Cute Norwegian Forest Cat!

Cute Norwegian Forest Cat!

by Cindy
(West Chester, PA USA)

hahahah he is the sweetest cat!

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hahahah he is the sweetest cat!

We actually got him from the SPCA and had no idea what kind of cat he was. After doing some research I concluded that he is a Norwegian Forest Cat!!!

He is sweet and loves to lay on people whenever they sit down, but he drools hahaha.

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Cute Norwegian Forest Cat!

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May 08, 2012 sweeeetest NEW
by: Agni

My Amadeo went to a kitty haven,He looked exactly like yours.He spent with me blessed 17 years.And i miss him so much...
1 they love freedom (open space) and people they can die when they miss loves one .
2 be careful with a diet .Fibers fibers fibers and when you can see problem with stool apply stool softener (CVS) they easy develop enlarged colon which must be corrected surgically.
3 You can train them like a dogs!They love to have a lot attention and training is good for them.
I wish both of you a long and healthy life.

Apr 11, 2012 Wegies NEW
by: Katherine

My Wegie looks very much like that and he sleeps like that and likes his belly rubbed, a lot!

Jul 26, 2011 I got one too
by: Anonymous

My cat Muffie looks just like your does....I got her as a almost starved stray when she was five weeks old...She is very demanding and loves to play...The noises that she makes are so unusual and she does flips in the air...She is a great cat!!!!!!

Apr 18, 2011 Look alike!
by: Marcella Shears

Hi Guys, Your cat is an exact replica to my Molly. He was a loving and affectionate animal. Unfortunately he passed away in Feb. of this year. I still miss him terribly. Seeing your baby makes me feel better.

Feb 04, 2011 Definitely the BEST cat!
by: Dave

I am so blessed by my NFC (my cat's nickname--although his full name is Mr. Chang). He loves to go on walks with me and my 2 dogs--a pitbull and chihuahua. He'll walk for miles with us and loves to play fight with the little dog. I have owned several cats but he is by far the sweetest, playfulest, most responsive. I will never own any other breed--unless someone can show me a better cat, which I doubt. ALL cat lovers should own an NFC!

Jan 11, 2011 cute kitty
by: Anonymous

he looks like my old cat that was the mother of my cat now she ran away but now her son is mine right now im researching to do a report on Norwegian Forest Cats LOL!

Dec 08, 2010 Big, Furry Bundle of Love!!
by: Anonymous

So adorable! We found our Kyrie at the local PAWS shelter. The first thing I noticed was her size - big for a female. That's what made me remember the physical traits because my family had owned a Norwegian Forest Cat years before, so I was pretty sure she was a Wegie. At that time I was living away from home, so I never got to experience the incredibly wonderful personality traits. Our girl is 3½ years old, and as social and responsive a cat as I have ever known - she comes when called, and follows us everywhere. She went belly up for rubs the first night we brought her home - pretty assured for a kitty who's just come home from the shelter! In fact, belly-up is her "default" position when not playing hide and seek, watching everybody at the window, or bounding around the house. She talks to us, plays with us like we're cats, and even touches and holds her muzzle against my nose and lips. I can't imagine why anyone gave her up (in fact, I looked for an owner for 2 days after we brought her home), she's almost too good to be true. We fell in love with her in no time, and are so grateful to have such a bundle of sunshine in our lives. We'll be getting another cat from the shelter soon, and I know she'll welcome another friend. We can't let them outdoors here, but we'll be setting up more things for them to climb on, because I know these cats are usually very active. I think anyone who owns a Norwegian Forest Cat is blessed. 🙂

Sep 30, 2010 My Butterscotch - Identical as well
by: Michelle

I have been researching my long hair orange ball of hair as well. After watching some episodes of Cats 101 on Animal Planet, I had determined that he was not just a domestic long hair as I was told. I couldn't remember which breed, so I had started with CFA website and went by breed until I came across the Norwegion Forest Cat. Your picture of your beauty stopped me in my tracks. Butterscotch literally sleeps on his back.

Thank you for sharing your picture.

Sep 10, 2010 Hahaha Love it!
by: Anonymous

My cat Mitch looks just like that! And does that same exact Nice to know that might be what he party is. I found him under a trash can in the back of the restaurant I worked it about 4 years ago. Is yours a ninja, too? He loves jumping around on furniture and doing flips on walls 🙂

Aug 07, 2010 Such a cute Kitty!
by: Anonymous

Gorgeous orange love ball! Looks so much like my Herbie. Does yours purr loud as all get out too? Super cuddly, does that same belly pose in your pic!

Aug 02, 2010 How much i luv cats! 🙂
by: catlover101

Very cute pic. My nan's cat died recently but when she was alive she always rolled over showing her big fat tummy!!!!

I love Norwigian forest cats as my aunty has one called Simba. Suprisingly he sucks his thumb, i mean literaly he does! He is sooooo handsome and is one of my favourite types of cats.

I've also got one name Charlie, h's a lil evil!

Jul 02, 2010 OH MY GOD!!!
by: CHIARA from Rome

This is my cat!!!! It's like my old cat Lillino
HE's died two years ago,u__u He was 19 years old (I was 6 years old when i took him)!!! Lillo I Love YoUUuuuuUUU Sigh!!!

Jun 20, 2010 response
by: Anonymous

I got a female ragdoll kitten about 6 months after i got him and they got along just fine! Unfortunately my wedgie Aslyn sprays and urinates so we have to keep him in 1 bedroom so he doesnt ruin the house. Bu tour ragdoll and he are the best of friends and cry when they are seperated!

Jun 19, 2010 Purrrfect match!
by: Anonymous

Incredible, After reading the descriptions and looking at the pictures there is no doubt my cat is a Norwegian Forest cat. He chirps, is obsessed with food has oily fur and fits all the physical descriptions i have seen on these cats. He is the friendliest cat i have ever known and enjoys sleeping inn the same position as the cat pictured above, the exhibitionist!

Jun 08, 2010 Bored Norwegian Forest Cat
by: Sabrina

My Wedgie Trixie is bored and if I don't pay attention to her, she is up to something and won't let go until I spend time to play with her. I was told that I should get her another kitty. Do you have experience/s with adding another cat? If so, should it be the same kind, same age, or....???? Would love to hear your recommendations...

May 24, 2010 really sweet cats
by: Anonymous

got two cats from the a local shelter when they were 3 years old. then saw pictures of norwegian forest cats and they fit the descriptions. they are the sweetest cats. i have 2 females. (
for the person who bathes them ---their "oiliness" does not need to be bathed, just combed every few days. that's part of their breed. they have that unusual coat.) my cats only eat their cat food. they really are the easiest cats i've ever had. somewhat timid but that may be due to whatever their circumstances were before i got them.

Mar 21, 2010 VERY GOOD CAT


Mar 08, 2010 my cat
by: Anonymous

Yeah my cat looks exactly like the one posted. He likes chirping and purring and is totally obsessed with food, he even watches me cook untill cooked then jus sits purring while i eat. Got to be honest, for a cat thats meant to be out in a cold forest he doesn't go out much.

Feb 15, 2010 Norwegian Forest Cat
by: Anonymous

My Cat "chirps" too when she wants something. she's actually pretty lazy and only lets my brother hold her. I think that's because he's the only one in the house that doesn't give her a bath when her coat gets oily.

Feb 01, 2010 I have one too!
by: Anonymous

My cat looks identical to this cat and she also "chirps" and makes multiple vocal sounds. She is also a lap cat and likes to nap in the same position. I got my cat from our local County animal shelter 14 years ago as a 6 wk old kitten. I have been told she is a Maine Coon and saw some at a Cat Show identical to her. Just wondering if I've been wrong this whole time...Although the Wedgies are ancestors to the Maine Coon, so I could have been right too?

Jan 20, 2010 me too
by: Anonymous

My cat looks just like the picture posted -- could be twins. I got him from the SPCA as well and had no clue what kind of cat he was but I knew I'd never had one like this before. He chirps/buzzes - I call it the Jetson's sound and gets so excited when he sees people, cats, animals, kids, etc out the window. He is so sweet and loving, he gives the best hugs! Saw a speical on Animal Planet about some cat show and they showed this breed and I knew that's what he was. Don't know how all these awesome cats end up at the pound =(

Jan 09, 2010 Sweet Kitty
by: Anonymous

I also have a cinnamon color Norwegian. He is the sweetest most tolerant cat I have ever had. He chirps when he is looking for one of his "persons" to play with.

Jan 05, 2010 my cat is your cats twin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

Hi. My cat lays like this too. Your cat looks like my cats twin!! He also lays on people when they sit down.

Dec 19, 2009 yaay
by: Anonymous

i got a kitty from the spca! SHE'S A NORWEGIAN FOREST CAT ALSO! they are the best!

3 thoughts on “Cute Norwegian Forest Cat!”

  1. I just came across this site and saw your cat. My cat, Russel looks just like yours. I adopted Russel from out local Humane Society in Santa Rosa in October 2010. He is huge and lovable and talkative. I understand about the diet. He was 12 weeks old at the time of the adoption and had a digestive problem right off. He also has to have anal gland treatment every so often. I never knew what he was. He did not start out looking any more than an orange. I had a main coon (mutt) for 13 years before he passed away from tongue cancer. Russel has the ears tufts, a mane, but he has this coat of hair that is so different, as you have described. And then he has these pantaloons of hair that I trim in the summer. He is 16 lbs. I am so happy to now know what kind of cat he is.

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