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Cat Vision Pictorial Examples — 15 Comments

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  3. There is not enough photos of the amazing sightings of what our cats can see. It is so interesting the difference that I had no idea of. So I am hoping that there could be some more photos installed for others to be astonished of by letting us know the amazing nature of one of favorite animals.

    • Hi Greebler. She cat see red but not well and also she sees moving objects extremely well. Cats are attuned to movement. So, she will see an object (a blob of light that is grey/red) moving fast and randomly and believe it is prey.

  4. Really interesting Michael despite their visual differences compared to us they do pretty well 🙂 Interesting to watch cats as well when they are watching ‘cat videos’ I would imagine a lot of the studies would be based on what they take notice of and what they don’t.

  5. My sister and I were just talking about this. What an interesting photo comparison you setup. I think the fact that they can see shadows better means they can catch the smallest movement in low light. They are night hunters, so it makes sense. Great post. Thanks!

    • Thanks Dan. It is quite tricky to do the images. Based on the information we have I think it is fairly well done.

      As I say in the article we might have some idea as to what the cat’s eye can receive and process but we don’t know how the cat’s brain renders the image in the brain. This is the other half of seeing. The brain may sharpen it and color balance the image for all I know!

      • Well the scientist are generally pretty good at this stuff. I think they don’t rule out other possibilities, they just accept the ones that they can prove. We know that the wildcats in Africa do not see well in the day at all. They are able to see movement, which is enough for the Cheetah to see their prey.

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