Picture of a black cat that disturbs the viewer but it’s deceiving

Picture of a black cat that looks as if it is on fire

Yes, I know what you thought and what you are thinking now when you are able to see the image more clearly. When people see the photograph most of them see a black cat on fire which makes the image disturbing. But they can’t really believe it and of course they are right. It …

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‘Ballerina cat’ features in the Sony World Photography national winners

Ballerina cat

A photograph titled ‘Ballerina’ by Kazutoshi Ono, Japan, was award 2nd place in the Sony World Photography awards. I am unsure but I believe this means that Kazutoshi came 2nd in Japan. It is a fine cat photography. I have taken an extreme liberty in publishing his excellent photograph here. If there is an …

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10 facts about using hands as play toys for your cat

Man invites his Bengal cat to use his hand as a play toy

Here are 10 pretty obvious facts about using your hands as a play toy for your cat. It is a definite no-no. The man in the video is being silly because he wants to create an interesting video. It’s a kind of masochism to titillate viewers and frankly it is very stupid because you …

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Help needed: got two new boy cats yesterday, very scared babies hiding all the time

Newly adopted scared cats

You adopt a couple of rescue cats. And if they are siblings and if they get along well, you’ve done well. They can entertain themselves which takes a certain amount of responsibility away from you to entertain them. You walk into your home and release them from their carrier and they immediately go behind …

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Cat waves around a cat tease for human use in order to play

Cat uses cat tease for human use to entertain himself

This is a classic case, yet again, of a domestic cat learning how to do things by watching their human caretaker. You know that the classic cat tease is a feather on a stick which a person waves in front of their cat which stimulates the cat to attack the feather as if it …

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