Can rats be as big as cats?

We often read in the news media about rats being so big that they are as big as cats. Can this be true? Are people exaggerating? People tend to exaggerate when they are frightened of something. It happens all the time. Normally exaggerating the size of an animal occurs when people spot a mysterious …

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Bigger cat, bigger problems with the Maine Coon?

Bigger domestic cat bigger problems - no

One TikTok video maker stated that if you adopt a Maine Coon cat – the biggest domestic cat – you bring into your home bigger problems than you would if you had adopted a regular domestic cat. It is a philosophical question. Well, perhaps not that philosophical 😎 but it is a topic worth …

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Have you ever laid down on the grass outside with your cat? She might like it.

Lie down with your cat outside as it alters the relationship

I have a theory. I think domestic cats will normally like being with their human caregiver if they can go outside to their backyard, which hopefully has a lawn of some sort, lie on the lawn and let their cat join them. In doing this the normal interrelationship between human and cat is dramatically …

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Rusty-spotted cat size compared to domestic cat size

Rusty-spotted cat size compared to a domestic cat size

There is a fascination with the rusty-spotted cat because of its diminutive size. It is the smallest cat species in the world. It’s weight varies but on average it is somewhere around 1.2 kg or about 2.5 pounds. The weight of domestic cats varies a lot too, but on average, a healthy adult domestic …

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Can Maine Coons be small?

Normal-sized Maine Coon cat

Yes, Maine Coons can be normal-sized. It is a good question because there is a slight obsession about Maine Coons being big and breeders tend to follow this and make them big, sometimes huge. Maine Coons are known to be big and the biggest domestic cat breed. The fact is though that the CFA …

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Are male, orange tabby cats the most friendly?

Butterball a rescue cat.

Having read a lot about domestic cats, I sense that the general feeling is that male, orange tabby cats are, in general, friendlier than the average domestic cat. National Geographic reported that they are the most gregarious and that a cat’s personality is linked to their coat colour. The gene that makes the fur …

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