Good behaviour by anonymous citizens in kitten rescue versus deplorable behaviour by world leaders

I want to relate a beautiful little story about the rescue of a sweet, terrified gray kitten in America. It’s a story of really nice human behaviour by anonymous citizens somewhere in that vast country. There are millions of really nice people on the planet doing good deeds which, for me, contrasts starkly with our world leaders who are screwing up the management of the planet which is travelling along a route to dire consequences for us all, animal and human alike.

The story is on the Quora website. I will say it in my own words because I can’t just copy and paste it because that would be a copyright violation. If you believe that copyright exists on the Internet which I actually don’t think it does any more.

Grey kitten rescued from the engine compartment grill of an SUV in a fast-food restaurant parking lot in rain
Grey kitten rescued from the engine compartment grill of an SUV in a fast-food restaurant parking lot in rain. Image: the lady mentioned in the story!
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The story concerns a woman who was in her car in a parking lot at a drive through fast food outlet. Both she and her son heard a kitten meowing but they didn’t know where the meow was coming from.

They got out of their car and walked around the parking lot but couldn’t see the source of the meow. Heavy rain was on the way. There was thunder and lightning and it was getting cold. She prayed that they would find the kitten in the next 10 minutes because they had to leave shortly.

Her son was on his hands and knees looking in the storm drain. He looked up and saw the kitten “stuck in the front grill of this SUV!”.

The imagination runs riot. Imagine seeing a kitten stuck in the grill of a car. My guess is that the kitten had crawled into the engine compartment and had then managed to struggle to the front of the vehicle and was visible.

The kitten was apparently unharmed but completely trapped. She said that “it was alive and seemed okay”.

Both her and her son ran into the restaurant to try and find the owner and they discovered that it was an employee. A couple of teenage boys who worked at the restaurant came out in the rain to free the kitten. They worked on it for about one hour “trying to pry the grill thing off and were finally able to get this sweet baby out”.

Both the teenage boys were crying and they were covered from head to toe in mud. They handed the kitten to her and asked if she wanted to take him or her home. She started to cry and nodded her agreement.

The back story is that she had had to euthanise their last nine-year-old cat about two years ago because of kidney failure. She had sworn that she would never have another cat.

Her three-year-old daughter wanted a cat. Her daughter had said that her mother’s attitude was okay but “I pray and pray and God will give me a cat”.

Her daughter has got her cat because God gave it to in the shape of a beautiful gray kitten rescued from the grill of an SUV in a fast-food restaurant parking lot.

At the time of the rescue her daughter was at her dad’s home. I’m guessing that this couple is separated but I could be wrong. But her mother said “I can’t wait to surprise her when she gets home”.

Nice people

As I said, a great story of genuine sensitivity towards animal welfare. A story where people are concerned about others; about protecting animals and caring for others.

Damnable world leaders screwing up

I just written an article about the schoolchildren of the UK acting as canaries in a mine. The analogy is rather strange but I think it is highly pertinent. It’s about the horrible way the world is being managed by our leaders forcing the planet to travel a path which looks like it can only lead to catastrophe at the moment.

The link to the story is below:

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        • I agree but there are cat lovers in China too. There has to be. We know that there are animal rescue volunteers for examples. But, yes, too many citizens who have superstitious beliefs about eating cats and dogs and who are not educated about cat behavior. I am aslo appalled at the cruelty meted out to dogs. This is gross animal cruelty. Take for instance the Yulin Dog Meat festival.


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