Domestic cat chases off coyote (video)

Whether a cat falls prey to the much larger and capable coyote depends on the individual animals involved in the encounter. In this instance the cat chases off the coyote; no competition. Surprisingly, the coyote is scared of this modest, standard-sized domestic cat and runs off. Perhaps in this instance the coyote was ill or infirm and/or elderly. The coyote does look small. My guess is that this is an inexperienced sub-adult unfamiliar with the determined domestic cat! Its unusual behaviour may be due to one of these banal reasons. Clearly the balance between aggressor and aggressed has pivoted towards the cat for a good reason. I don’t think it is all to do with the character of the coyote.

Domestic cat chases off coyote
Domestic cat chases off coyote. Scrrenshot.
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It is usually the exact opposite as many domestic and feral cats are devoured by coyotes in the US. It is one of the major reasons why America cat caregivers are increasingly keeping their cats inside the home at all times.

The fear of your cat being preyed up does not happen in many countries but in the US, it is an ever-present danger depending, I guess, on where you live. Of all the predators who consider the outside domestic cat fair game, the coyote is the most predominant.

The video was captured in Vancouver, Washington, USA. It was made by a resident it seems or a security camera and sold to Viral Hog.

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