Gatito My Domestic Unknown Mix Breed Cat

by Isabel Calderon Bird
(San Juan, Puerto Rico)

Gatito since he was 7 month till now.

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Gatito since he was 7 month till now.

This is Gatito, my domestic unknown mix breed cat. He is now 2 1/2 years old and weighs 14.2 pounds and is still growing. We wonder from where he came, since we had no "furry cats" around... I think. Maybe you can help me find what heritage he has. The Vet told me he is too big to be a common Puerto Rican cat, as they are usually short haired and no more than 6-7 pounds.

The vet said he looked like an "American Cat", maybe some Main Coon grandpa. This his why I'm asking you to look at his photos and give me your opinion. My friends always asked what breed he is, and I said just a "streeter"... Oh no! this is a huge cat. Here in the island we do not see cats like this so often, so I guess parents may came from the US.

Look at the pictures . His scull (head) is almost 4.5" wide and 39" long from head to point of the tail. From the tip of his nose to the beginning of his tail he is 18.5" long. His body is long and bones are heavy. The Vet told me street cats usually do not develop "skin allergies do to the food"... but he do... well he is a delicate cat I guess. Now he eat only rice & turkey and his hair grow again!

He respond to his name and is very social and likes to be with us all the time. I say he is somehow as a dog because he welcome home me everyday when I got home. When he appear at home looked like a regular "street kitten". Then, started to grow very beautiful with a long "ringed" tail.

Gatito is extremely nice and playful, and loves his sister dog Roxy. He plays with her like another cat... and he pee in her training pad! My friends says all my pets have an "identity crisis", even the parrot barks like Roxy. I take my breakfast in my the terrace every morning. They all came to the door when they herd the keys.

I had never got a cat before... so I was surprised with his so nice personality. You can do whatever you want with him, take his whiskers, brush him, take it to a walk with a leash.... We thought Gatito would be only the cat from the yard! But he wanted to be adopted and did everything to make it happen.

Can you help telling me if you recognize any "breed" characteristic he may have? can you email me?????? please.


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Gatito My Domestic Unknown Mix Breed Cat

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Sep 02, 2011 cat lover
by: Anonymous

your cat looks like a siberian. I also have come by a cat like that who i think had strayed from home. He has a lovely personality very sweet natured and he should grow a ruff when the weather changes, as he would have been too young last winter he does have the start of it,lovely bushy tail and big paws with fur in.As he wasn't wanted by his last owner he is now mine, when i see him that is as he loves to wander maybe because it's all he's used to.

Jan 06, 2010 I know what breed he is!!!
by: Anonymous

I believe he is a Norwegian Forest Cat. Maine Coon cats are beleived to be related to the Norwegian cat and therefore look very similar.

Dec 09, 2009 20 lbs
by: Maura

Here is Garcia. He has one blue eye and one green he is about 20lbs and a clown!

Garcia a large black and white domestic cat

Nov 17, 2009 cat
by: Anonymous

might be a domestsic shorthair cat

Oct 10, 2009 Look out for red cats
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

When you check your local area also look out for other red male or tricolor female cats with normal short fur. Those of about his age could actually be his siblings.

The long-hair gene is recessive (= non-dominant), which means that it is often carried by short hair cats, who will produce nothing but short hair off-spring until they meet another carrier of the gene. When two carriers mate, a quarter of the kittens will (theoretically) be longhaired.

The gene for red is a complicated story, but I've seen with my own eyes how a strong red male could mark the kittens of an entire village for years, so that's why I suggest you look around for that too. πŸ˜‰

Oct 09, 2009 Two More Photos
by: Michael

Here are two more photos of Gatito. I agree that he may have some Norwegian Forest Cat in him or Siberian. They are similar breeds and may have similar or the same origin.

Gatito a moggie or Norwegian Forest cat or a Siberian cat

Gatito a moggie or Norwegian Forest cat or a Siberian cat

His ruff is very noticeable and the overall appearance brings to mind both these breeds. He is a red tabby cat too.

Oct 09, 2009 Gatito is not a Stray Cat.
by: Isabel - Gatitos owner

I saw Gatito in my front yard one day. He was accompanied with another adult female cat (calico type with short hair). I thought she was his mother. A day after he was alone and curiously watching my parrot at the terrace. My daughter adopted him. He was I guess about 1 or 2 months old. Very healthy and alert! He was free to go, but preferred to stay at the terrace. I regret letting him slept outside!!!! At that time I was not a Cat lover... But Gatito was special! he respond to his name Gatito, that was not his name at that time. Means small cat or kitten.

Then I found out that the female cat was from my backyard neighbor and told us she had not given birth to any kittens. That they had saw Gatito playing with her and thought she adopted him as his baby. So she was not his mother and do not look alike either. So the mystery is still there.

So, I will search for more Cats around the block!

Thanks for helping me narrowing possibilities!


Oct 09, 2009 You struck gold
by: Anonymous

If I'm not mistaken, 'Gatito' means 'little cat' in Spanish? Well, he isn't exactly that anymore, but I'm sure he enjoys the name when you say it in a loving tone. πŸ˜‰
As to his roots I agree with Michael that Siberian is a possibility. Another is Norwegian Forest because his face seems to have the straight profile of that breed. Whatever it is (in case he is not a purebred runaway) the semi-long hair gene may well have skipped one or more generations before hitting him full force.
As to the loss of fur - some of the semi-longhaired breeds have seasonal sheddings, so maybe that's the explanation? Just an idea...
Anyway, the fact that he is so remarkably good looking in his orange tabby outfit is just an extra bonus. He appears to be an intelligent cat, who has adjusted for his new life, learned all the routines of the house, bonded with you and even gets on well with the dog. Getting him as your first cat is like striking gold.

Finn Frode

Oct 09, 2009 Hi Isabel
by: Michael

First is it very nice to hear from you in Puerto Rico. Thank you for showing us Gatito. He is very handsome and large.

It is difficult to tell what kind of breed he is but I will take a guess and say that of all the cat breeds he looks most like a Siberian Cat.

Maine Coons are longer in body and the muzzle is more square. Siberian cats have the kind of face and body shape that I see in Gatito. He also has a classic Siberian ruff (the fur around the face).

Here is a purebred Siberian show cat from America:

Siberian cat in the USA photo by Helmi Flick
Photo is copyright Helmi Flick - please respect it.

Gatito actually looks as if he could be a purebred cat. Was he a stray cat?

I have emailed you to ask you to send more photos if you would like.

1 thought on “Gatito My Domestic Unknown Mix Breed Cat”

  1. Dear Gatitos mother,
    I dont know how it can be but it seems an Angoran to me why mostly Siberians are not blonde and they have a fur under their neck as a lion and norvegians are more wedge type face… Angorans are Turkish breed and I had once so similar kitten like yours blonde long hair soft voiced very clever, and he was a snow lover???the famous Angoran type is pΓΌre White with nice blue eyes, Let me send you a link to check
    find the blonde in the page =)


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