Wild Cat Hybrids

by Michael

Safari Cat - photo copyright Helmi Flick - please respect copyright
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Safari Cat – photo copyright Helmi Flick – please respect copyright

Here is a useful (?) list of wildcat hybrids taken from a list compiled by Australian researchers whose intent (as I see it) was to formulate an argument why the Savannah cat could not imported into Australia for fear of decimating the indigenous wildlife of that country. The term “wildcat” is more accurately written as “wild cat” because “wildcat” is a species of wild cat. Hope that is clear!

UK law on keeping wildcat hybrid and wild cat species

UK law on keeping wildcat hybrid and wild cat species. This is a screenshot of the law. Please visit the actual page by clicking this link.

Here is the list:

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Punjabi domestic: — cat X Indian wild cat (F. lybica). This cat would seem to be a natural hybrid existing in the wild.

Unnamed or Kellas Cat:domestic cat X Scottish wild cat (F. silvestris). The fear is that the purity of the Scottish Wildcat is being eroded by naturally occurring mating between the domestic cat and this wildcat. Some of the hybrids are black wildcats called Kellas cats after the village where they were first seen. Attempts to stop this.

Unnamed: domestic cat X African Wild cat (F. lybica)

Chausie, Jungle Curl, Stone Cougar: — domestic cat X Jungle cat (F. chaus). Although this is a man made hybrid it is thought that some wildcat hybrids from these parents exist in the wild but there in no DNA evidence as far as I know.

Unnamed: — domestic cat X Black-footed cat (F. nigripes). This is speculative. The Black-footed cat is like a domestic cat in appearance, incidentally.

Bengal, Pantherette: — domestic cat X Leopard cat (P. bengalensis Amur subspecies). The best known man made wildcat hybrid. None known to exist in the wild.

Ussuri: — domestic cat X Leopard cat (P. bengalensis). The Ussuri is said to occur in the wild and is also seen as a rare domestic cat (man made).

Unnamed:domestic cat X Rusty-spotted cat (P. rubiginosus). This hybrid may have come about naturally in India. I don’t know of any evidence.

Machbagral or Bagral, Viverral: — domestic cat X Fishing cat{new window} (P. viverrinus). Man made hybrid.

Safari: — domestic cat X Geoffroy’s cat (L. geoffroyii). No natural hybrids known.

Bristol: — domestic cat X Margay (L. wiedii). No natural wildcat hybrids and very rare as a domestic cat; recognized in the USA in the 1980s apparently.

Unnamed: — domestic cat X Oncilla (little spotted cat, tiger cat) (L. tigrinus). Man made. Very rare if it exists at all.

Savannah: — domestic cat X Serval (F. serval). Well known man made wildcat hybrid. Very impressive cat. Ashera cat (Allerca cats) looks very similar.

Caracat: — domestic cat X Caracal (C. caracall). Accidentally occurred in a Moscow Zoo, 1998.

Legend Cat, American Lynx, Desert Lynx, Alpine Lynx, Highland Lynx, American Bobtail and Pixie-bob: — domestic cat X Bobcat (L. rufus). Pixie-bob not shown, genetically, to be a wildcat hybrid.

Jaguarundi Curl*, Mandalan Jaguar*: — domestic cat X Jaguarundi (P. yagouaroundi)*

Unnamed*: — domestic cat X Pallas cat (F. manul)*

Unnamed*: — domestic cat X North American Lynx (L. canadenis)*

The Jambi: — domestic cat X Asian Fishing cat (new window) and see its distribution. This is one of the new wildcat hybrids.

* means to be confirmed

Wildcat hybrids gained in popularity (almost exclusively in the USA) in the latter part of the last century. There may be a bit of a backlash now.

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Mar 09, 2012Bobcat Hybrids
by: Anonymous

All of the “bobcat hybrids” (American Lynx etc) have been disproven by DNA analysis

Oct 01, 2011to Jose Antonio
by: Anonymous You’ve got mountain lions (aka puma, cougar) in Baja, sounds like. They are very common in California including around San Diego and Los Angeles, so not surprising they are down there also. They look like female lions sortof, yes.

Sep 30, 2011Hi Grahame
by: Michael I live in south west London, near Barnes. Thanks for the comment.

Sep 30, 2011Fine and responsive post, Michael
by: Grahame Michael, I have been impressed several times by your responsiveness to themes suggested by reader posts. You come up with timely and solid , informative posts which take their cues from reader concerns. I appreciate the way you administer your excellent blog.

(I have “lurked” on your site for much, much longer than I have, more recently, been posting responses.)

Whereabouts do you live in the UK?

by: JOSE ANTONIO I have spent most of my life beliving that there was only one kind of wild cats, arrond the small town , where I live in baja mexico there is the kind of wild cats that loocks most like a female african lion with short tale and about one yard tall,when aduls, this mamal has a few to see with the pictures of wild or bob cars that is shown in this page.

do sombody has an answer for this. thanks.

Apr 06, 2010good
by: Anonymous good

Jan 11, 2010Caracats
by: Anonymous/DC Caracal (Lynx) x Domestic Cat or Domestic Cat x Caracal hybrid…

I googled for Caracats… http://www.junglecats.com/caracat.htm

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