Facebook ‘flagged’ 2 posts against declawing in my anti-declawing group

On April 10, I was sent a message via Facebook about a “flagged” post needing my approval in my closed declawing group. I thought a member of the group had reported the post as ‘spam.’ I may be wrong.

Post flagged April 10
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It appears Facebook is now determining whether or not certain posts go straight onto a group page. A banned post about declawing meant to go on a group page where people against declawing can post related content? As it turns out, yes. It happened again April 11.

Post flagged April 11

The person whose posts are being reported is a moderator for the group and should be posted without any problems.

Facebook is allowed to flag posts that are reported by those who believe it inappropriate for the website. Has anyone else had this occur on a group page? Did someone in my group report these two posts, or did the staff at Facebook do this? Please comment below if you can offer any input into this.


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