Do Sphynx cats like baths?

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Most Sphynx cats don’t automatically like baths because they are the same as any other domestic cat. The vast majority of domestic cats are not fond of being drenched in water. They don’t mind a bit of rain but baths are not their thing because they wash themselves without using water. The mentality of this hairless cat is no different to other cats. It is the outward appearance which is starkly different. This is the starting point or default position.

This is the thing: as a Sphynx owner you need to bathe your cat regularly to wash off the excess of sebum, an oily substance that rests on the cat’s body but which is designed to make the fur healthier and more useful. Yes, there is no fur so the oil has no where to go.

If you’d started to bathe your Sphynx as a kitten or young cat they would have learned to accept it or even like it. They may like it because it is an interaction with their human companion, their owner, which is something that a domestic cat will normally enjoy.

So…the answer to the question in the title is no and yes. No they don’t like baths but yes they accept them if they have been ‘trained’ to do so from a young age. You’ll see lots of photos of Sphynx having their baths! And they all look cheerful. You’ll also find expert Sphynx cat owners passing on their tips on how best to wash one of these interestind and popular cats.

You’ll have to apply common sense to ensure the water is luke warm and the whole process is gentle and as loving as possible so they learn not to hate it. The same process goes into preparing your cat to accept having their nails clipped.


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