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  1. Hi there, would anyone be able to tell me what is going on with my 7 years old cat’s eye?? I’m very worried and I can’t get into a vet for the next week.

  2. Hey! My 17 year old buddy here has had some issues with his eyes lately. It seems as if the pupils are always dilated completely. As well as the eyes look sortve sunken into the face. I cant afford a vet right this moment so I’m hoping for some ideas on alleviating any sort of pain he may be having, until I can see a professional

    • Chandler, please tell me what diet you are feeding your cat? I think this is an indication of gradual blindness due to progressive retinal atrophy bearing in mind his age. It may also be retinitis – a degeneration of the ligh receptors of the retina. But please tell me his diet before I provide some more information.

      I am not a veterinarian.

    • This looks like a bacterial infection in a bad wound to me. It is hard to from the picture where it is. But it is bad and it has been there for a while. This is very urgent. She is in pain. Please do something. Get help.


  3. I’m worried about my Bengals eye. What started out as a freckle has now grown to cover and distort the eye.. please see pictures. This is the only thing wrong and it does not appear to bother her at all.

    • Hi Roxanne. I am not a vet but I’ll have a go at this. I think the freckle is something different to the other area which looks like it could be a cataract. Bengal cats have a predisposition to cataracts and retinal atrophy (PRA). That’s my best guess. I’d definitely have her checked out by a vet. It may not bother her because her right eye is good and cats compensate so well. I suspect her vision is slightly impaired. Good luck.

  4. So one of my kittens had suffered an eye infection when born and since recovering from it, has had one cloudy eye. Nothing else seens to be wrong besides the cloudiness.

      • Was there anything further about this particular cats’ eye condition? I recently started caring for a community cat whose eye (I’m told) was infected as a kitten and the eyeball blackened and stayed that way. I couldn’t get any more info on it nor can I find anything similar online. I also have another street cat who has an eye weirdness I can’t find anything on, so if anyone has some good online references to rare feline eye problems I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

  5. My mother’s cat has a clear membrane across her eye, the pupil is cloudy and it seems that both her eyes are slightly larger than they should be. Her third eyelid is always visible. We have been using eye drops that flush debris from the eye, but it doesn’t seem to be working. I am worried she may be going blind and fear for her. Is it something serious? If so, does she need immediate attention? It is always expensive so I’m afraid she may not get the treatment she needs. I have cried dozens of times about it, feeling it is my fault. Her name is Luna and I raised her from birth as well as her two sisters and her brother.

    • Hi there. It is certainly serious enough to see a vet immediately about it. At least get it checked out and take it from there. A check up would not be that expensive. You have to find out what is wrong. If the dagnosis is not good and the treatment expensive, you might try online crowd funding. It can work very successfully. Your story is very personal and tender. It may attract attention and donations. But no guarantees of course. It is certainly not your fault. Good luck to you both.

  6. i am adopting a little shelter cat, with
    near blindness. they vet who made this diagnosos is not 1 i trust. she is 1yr.
    is it possible,with proper feeding she might recover? i am also concerned as my male cat is a expensive ragmuffin.
    will this infect him. i looked at this girl, there is no sign of infection,only a cloudy membrane. she
    does see but is unable to see thing close up.

  7. I have several cats that have inflamed capillaries going around the the iris. They are of a reddish brown color. They also have smaller red veins in the iris. I had an opthamologist look at two of them and he said one had herpes of the eye and the other had melanosis. They both have the same discolorations though.

  8. I have a kitten with a badly bulging eye due to sinus infection ipossible to get to a vet have been using generic powdered anti biotic and crystal vitamin c obtained specifically for felines.. No improvement.. someone said it IS curable.. Please TELL How?… Please Thank You

    • If it is certain that there is a bacterial infection in the sinuses you should use a more precise antibiotic. This may mean testing for the bacteria and tailoring the antibiotic to it. Why are you sure the cause is a sinus infection? Have you diagnosed the cause with some certainty? I wish you and your cat the very best. I’d bite the bullet (and I know how expensive vets are as I’ve recently spent $1,500 on my cat) and get a good vet to help you. Some vets are better than others.

      An operation is available to flush out sinuses. That would at least eliminate the cause of the pressure. I think this needs urgent attention but I understand how you feel I really do.

  9. that was a very good article, but I didn’t see what my cats eye has,
    Looks like eye liner, on the bottom of the eye, not totally across, has a little then breaks and continues on , two short black lines. Does anyone perhaps know what this could be.

    • Hi Debbie. Eye-liner on the bottom of the eye sounds like pigmentation in the skin rather than a disease. I presume your cat is healthy or behaves in a way that tells you he/she is healthy. Can you upload a photograph? Just below the comment box is the button to upload a photo. A photo would help.

      Thanks for visiting and asking.

  10. I’ve seen quite a few eye losses in cats that seemed to be due to an URI.
    In actuality, most were caused by a herpes viral infection.
    Not curable but can be arrested with treatment.

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