Fearful or feral? What shelter cats need. Infographic.

Fearful or feral shelter cat? What shelter cats need.

RELATED: Gently stroking and talking to cats at rescue centers prevents upper respiratory infections This infographic is about saving the lives of shelter cats as concerned shelter experts would say that too many shelter cats are needlessly euthanized (killed actually) because of mismanagement in one form or another. There are two components: mental and …

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Dutch autistic, depressed woman, 28, with 2 cats will euthanize herself soon

Young woman goes over the rainbow bridge after euthanising herself in The Netherlands with the assistance of a doctor

NEWS AND OPINION/DISCUSSION – THE NETHERLANDS: With the assistance of a doctor and in the company of her boyfriend, Zoraya ter Beek, 28, will euthanize herself in May (believed to be ‘assisted suicide’) because her depression and autism have not improved. She said to herself that if it did not improve, she’d end her …

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THE NO KILL COMPANION is a reference manual by Nathan Winograd

The No Kill Companion is a reference manual for legislators, policymakers, shelter managers, media, advocates, and other stakeholders

Nathan Winograd is the architect of the no kill animal shelter movement in the USA. Well, that’s how I regard him. He’s famous for being an animal advocate specialising in saving the lives of shelter animals. He’s probably saved the lives of hundreds of thousands if not millions of animals over the years with …

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USA shelter cat euthanasia dramatically down in 2023 but why (infographic)?

USA shelter cat euthanasia dramatically down in 2023 but the reason has not been given!?

The infographic spells out the numbers and they come from reliable sources but I am almost compelled to conclude that they are misleading. If not something dramatically good has happened for shelter cats in the USA. Perhaps shelter management are taking up Nathan Winograd’s advice in greater numbers. He has been pressing the shelters …

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Cat euthanasia is a gift from human to cat?

Pet euthanasia is a gift

A veterinarian, Dr. Karyn, explains why she believes that when you euthanise your cat you are giving them the gift of a peaceful end to their life. You remove some of the end-of-life pain and distress. RELATED: Is cat euthanasia ALWAYS painless? And it should be said that the concept of euthanising chronically ill …

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War machine Russia becomes uncivilised towards stray dogs and cats

Shelter dogs in the east of Russia being shipped west by train to save their lives.

In Putin’s big push to win the war in Ukraine he has increased the military budget to 30% of GDP. The average in the West is around 2%. In 2024, Russia is a war machine and a terrorist state. Most citizens of Russia are unaware of it except that they must be seeing substantially …

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