“Cleo” a Bagral cat

This is a rare cat with an unusual appearance. Cleo looks very stocky and has a very definite wild appearance which is unsurprising because she is a wildcat hybrid. She is cross between a fishing cat which is quite a strong medium-sized wildcat and a melanistic spotted tabby cat which in this instance is also a Bengal cat. You can see the stocky fishing cat appearance in her, particularly her face. The picture is copyright Helmi Flick. The alternative name for this cat is: Machbagral.

Helmi Flick writes: “I was honored to photograph her. We had a ball! A very loving cat!”

Bagral cat
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Bagral cat

Cleo lives with Pat Harbert, a breeder living in America. When I met Pat quite a few years ago in Oklahoma at a cat show she was showing Abyssinian cats as I recall. You can read more about this rare domestic cat on this page.


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