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Feline Babysitter at Work: Is This What it Seems? — 6 Comments

  1. Even though the person taping is close by, one wrong move with the cat’s claws could mean disaster. It’s foolish to trust any animal with a baby or young child.
    They can hurt them unintentionally.

    Consider how many times your cats have hurt you with scratches or bites. Most times we’re surprised by this unexpected behavior. As adults, we can react in a way that a child is unable to.

    It’s a cute, but dangerous situation.

  2. Very touching-LOL-
    Consider the safety of the babies eyes while your enjoying all this love and attention for him. Right ?! you can’t really scold the cat when you have given it free reign over the newbie.
    Eva says

    • I agree Eva. People like these cute videos of a cat seemingly mothering a human child but strip away the cuteness and it is not so wise.

  3. Michael, I’d like to think that Stewie is actually concerned and soothing the baby is his intent, but your explanation is very plausible too. Either way, that kid is lucky to be growing up around a beautiful cat like that.

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