Cat in the UK rescued after getting her head stuck inside a glass jar

This is the happy ending tale of a cat in the UK who was rescued after getting her head stuck inside a glass jar. Now she’s up for adoption.

cat rescued
Lulu stuck her head in a glass jar (RSPCA)
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A member of the public spotted Lulu in Woodwards Close, Walsall and contacted the RSPCA. Inspector Beth Boyd answered the call and found Lulu not only had her head stuck inside a glass jar, but the poor cat was also trapped in thick undergrowth.

Inspector Boyd crawled through bushes to rescue Lulu but was unsuccessful to get the jar off of her head. A vet removed the jar from Lulu’s head upon arrival at RSPCA’S Newbrook Farm Animal Centre.

In an interview with Birmingham Live Boyd described how close Lulu came to dying

“Because she was like that for days she was unable to eat or drink so was very dehydrated. If we hadn’t have caught her when we did she could have died. It was so nice to see her having the jar removed – as you can see on the video she looked quite shocked by her ordeal but is now doing well and will be looking for a new home soon.”

cat rescued
Lulu is affectionate after she warms up to you (RSPCA)

Lulu had an owner. Her owner signed her over to the RSPCA and now she’s looking for a forever home through RSPCA’s Blackberry Farm Animal Centre in Aylesbury. A profile page on Lulu can be found here. There’s no information on whether the owner was traced through a microchip.

Hopefully, the RSPCA Facebook page will keep us up to date with Lulu. Her story is yet another reminder to dispose of our trash properly. I haven’t seen any head-in-a-jar stories featuring cats but I have seen dogs who dug into the family trash and asphyxiated on potato chip bags.

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