1. I tried to vote, but couldn’t. I would have voted that it is cruelty, and should be illegal. I did have a ploydactyl cat that had to have ONE claw removed because it got stuck in everything, and the toe fractured because the cat pulled away really hard, and couldn’t walk on that foot. He was fine after the fractured toe with its “super claw” was removed. Other than that one claw, I would never ever have this “operation” done on any cat, nor would I ever adopt a declawed cat.

  2. Looking better now:
    883 have voted

    17% it’s fine
    17% only last resort
    21% never acceptable
    52% it should be illegal

    Michael’s poll here is even better , 138 say it should be illegal
    and that is 100% of votes

    • Great. I have cleaned up the poll on this page by the way and it still works and if you click on the view button you’ll see that there are 140 votes saying that declawing should be illegal. That is probably because most visitors to PoC are enlightened cat lovers.

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