Do Australian Mist cats shed?

Australian Mist cat breed

Australian Mist cat breed

Yes, Australian Mist cats do shed (fur). The Australian Mist is a rather rare cat breed from Australia. All cat breeds shed. All domestic cats shed. People really want to find a cat breed which does not shed fur but they are looking for the Holy Grail much like looking for a cat breed which is hypoallergenic. They don’t exist despite what some people profess.

There’s nothing more to say really. You won’t find any books discussing this aspect of this particular cat breed. You might find something online which claims that this breed does not shed fur but it really isn’t true. Why should it be? Non-shedding flies in the face of the cat’s anatomy.

Non Shedding Cat Breeds

How much do Australian Mist cats cost? Answer: around AU$500 I suspect. The price of purebred cats in the West and in Australia will be similar. The price depends somewhat on the quality of the cat of course. An exception to this would be the high filial wild cat hybrids and high quality breeding cats.

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  1. I laugh but am annoyed at the pervasive idea that cats are things much like furniture. How old is that notion? Look at those first three letters. Livig cats are sentient beings, not rugs or decorations… though they do dress up the place. My house is not a home without them.

    • Amen Albert! I find I’m getting less and less patient with this idea of breeding for no practical purpose. Of course we should be opposed to puppy mills and kitty mills, and backyard breeders, but now I’m getting tired of hearing about breeding, period. It must be the weight of all those cats being euthanized who were bought on a whim, or allowed to breed without being spayed or neutered.

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