Demand Steve Austin resign as president of the Pet Industry Association of Australia

by Maggie

Steven Austin, the president of the Pet Industry Association of Australia, holding his unfortunate victim.

Steven Austin, the president of the Pet Industry Association of Australia, holding his unfortunate victim.

It's already bad enough that Steve Austin is the president of the Pet Industry Association of Australia, thanks to him, thousands of cats are living in disgusting conditions, being forced to pump out litter after litter of kittens, to meet the demand of pet shops. But then he decides to go feral cat hunting, in fact, based on the photo above, I think I can even go as far to say that he went feral cat TROPHY hunting!

Yes, feral cats are a huge issue in Australia, and I've seen first hand the horrible effect cats can have upon our native animals (Toxoplasmosis in marsupials, for example) but cats should not be blamed for the fact that there's an over population of ferals in Australia. If anyone should be blamed, it's Steve Austin. Because while he's out hunting feral cats with his Springer Spaniel, kittens and cats are being purchased from pet shops, fuelled by the Pet Industry Association of Australia, undesexed.

Steve claims that he cares for our native wildlife. I'm sure he's never pulled over to the side of the road to pull a dying joey from the pouch of a dead possum or wallaby, whose body is so mangled, you can't believe how the joey managed to survive. Instead he and his dog go out hunting feral cats... Nice, Steve, those one or two cats you killed have really made a difference to the feral cat over population issue, and the welfare of our native animals looks so much brighter thanks to you... No, if Steve really wants to help our native wildlife and the feral cat over population issue, he can introduce mandatory desexing of all kittens that are sold from pet shops, or even better, stop ALL kittens from being sold from pet shops. Less undesexed kittens being sold in Australia, means less irresponsible owners breeding their cats, which means less cats will be here to have the option to breed with feral cats, and thus they cannot increase the feral population!

Yes, they might be feral, but that doesn't mean they're not breathing, living, sentient beings, who deserve respect, dignity and freedom from cruelty. And it certainly doesn't mean they can be treated with what could be described as brutality. They don't intentionally cause damage to wildlife, the damage they've done was not premeditated. Please speak up for Australia's ferals, this country sees them as a burden, and thinks that brutality is what they deserve. People like Steve Austin are not helping in changing this unfortunate reputation, that leaves cats at the hands of horrendous cruelty.

Killing feral cats, and then continuing to take your photo with the cat, whose life who you so carelessly took, is not acceptable. It's disturbing and sick. Please take action, and demand that this disgusting 'man' resigns as president of the Pet Industry Association of Australia. Write on their Facebook wall or contact them via their website to express your disgust for such horrendous disrespect to the lives of our beloved cats.


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Demand Steve Austin resign as president of the Pet Industry Association of Australia

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Mar 09, 2012 Its not clever NEW
by: Edward

Man Id like to get a great big stick and knock that cruel mans head clean off his shoulders then do the same to the two with him as well.
I dont know what pleasure some people get hunting and killing and then to have the bottle to pose with a body as if its clever.
Yes he wants booting out of authority man.

Mar 08, 2012 Worse NEW
by: Leah England

My God just when I thought humanity had reached rock bottom after reading an article about Dan Richards president of the California fisheries and gaming commission shooting Mountain lions for his own sick pleasure I then read this!! What does he look like?! Like a stupid thick moron!! He probably thinks he looks so cool 'hey look at me! big strong guy caught me an innocent cat!!'

I hate people like this I can't understand what goes though their minds!!! Probably nothing but their own sick, cruel gratification.

Count me in I'll sign.

Mar 08, 2012 The grinning killer NEW
by: Anonymous

Why are we surprised? This leering killer is responsible for the slaughter of HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of innocent pound dogs and cats.

He's laughing right at at our inability to shop this horror show called the Pet Industry.

If YOU buy pups, kittens or products from PET SHOPS selling dogs - you give this thing oxygen.

Mar 07, 2012 smirking animal abuser NEW
by: Rose

My blood boils to see that smirking animal abuser holding up the innocent cat he hunted and killed.
His grinning cronies are equally as bad posing with him.
Call themselves men,huh,they need to pick on someone their own size!

Mar 07, 2012 A cruel man NEW
by: Ruth

What a cruel man Steve Austin is, seeing him standing there with his 'trophy' makes me feel in despair of humanity.
What accident of birth caused him to be there to have the power to hunt and kill innocent creatures?
People like him never think of 'There but for the grace of God go I'
Cats don't chose to be born and as you say Maggie it's people who are to blame for the problem of so many feral cats, yet the cats are the ones punished.
I just hope that there is such a thing as Karma and that he gets the punishment he deserves for his cruelty.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Mar 07, 2012 Horrible NEW
by: Michael

Thanks, Maggie, for bring this to our attention. I love what you say and hate what Steve Austin does.

The ignorant smile on his silly face says it all - stupid.

He does not seem to understand that the cause of the problem is people. Cats behave instinctively in the world that we create.

It is time for a bit of enlightenment and clearly Steve Austin is as blinkered and as unimaginative as they come. He is also cruel.

I have written about shooting feral cats in Australia before: Ground Shooting of Feral Cats


Demand Steve Austin resign as president of the Pet Industry Association of Australia — 3 Comments

  1. I have been to Australia several times all over the country and stayed for more than 4 months each time

    There are so many other feral animals to deal with and the government has no idea of how to handle these situations and furthermore could care less
    They shoot their native wildlife 6.5 million Kangaroos and sell meat and skins a $400 million dollar a year business and horribly cruel industry. I have seen it up front!!
    With this murderous massacre that happens every night of the week all over Australia, this should be a focus to stop not killing feral cats! The Kangaroos are slowly being wiped out!!

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