Do cat breeders in America need a licence?

Cat breeder laws in the USA

I know that in the UK, cat breeders don’t need a licence but dog breeders do. In Sweden, one of the world’s best countries, and in Switzerland, perhaps the world’s best country, you will need a licence to breed cats but only if you breed a certain number. In America, you will have to …

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3-way cat hybrid: Maine Coon, American Curl and Siamese

3-way hybrid: Maine Coon, American Curl and Siamese

People are interested in domestic cat hybrids because they look different. This cat is basically a Maine Coon with curled back ears and some vague pointing on the coat. But when you look at the cat, he/she looks like a strange Maine Coon. The dominant feature is the huge Maine Coon muzzle and then …

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Infographic on flat-faced Persian health as per Dr Fogle DVM

Flat face Persian health

This information on the health issues suffered by the flat-faced Persian because of poor and extreme breeding (as per breed standard) comes from Dr Bruce Fogle’s book Complete Cat Care which I have presented in an infographic for ease of reading. In addition to the items listed, the flat-faced Persian suffers from a high …

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American Curl, one of the healthiest cat breeds

American Curl

It is nice to report on a well-known breed, albeit not that popular, which is considered to be inherently healthy by which I mean there are no genetically inherited health conditions. As you might be aware, very many cat breeds created out of a recessive genetic mutation have inherited health problems because these beads …

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Cat breeders can turn the most handsome breeds into gargoyles

Gargoyle-like Persian cat

I have just written an article about a hefty Maine Coon who was bred to extreme with a hint of gargoyle by their creator. Not God but a Maine Coon breeder. I’ve mentioned God because gargoyles are attached to the outside of large and imposing cathedrals to ward off evil spirits and make the …

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