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Cat grabs horse’s tail and hangs on as horse gallops off — 7 Comments

  1. Cats that have been very seriously injured when hit by cars are often seen to gallop away at speed, appearing unharmed. Broken spines, a shattered pelvis, broken long bones can all be momentarily over ridden by the power of adrenalin. I hope that cat wasn’t harmed.

    The cat only seemed to let go when the dog caught up and presumably had a nip at the cat, maybe sharp enough to distract the cat away from clinging on?

    The blow from that horse’s hock, the snappy hyperflexion of the cat’s spine during the rhythm of the panicky cantering, look enough to have caused some injury, if ‘only’ soft tissue bruising.

    All equines can kick out/buck as they flee, the startle reflex is profound. Maybe this is a regular event, maybe the rider was kicking the horse on and out of its panic?

    Cows can kick forwards too. Piss a cow off enough and she will kick out in all directions at once with her rear end.

    It is a curious video. The cat looks determined and also seems to know how to get safely into the very small blind (ish) area that equines have right up close behind them, especially when there is a rider onboard. I suspect this cat might have a bit of a hobby larking with horses.

  2. Oh geeze! I understand how his claw can grab without wanting to. I know from years of brushing that horse hair is very thick and difficult to pull a brush or comb through unless wet. The horse did give one minor kick but only in effort to get the cat off. If a horse wants to hurt, it stands still and even backs up, not runs off. Also if you’re close enough the leg just pushes, but that cat was in real danger. I doubt he’ll ever do that again. I’m surprised this doesn’t happen more often. I’ve never actually seen it until now.

      • To be clear, a kick does it’s damage at leg length where the hoof is and moving it’s fastest, like a whip. Upon closer examination the cat was pretty close (above the hock) the whole way and it just went for a thrill ride, which if that’s what it meant to do is very funny you have to admit. One time deal, unless that cat is just nuts.

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