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Dumbest Cat Breeds — 12 Comments

  1. I “rescued” a six month old Persian. Ten days later she quite literally saved my life by quite deliberately meowing in my ear, pawing my mouth until she pulled me out of a near overdose from a new medication. She then sat pretty like an Empress while I fed her every kind of delicacy I could hardly afford in gratitude, often bringing her shrimp tidbits in bed which she had me believe she could not bite off pieces on her own. A year later after lamenting to a friend I could not secure an ordinary kitten for her to “experience Motherhood” I was brought a starving street urchin who immediately inspired my Empress to request silently, merely sitting in front of the door, to be let out. Never having made this, demand actually, before,! obeyed by opening the door. She lowered her powderpuff body to ground, sped at the speed of lightening across a few acres and back with a baby bird in her tiny, not so delicate mouth now to feed her new charge. My response “You can hunt?!?!”.

  2. Yeah, I gotta say, my definitely-purebred Himalayan is the smartest cat I’ve ever had, and I’ve had around 30. He’s just smart in a way that doesn’t look like “dog smart”, which is what I think people are looking for in “smart” cat breeds. He has immense social intelligence, an extraordinary ability to predict and remember, and a deep interest in watching things unfold, rather than engaging himself personally. (He also learns tricks easily, which is dog-like, so there’s that.) Unfortunately he uses his powers for evil, and is an atrocious bully. He’s on anxiety medication which helps immensely (he is smart enough to have an anxiety disorder, ffs) and we do our best to keep things calm, but he’s still a handful. I love him to pieces, but he is not an easy cat to live with. Don’t bank on Himmies or Persians being stupid. They’re thinkers. Thinkers can be a real pain in the butt.

    • I literally came here looking for a list of “stupid cat breeds” because when we adopt again, I really do want a stupid cat. The smart ones I have now are a real handful. It’d be nice to have one that was pleasantly stupid, not one that, like the velociraptors in Jurassic Park, is always “working things out.”

      • The concept of stupid or smart cat breeds is tongue in cheek. The consensus is as stated in the article but there is a big debate about feline intelligence. What is stated above is very debatable. Thanks for commenting.

    • Yes, I think you are right 😉 I just had to respond to the title which is a question that people put into Google search. I like doing that because I am responding to direct questions asked by real people. This should make the post meaningful and useful.

      • I enjoy your posts as they often touch on what can seem silly but are really common questions. I think in this case intelligence was judged by activity level.

        • Good point. Perhaps some people do equate activity with intelligence in cats because it is very difficult to measure cat intelligence.

          • Her favorite place is wrapped around my arm. I think the Persian aside from being ruined by flat facing was selectively bred for the calm disposition. And as people oriented as she is she is every bit a lion. The stuffed animal wrapping is very deceiving.

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