Fearful or feral? What shelter cats need. Infographic.

Fearful or feral shelter cat? What shelter cats need.
Fearful or feral shelter cat? What shelter cats need. The infographic is free to use under an unconditional Creative Commons license.
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This infographic is about saving the lives of shelter cats as concerned shelter experts would say that too many shelter cats are needlessly euthanized (killed actually) because of mismanagement in one form or another. There are two components: mental and physical health. The infographic mentions them. Winograd has said:

  • Shelters should not euthanize cats due to “behavior,” “aggression,” or being labeled as “feral.” Community cats that are not sociable with humans should be returned to their environments. Cats that are considered “fearful” or “fractious” yet are sociable with humans should be adopted out, despite these issues, as they do not present a physical threat to public safety. Moreover, such behaviors frequently diminish once the cat is out of the shelter environment.
  • Regrettably, shelter employees may not prioritize health, hygiene, enrichment, and human interaction for animals as much as volunteers, rescuers, and the general public do. In light of inconsistent, unenforced, and sometimes absent regulations that require a dedication to animal welfare, research indicates that the needs of animals are not always reflected in evidence-based changes within the industry. Consequently, shelters may fail to maintain the health, cleanliness, and socialization of animals. Without enforcement, cats continue to face the threat of euthanasia.

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