Residents sue town for $500k because of coyotes killing pets

Class action over coyotes killing pets

Collingwood, Ontario, Canada: A class action claim has been served on the administrators of Collingwood seeking punitive damages of half a million dollars says Cottage Life. The claim says that coyotes have killed or injured pets, I presume cats and … please continue reading

Cats missing and resident followed by a coyote in Fernandina Beach, Florida

Coyote Florida

Because people have built homes and associated properties on coyote territory this resourceful predator is using the Fernandina Beach community as its territory and attacking indoor/outdoor cats and even, on one occasion following a person home. The situation is exacerbated … please continue reading

PYTHON KILLS CAT!!! shouts snake catcher resulting in cat hating fest and Facebook arguments

Python kills domestic cat in Australia

Luke Huntley is a snake catcher living in Noosa, Eastern Australia. He has a Facebook page. On January 16 he made a post which you can see below. Essentially, he is telling Australians that they should keep their cats inside … please continue reading

Domestic Cats Are Small Predators and We Are Large Predators

Hiddleston kisses a cat

It is useful to remind ourselves that humans are super-predators and much larger than domestic cats, who we all know are predators themselves. It is unnatural for predators of different species to live together. From the cat’s perspective they are … please continue reading

Surveillance camera records mountain lion attacking and carrying away domestic cat

Cougar attacks domestic cat

WARNING: HARD TO WATCH VIDEO. This is an difficult to watch video if you are a cat lover but the strong of heart will steel themselves. It is, however, a reminder of the dangers to house cats from predators in … please continue reading