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ClockworkCatz – 1st Litter — 4 Comments

    • Debra, I’d contact the breeder direct I was you. If you read Nora’s comment above you’ll see she has a Facebook page and she may have a website as well. Good luck.

  1. Thanks for your wonderful complements. I truly love my Ragdolls. Abu is doing fine and I am happy to report that some of his baby kitties actually “play fetch” ~^,,^~ We’ve moved to Georgia and have 2 litters of seal point bicolor kittens, available to select loving homes. Please follow and “LIKE” Nora Catz on Face Book, ClockworkCatz Ragdoll Cattery page. Warm wishes to all the kitty lovers out there, most especially to Wendy Francisco where Abu was born and lovingly raised by Don and Wendy, Colorado. I will be showing “ClockworkCatz 2012 Bounce the Moon” Abu’s son. Inviting all spectators to a TICA Show (the International Cat Association).

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