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Cute Norwegian Forest Cat! — 3 Comments

  1. I just came across this site and saw your cat. My cat, Russel looks just like yours. I adopted Russel from out local Humane Society in Santa Rosa in October 2010. He is huge and lovable and talkative. I understand about the diet. He was 12 weeks old at the time of the adoption and had a digestive problem right off. He also has to have anal gland treatment every so often. I never knew what he was. He did not start out looking any more than an orange. I had a main coon (mutt) for 13 years before he passed away from tongue cancer. Russel has the ears tufts, a mane, but he has this coat of hair that is so different, as you have described. And then he has these pantaloons of hair that I trim in the summer. He is 16 lbs. I am so happy to now know what kind of cat he is.

  2. My kitty looks JUST like this and he sleeps on his back. So smart, Ra has changed my life 😉