Family in tears when they learned that Callie had been found alive following fatal Christmas Eve wreck

UPDATE January 2, 2019 Second kitty has been caught! I’ll be writing an article as soon as I’m updated.

This is an update on the young woman killed in wreck on Christmas Eve whose two precious cats escaped their carrier and were lost. Callie, the senior cat, was found early Sunday morning only 50 feet from the crash site. Click here for the PoC article asking feral colony caregivers to be on the lookout for the lost cats.

Callie found safe only 50 feet from the crash site

Paw it Forward posted the story with many new details on their Facebook page. They’re asking for donations toward the thermal imaging camera used it the search.

“On Christmas Eve, a young woman named Rachel was traveling from her home in Cary NC to her parent’s home in Spartanburg SC with her two cats in tow. Just south of the Concord Mills exit on I-85 South, Rachel was involved in a fatal 5-car accident. Rachel was killed and her two cats escaped their crate and ran into the woods when First Responders entered the vehicle.

A team of people in the local animal rescue community has been diligently searching for Callie (age 13) and Polly (age 2) since Christmas Eve. Despite hours and hours of searching, there had been no sightings of either of these girls until today when Callie was found! A thermal camera/imaging scope was purchased which helped to find Callie the senior cat (on left) this morning! Heaven sent! We continue to use this valuable tool in our search for Polly (on right in picture).

If anyone would like to donate to the cost of the thermal camera, please do! This camera will more than likely be used to save many more lives in the future! Tax-deductible donations can be sent via pay pal to

Rachel’s family was in tears this morning when they learned that Callie had been rescued. These girls need to be reunited with their family. The search for Polly continues — please keep her in your prayers.””

Please keep Rachel’s family in your thoughts and prayers. The search will continue for the other cat missing since Christmas Eve. Callie is resting and doing well and will be reunited with the family in the coming days.

TNR trapper Candace McMahen deserves a big thank you. She got the camera yesterday after her last hunt and went back at 4 am with the camera and hiked down and up that muddy prickly thorn bush hill. She carried her up the hill zipped in her jacket. The mud down on the bottom of the hill was like quicksand.

Paw it Forward is posting updates.

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Family in tears when they learned that Callie had been found alive following fatal Christmas Eve wreck — 6 Comments

  1. Callie looks shocked, poor girl, at least she is safe now.

    Paws crossed that Polly can be enticed to safety too.

    I can’t imagine folk in the UK coming together in such concerted force to find to cats lost through such tragic circumstances.

    This rescue effort is utterly awesome.

  2. I knew it! Didn’t I call it? The cat stayed close to the crash site. I’m so glad she was found. I also have a Calico I named Callie.

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