Don’t vote for Phil Jennerjahn who is running for City Council in Los Angeles

Don’t vote for Phil Jennerjahn who is running for City Council in Los Angeles

by Michael
(London, UK)

August 10th 2010: Don’t vote for this shallow thinking and morally destitute politician. Here is why. I am expressing an opinion please note.

My distaste for Phil Jennerjahn arises out of what he says in unjustifiably criticizing Paul Koretz (L.A. City Council member) for his promotion and support of legislation to ban the declawing of cats.

The criticism that Mr Jennerjahn levels at Mr Koretz is ill thought out. Anyone who wants to be a councilor and represent the people of that area must be sharp thinkers otherwise they will consistently come up with the wrong decisions which will affect thousands of people’s lives negatively.

Here is what Mr Jennerjahn has said and my reasons why his argument lacks morality, decency, intelligence and good sense.

He calls the ban a “freedom-stealing piece of city legislation”. Mr Jennerjahn says that Mr Koretz, “is trying to control the way a pet owner interacts with his/her own pet” and called this “insanity”. Mr Jennerjahn says that Mr Koretz, “is trying to protect the rights of those precious kitties!”

Mr Jennerjahn also says that a declaw ban will accomplish nothing and damage the income of veterinarians.

My thoughts and comments…

All of us wherever we are must always be aware of the rights of others and that includes other animals, of course. We cannot do as we please and all legislation manages and curbs human activity. A ban on declawing cats is no different. And if America was a bit more civilised a ban wouldn’t be needed because cat caretakers wouldn’t ask for it and vets would have the morality not to do it. The legislative ban is needed to curb unacceptable human behavior. All animals need protecting in a human society because they are vulnerable to human abuse. I would have thought that was commonsense, Mr Jennerjahn.

A ban on declawing cats is not about how the pet owner interacts with their cat but about stopping an abuse of the cat.

Banning declawing has to be a gradual process as a national ban is probably impossible to achieve in a culture where declawing is deeply ingrained.

However, a ban in a city is a very important step in the right direction. It sets a marker down for others to follow. This is what it achieves. This is a very important achievement when trying to change things that are hard to change. It begins to change the culture. And in any event a politician must set high moral goals. If an activity is morally wrong and the people won’t stop it, then legislators have a moral duty to enact law to force a change. Correct moral values must underpin a politician’s decision making process.

Declawing cats is clearly morally wrong as it is almost always done at the cat owner’s convenience and against the cat’s interests and health. It is also done in breach of the vets oath. This is a point that Mr Jennerjahn totally misses. Do you want to vote for a law maker who misses such a fundamental moral issue?

Now to the vets who declaw..They will lose income Mr Jennerjahn says. That is a very shallow bit of thinking which for me would automatically rule out a vote for Mr Jennerjahn. It also proves the point and is an open admission that vets need to consistently be in breach of their oath in declawing cats to earn the kind of income that they are familiar with.

But I don’t think that it is beyond the bounds of reason to assume that vets would be able to find alternative sources of income that would allow them to both comply with their oath to work in the interests of the cat’s health and welfare plus earn a decent living at the same time. After all, veterinarians across all of Europe do just that! Come on Mr Jennerjahn, wake up. Why don’t some US vets come to Europe and ask some questions, they might learn something including how to behave decently.

No, don’t vote for Mr Jennerjahn. You don’t want someone like him making important decisions.

See Declawing Cats for lots more

See Mr Jennerjahn’s blog

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Aug 12, 2010 Spoiled Brat
by: Leah

Phil. Firstly theres a bit of a difference between wearing Purple and mutilating an animal.
Refering to your slagging off of Paul Koretz no one is trying to stop anyone interacting with their pets. There’s a huge difference between interaction and deliberately paying a butcher to hack off vital body parts. After all if a ‘pet owner’ sliced their cats ear off for example they would be prosecuted. So tell me whats the difference? The only difference I can see is that one person is paid to do it and the other is not. Either way its torture of an animal.

Adam. When I read your post the first thing that sprang to mind was that you sound like a spoilt brat harping on about your damned property. Well under American law your unfortunate pet may be your property but I’m damn well sure that the law doesn’t allow you to do just as you like to it. You are shallow and flawed & I pity any animal that lives under your roof.

Michael Higby. Don’t bother telling us to give up because we never will. Oh and by the way its not about a particular city, its about out and out animal cruelty which we would be against regardless of the city, state or country.

You know what? if this was happening in a third world country I could kind of understand it because it would be about ignorance and lack of education but isn’t America supposed to be a devoloped civilized society? It appears not. Do you have any idea at all how you appear to the 38 countries where this is banned?
When I heard that this was happening I was deeply shocked and I did think I was mistaken at first; I thought surely not? Not in America? But no sadly not. You all keep burying your heads in the sand at least I can sleep at night. (BTW I apologise to all Americans who don’t de-claw and those of you who work tirelessly trying to get it banned; I am just sorry that you have to struggle amongst such morons)

Aug 12, 2010 Laws
by: Kathryn

What right minded person would mind a law to stop cruelty to animals?
It beggars belief that in the name of politics the compassionate Mr Koretz is targeted for stopping the abuse of cats in his city.
In fact it beggars belief that there was the need for a law to stop the mutilation of cats by declaw vets.
Their loss of income shouldn’t come into it,I’d call that blood money.
Money can never buy you respect or happiness Mr Jennerjahn!

Aug 12, 2010 Not all UK
by: John B

We are not all in the UK.Many Americans hit this site.
Hey Adam cats are not people thanks for telling us that,we didn’t know.
Yeah Mr Jennerjahn too much government makes us miserable,your sort of governmemnt that is.
The only way to stop the abuse of cats is to stop the money making doctors from doing it,they’ll not stop otherwise while they can get ignorant clients willing to pay them for it.

Aug 12, 2010 To Phil, Adam and Michael Higby
by: The kooky hippy

So your precious “rights” come before kindness and compassion to animals and you view them merely as property,I pity you all, with dollar signs held before you like the Holy Grail and a file marked “Possessions” tucked under your arms, how stressful it must be to guard all the things you “own”, oh how important TVs, cars and houses are, far more important than an animal dependant on you.
You confuse necessary animal welfare laws with pointless laws (like wearing purple)or maybe you don’t, maybe you just don’t care.

Anyway, the good news is that Phil J has at least two friends that we know of, Adam and Michael Higby will vote for him so he won’t be completely whitewashed.

Aug 12, 2010 Abuse of ‘property’
by: Ruth

That is dreadful,that living feeling beings are classed as ‘property’ But surely even so, there must be laws to protect the abuse of that ‘property’ and the amputation of healthy toe ends of cats for convenience sake is most certainly abuse however you look at it.
Daft laws like wearing purple on a certain day would be pointless.Sensible laws to stop animal abuse are totally different,they are to stop the suffering of innocent beings which know nothing about politics.They only know fear and pain from the abusers.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Aug 12, 2010 To Adam
by: Michael

Yes, Adam, we realise the law is wrong in treating a domestic companion animal as “property”. It will be changed one day.

That said, the law is one thing and morality is another. If the law is stupid it doesn’t stop us from behaving in a moral manner – does it?

Declawing cats is about taking a moral stance and doing what is correct. And even you guys know that it is morally wrong to declaw a cat just because it scratches your furniture!

Michael Avatar

Aug 12, 2010 To: Michael Higby
by: Michael

Firstly we know about Los Angeles, don’t assume that we don’t. And we know right from wrong. We understand morality. We understand decent behavior and clearly you do not!

Michael Avatar

Aug 11, 2010 Cats aren’t people
by: Adam

..they are property (at least in America) and therefore are not subject to your “moral” considerations. Under United States law, my cat is the same as my house, my car, my TV, etc. I can do whatever I see fit to my property.

This law that Liberal Koretz proposes takes away the freedom to do what I want with my property.

Thank you Phil for saying what most American pet owners feel, except the crazy hippies of course.

Aug 11, 2010 No One Cares
by: Michael Higby

…what a bunch of kooks in England think. You know nothing about Los Angeles so give it up.

Aug 11, 2010 Don’t waste your time worrying about Jennerjahn
by: Anonymous

I live in LA. You have nothing to fear from Jennerjahn he is a cranky crank and perennial candidate who fancies himself a gadfly. He probably has about a 0.01% name recognition amongst LA voters. If he were in the UK, he probably in the Monster Raving Loony party, instead of being a Teabagger, or whatever he thinks he is this tiem around

Aug 11, 2010 You Socialists never learn
by: Phil Jennerjahn

If a government has the power to tell you that you can’t get your cat declawed, then they have the power to tell you that you have to wear purple clothing every Thursday. It is insanity and an unreasonable interference and a bizarre desire to control every aspect of the lives of others.

I’m not a fan of declawing, but to ban it is an outrageous abuse of government power over free individuals.

You Socialists NEVER LEARN.

Too much government eventually makes everyone miserable.

Aug 11, 2010 Loss of votes
by: CJ

Mr Jennerjhan obviously doesn’t know that most people are caring and compassionate about animals.
From what I’ve been told,thousands of cat lovers in the USA read these pages.
His criticism of the kind to animals Mr Koretz will lose him a lot of votes.

Aug 11, 2010 No votes for Mr Jennerjahn
by: Barbara

Well I know which one I would vote for and that is Mr Koretz, because he shows understanding and compassion and I think that those are two very necessary skills for any politician. You will find that someone who cares about the welfare of animals and isn’t afraid or ashamed to admit it, also cares deeply about people and about environmental issues. Sadly Mr Jennerjahn seems to be totally lacking in compassion, communication skills and common sense too because his article has probably blown any chance of his being elected clean out of the water.

Which makes me very glad.

Barbara avatar

Aug 11, 2010 Eye opening article
by: Anonymous

Thank you for this!

Aug 11, 2010 Good article Michael
by: Rose

Mr Jennerjahn has done himself no favours by mocking Mr Koretz’s compassion for animals because many many people will see by this what a cold hearted man he is.
Why should veterinarians fill their bank accounts through cats suffering the most painful operation a cat can endure?That is the amputation of their last toe joints which cripples them for life.
Does Mr Jennerjahn think every person who abhors the abuse of cats this way is a cat whisperer to be mocked?That declawing is banned or considered extremely inhumane in 38 countries for no reason?
The people who can not interact with their cats because the cat has claws are most certainly the ones who shouldn’t have cats.
The civilised world is watching and waiting for people like Mr Jennerjahn to come to their senses.For the declaw vets to stop abusig cats for money and for the people who have this done to their cats to realise a cat is the wrong pet for them.

Aug 11, 2010 Arrogance doesn’t even cover it!!
by: Leah

How arrogant! This man is clearly expressing his own views about cats whom he clearly hates!

Micheal you are quite right no one is trying to stop people interacting with their pets but we are trying to stop them mutilating them!

I’m happy to state that its unlikely that Mr know it all Jennerjahn has done himself any favours with this one!

Over to you Mr Jennerjahn!

Aug 11, 2010 No contest
by: Mary Ann

The comment that a declawing ban only damages the income of veterinarians says it all.
I know who I would vote for.The choice between a man who cares more about money than the welfare of animals or a thoughtful kind compassionate man who does care about the welfare of animals?
No contest I’d say.

Aug 11, 2010 Well said Michael
by: Ruth

If Mr Jennerjahn thinks his criticism of Mr Koretz will win him votes he may be sadly mistaken. More people are getting to know just how cruel the declawing of cats is and that vets do it for two reasons.The first and main reason is to make a lot of money, the second is to please clients who should not have a cat anyway because they obviously don’t know that cats are born with claws because they need them for a healthy fulfilled life.
I put them in that order because Mr Jernerjahn confirms this is true in his own words
‘declaw ban will accomplish nothing and damage the income of veterinarians’
It seems to me that Mr Koretz looks upon cats as living feeling beings but Mr Jennerjahn looks upon them as possessions.
Surely the animals are the clients of those vets, not the ‘owners’ Surely making money should not be more important than the animals health and welfare those vets took an oath to do no harm to !
Declawing is legalised cat abuse, it is banned or considered extremely inhumane in at least 38 countries and those vets still make a good living, but doing what they were trained to do, CARE for animals,NOT mutilate them for people ignorant of the seriousness of declawing,or too lazy or selfish to provide their cats with the correct scratching posts/pads they need to stay healthy and happy.
Maybe as Michael so rightly said a countrywide ban won’t happen overnight but one day there will be enough people and evidence against this cruelty to make those vets listen to those of us who will never rest until declawing is stopped. Either by their choice or by force as they lose more and more clients who learn the truth about the cruelty of it.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Aug 10, 2010 Good to know
by: Millie

Thank You for bringing this to my attention. It’s always good to know where the politicians stand on animal issues. I support the Los Angeles declaw ban and all of the City Council that voted in favor of it. The city is a better place because of it. I will not be voting for Jennerjahn. He’s not a friend of the animals nor their protection from animal cruelty.

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