2 dogs cause $3000-worth of damage to car trying to get at a cat under the hood

2 dogs damage a parked car trying to get at a cat protecting themselves under the hood in the engine compartment

This is another example of how dogs can cause an inordinate amount of damage to a car. I’ve seen it before in videos. The power of these large, strong dogs is extraordinary. They can do things that human simply can’t when it comes to demolishing cherished objects! In this instance, it’s been reported that …

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Friends arguing over how to care for cats

Friends arguing over how to care for cats!

I’ve tried to keep the title very short for search engine optimisation reasons and I hope you understand what I’m trying to get at. In case you haven’t what I mean is this: if two people are longterm friends and they are both cat caregivers and one of them lets their cat(s) outside unsupervised …

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Do seagulls attack domestic cats?

Seagull attacking cat image

The question is an easy one to answer as we know from magpies pestering and attacking cats that the same happens with seagulls and I suspect other bird species. Perhaps magpies and seagulls are the most aggressive in this regard as there appears to be more reports concerning these species than for other species. …

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Ginger tabby cat fights with coyote on porch and climbs to escape (video)

Ginger tabby defends himself from coyote attack and escapes to safety

A security camera caught a flat out fight between a red tabby domestic cat and a coyote on what appears to be the porch of a house. The cat was almost certainly male (ginger tabbies are normally male). It is an instructive video although a bit hard to watch because it shows us how …

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Global warming causes bobcats to eat more domestic cats?


Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada: There is a belief that global warming is causing bobcats to eat more domestic cats. The chain of events is pretty straightforward. Global warming causes more droughts and forest fires. These reduce the number of prey animals. In turn, this means the usual wild prey animals are scarcer for bobcats …

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Pictures and video of mountain lion with probable domestic or stray cat in its mouth

Do mountain lions eat cats? Well yes and this screenshot from a video pretty well proves it.

If you were researching whether mountain lions attack and kill domestic, stray and feral cats, this photo and video probably answers the question pretty conclusively. Although observers of the video can’t be sure that the animal is a cat. Although it very much looks like it. It might be a small dog. It is …

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