Frankie Muniz suffers a devastating loss when his cat got into mischief and flooded their home

Frankie Muniz, star of Malcome in the Middle and co-host of Dancing With the Stars Junior, suffers a devastating loss when his cat got into mischief and flooded their home.

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Frankie Muniz (Getty Images)

According to a Twitter post, Frankie was attending his Uncle Skip’s funeral in France. After enduring 45 hours of travel to and from France, Frankie arrived back home to find four of the five stories in his brownstone home under three feet of water.

The flooded home destroyed everything he had. From pieces of artwork to personal photos to furniture are all gone thanks to his cat turning on a sink. The water had been running a few days and left Frankie with a big mess to clean up.


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Frankie credits his girlfriend Paigey Price for her moral support during this difficult time.

While best known for his role as Malcolm in Malcolm in the Middle, Frankie is still seen weekly on TV as a co-host of Dancing With the Stars Junior.

I can only imagine the destruction he came home to. I had a water heater go out years ago that flooded our closet. My photo albums were in a box in the floor of the closet and everything was ruined.

Cats have also been known to turn on small appliances, ovens, and open refrigerators. If you have photos, it’s best to scan them and upload them to a service like Google Drive. They have a special where you get 100GB for only $1.99 a month.

Our thoughts are with you. Anyone who has lost prized possessions can empathize with how tough it can be emotionally.

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Elisa Black-Taylor

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  1. M. E. King says:

    should have hired a twice a day cat sitter. My husband makes jokes about how everything in the house that isn’t necessary is unplugged or turned off or doors shut when I go to work. Toad figured out how to plug the tub and that’s where I leave water dripping in the winter and now the summer since they insist on water to play in. I came home to a near full tub with a wide assortment of toys and a soaking wet cat. I suggest not only uploading but putting them all on sticks and getting a safe deposit box. Good idea to keep lots of documents there.
    I hope the cat is alright.

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