The most vulnerable time for a domestic cat is when their owner is away on holiday

Nema Benati and here Chinchilla Persian, Bartolo, who was lost while Nema was on holiday and Bartolo was with family

This is a little note about the vulnerability of domestic cats when their owner goes away on holiday. A cat detective, Said Beid, in Italy who is currently searching for a chinchilla Persian who lives with a social media influencer, Nima Benati, said that he is busiest when cat owners go away on holiday …

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Do seagulls attack domestic cats?

Seagull attacking cat image

The question is an easy one to answer as we know from magpies pestering and attacking cats that the same happens with seagulls and I suspect other bird species. Perhaps magpies and seagulls are the most aggressive in this regard as there appears to be more reports concerning these species than for other species. …

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Ginger tabby cat fights with coyote on porch and climbs to escape (video)

Ginger tabby defends himself from coyote attack and escapes to safety

A security camera caught a flat out fight between a red tabby domestic cat and a coyote on what appears to be the porch of a house. The cat was almost certainly male (ginger tabbies are normally male). It is an instructive video although a bit hard to watch because it shows us how …

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Domestic cat chases off coyote (video)

Domestic cat chases off coyote

Whether a cat falls prey to the much larger and capable coyote depends on the individual animals involved in the encounter. In this instance the cat chases off the coyote; no competition. Surprisingly, the coyote is scared of this modest, standard-sized domestic cat and runs off. Perhaps in this instance the coyote was ill …

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Scrub pythons eat domestic and feral cats and wallabies

Scrub pythons, also known as amethystine pythons, are the longest snake species in Australia

In July 16 it was World Snake Day which is appropriate because on the Facebook page of Save the Daintree Rainforest they featured a photograph of a huge scrub python which was crossing the road at Cape Tribulation in the Daintree Lowland Rainforest. They are also known as amethystine pythons and are the longest …

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