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  2. As a Catholic , the “SNAKE” is considered as the “DEVIL” and as a Muslim or Jew, the “PIG” is considered a devil ! ?.So much for religious preaching’s inherited from childhood from our religious sects that ultimately results in persecution of some of these animals .As for the Cat, it is the only domestic pet never ever mentioned in the bible and could that be one of the reasons for superstition based against it, let alone the “Black Colour”? Thanks to Marc i am understanding a bit of local American religious sects like the Baptists and the Mormons and surprised about the prejudices of the Baptists against Catholics and Mormons.My knowledge of Mormons was of the biography of late Howard.Hughes and the fact that Mormons are a wealthy polygamous religious sect of America. In India , we Indians are very superstitious about cats , the same as in Africa and hence till date we don’t have a registered cat club although every city has a “Dog Club” !With economic progress the status of the Cat as a pet is gradually on the ascendant and just this year India had its first “Cat Club” and “Cat Show” in Bangalore and i am proud to have been one of the pioneers in this field along with a little help from Mr Michael.Broad of “P.O.C”.

  3. When it comes to what people are taught from their youth it can be hard to change attitudes. We have Baptists that are taught that Mormons and Catholics are devil worshipers. I am Mormon and have had ministers either treat me like these poor kitties or they try to save me. It is so unfair that these people are taught traditions that bring them so much fear and unhappiness. Religious wise, aren’t we suppose to love all mankind? I think that extends to animals too. Black cats are no more evil than any other animal on earth. Period. They are just unlucky to have been included in these myths.

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