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  1. we live in Lecanto in the area near Homosassa..since I am from Maine I have heard Bobcats before.. we have lived here about a year now hove heard but never seen anything more than rustling in some bushes at dusk, last nite one was quite close and let out a scream and hiss at my dog in the back yard.. he must have startled the bobcat, who was luckily on the other side of the fence in a clearing on the edge of the woods… lots of bunnies hang out there..

  2. Just had what I believe to be a bobcat take a 2nd chicken from my little backyard coop. It was not a panther, for it was darker in color with either spots or stripes. (I believe spots) almost rusty color, but bigger than I thought a bobcat would be, and longer tail (I thought bobcats had none). But what worried me is it is 10:15 am. This cat could easily take my kids down, and I am sure mess me up considerably. On his hind legs he would be as tall as my 8 yo if not a bit taller.

    • This cat could easily take my kids down, and I am sure mess me up considerably

      I would not be worried. As far as I am aware, no bobcat has ever taken a kid down. This is a wild cat that will avoid people. There have been no attacks on people unless severely provoked. I would respectfully ask you to chill out and live and let live. That is the best way, while at the same time taking sensible precautions.

      • I am chilled, thank you, nor am I saying that it would take them down, just that it could. As for the avoiding people, it walked right into my garage as I worked in it without fear of me, looked at me, and sat down to clean itself. no fear not long after I posted the above. It was a beautiful animal, but that still is a bit eerie. By the way…. I never said I wouldn’t live and let live, I just thought folks may like to know what I witnessed in a decently populated area of Port Charlotte. My apologies for any inconvenience.

        • Sorry if I offended. That was not the intention. I must have got the wrong impression from your first comment. I guess that the bobcat has become habituated to the human because the human has built settlements (homes and cities) on its territory. This is not good for the bobcat because some people like to kill it.

  3. Hi Dorothy, he possibly is a bit out of his territory. But I guess it could be argued that people are occupying his territory! That is probably nearer the truth.

    The Florida bobcat is a subspecies so what you saw was a bobcat that seems to have become habituated to living in the urban jungle.

    Thanks for commenting.

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