Cat superstitions and death

Here six cat superstitions and death:

  1. Cats prey on corpses.
  2. A dying cat will attract death to a house.
  3. If there is a corpse indoors, a cat will desert the house.
  4. If a sick person sees two cats fighting he will die.
  5. If a sick person dreams of cats he will die.
  6. If a cat leaves the house of an invalid and cannot be coaxed back, the invalid will die.
Black cat superstitions
Photo: Pinterest.
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There are more superstitions based on the domestic cat than any other animal. Whatever you do don’t take them seriously. No doubt some people believe these superstitions which is remarkable because they are clearly nonesensical.

In Africa for instance many people are still superstitious about black cats. I can remember writing a story about a kitten with her head stuck in a can. No one would remove the can from the cat’s head because they feared that it would bring bad luck. Bizarre but very human in some cultures. The human race has a long way to go before it is universally civilised, educated and enlightened.

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