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This is a large format photograph of Franny Syufy and her son. It is nice to get a good look at her ๐Ÿ˜‰ — good photograph too. Who is she, you might ask!? I know her well, but don’t know her! What I mean is that I know her as an author writing about cats on the website. On that website you will see her face in a very small avatar-sized photograph, which doesn’t really provide enough information.

Franny Syufy and son carrying two tuxedo cats Oct 2013.
Franny Syufy and son carrying two tuxedo cats — Oct 2013.
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I bumped into her Google plus webpage and then bumped into this nice photograph of her with her son carrying two black-and-white cats which they’re recently adopted in October 2013. They are, in fact, tuxedo cats. They named their cats: Gaither and Sage. Good names. I’d like to know where the first name came from! Perhaps Franny named him after William J. “Bill” Gaither a gospel singer?

Franny Syufy is, in fact, a well known figure in the internet cat world. Well, she is as far as I am concerned. You get to know them. Jo Singer, who writes for PoC is another. Jo also writes for other websites such as Pet360. Ruth (Kattaddorra) and Elisa are in this group too. Elisa writes about dogs a lot on the website. employs quite a large number of cat writers. I don’t know them like I know Franny Syufy.

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15 thoughts on “Franny Syufy – Cats Expert for”

  1. Hi Michael,
    I wish I’d know earlier that you’ve had to field so many questions about my site and my newsletter.
    Just some background: This year, February 20th marked the 19th anniversary of, and of my website on Abt. A lot of changes are being made, but I have one of the sites which is able to continue sending weekly newsletters. Readers can sign up at My newsletter goes out every Friday at about 2 p.m. E.T.

    I’d also like to invite fellow cat lovers to join my Facebook group at We started it last Fall and we now have 1,700 members.

    Michael, I thoroughly enjoy reading your column! You are providing a great service for cats and cat lovers all over the world! Thank you for all you do for the cats of the world!

    1. Thanks for commenting Franny. And thank you for the compliment which is very welcome. I am sure that we have very similar points of view about cats and animals. I admire your work as well and always have done.

      Any future comment that you make should you wish to make one will be published immediately without being moderated. It is just that all first-time comments are moderated because as you can imagine this site receives a lot of spam.

  2. I enjoyed your weekly newsletter for years and then one day they said they couldn’t send it any longer to my e-mail address. I have hunted and hunted somewhere to contact them about this with no avail. I really miss your news letter!!! I am a cat lover of many years and new information on taking care of them and giving them the best life I can is of great importance to me. Is there any way you can contact them to contact me to get this straightened out? Thanks

      1. In the past it was not the original sign up. It was after a few months. Then I would receive 1-2 times a month and then nothing. Then when I would resign up the time would we less and less before it would disappear. The first time this happened I got a letter from you stating that you would no longer be able to send letters due to my e-mail address. It hasn’t changed in 10+ years that is why this is so frustrating. And you can’t communicate directly with someone about this. Thanks

  3. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    Franny seems a very nice lady and it’s good to see a photo of her. She’s very anti declaw and has a category about it on her page where I’ve ‘met’ some more cat lovers mostly anti declaw too. I’ve posted some PoC article links on there at times when a pro declaw has come along saying declawing isn’t bad!
    Franny and her son are obviously great cat lovers ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Michael – not that I know of. I don’t think so – I mean it’s possible I have read her but I was unaware of who the writer was – I’ve read quite alot of cat stuff so it’s possible.

  4. aww always wandered what she looked like she looks lovely ๐Ÿ™‚ and their cats aww they almost look like ruths cats. always love black and white cats:)

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