing with, “Okay, I am needing to have my faculties about me, especially my sense of smell…” You see, this may be reflexive in a little bout of anxiety, but I really do think that it is less primary, and more immediate. Did I misinterpret and am just being slow? -Cal

    • I just think that because my cat and I think that you have misinterpreted our our understanding of how our minds think, you are not alone. Many have never understood ANYTHING to do with our Felinus interminus behavior. 🙁

      • I don’t think the article reflects a misunderstanding of feline behaviour. I’m convinced that it is true because displacement activity is commonplace amongst many animal species including of course the best-known, the human animal. And it makes sense because displacement activity is a way of making oneself feel better by displacing the uncomfortable sensation of anxiety brought about by being unsure what to do next when there are choices and conflicting decisions to make.

    • You could be correct, Cal, when you say that it is a way of preparing (almost) a cat’s senses which includes her nose. But then, we scratch our heads when we are unsure about what to do. Can you figure out the origins of that behaviour? Or we bite our nails when we are unsure. I wonder what the origins of that action is.

      The argument goes that biting one’s nails is just creating a sensation which displaces or pushes out the uncomfortable experience of being unsure what to do next.

      • Michael, I really am exasperated. Not even you understand as much as would have hoped for.

        Okay, digest: you’re nose is just as sensitive as mine. So you understand, when I say, I will take my little humble paw and rub my nose, to rid it of all of those bewildering smells [odors] that I cannot tolerate, because I need to FOCUS!

        Does that help, Michael? >^..^<

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