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Hattie: The kitten no one wanted — 22 Comments

  1. Oh what a lovely story to warm the cockles of your heart!! Polly you are so kind and generous making a space for unwanted kitten Hattie 🙂 Just love the pictures of them snuggling together they are so prettty and so alike! Love a happy ending and Polly hope you, Hattie and the rest of your brood have a wonderful, puurfect Christmas 🙂

  2. What a lovely story I really enjoyed reading it, especially knowing that there was a happy ending, we can’t ignore the sad stories but oh how lovely to start the day by reading something that ends happily all round. I can’t wait for the next story, you’re a good writer Danielle. Merry Christmas to Polly, Hattie and Lucy, to all of the lovely people at AOE, to their supporters, to all the animals and to all the PoCers (can you see I’ve got the Christmas spirit already?)

  3. Polly deserves praise. I don’t know why Hattie was left behind. Perhaps black and white is not a popular coat colour. That is the way people select or at least it is a factor. Hattie is a sweet looking cat.

    Thanks for the article Danielle. Happy Christmas.

      • We find black and white and black cats do indeed take longer to rehome no matter how friendly there r whereas grey cats tend to go extremely quickly even if they are quite grumpy xx

  4. Such a beautiful kitten and a beautiful story – she deserves the lovely home she’s now got. May she be causing chaos for many years to come!

  5. what a heartwarming story. My kitten Elvis came from Ark on the Edge, and I know what a wonderful caring bunch of people they are up there. I am overjoyed that Hattie now has her forever home. xxx

    • Elvis was only at the centre a couple of days.
      Annie came up with a donation and fell in love with him and reserved him there and then
      He’d only been with us a couple of hours
      Shortest stayer ever lol

  6. What a lovely story Danielle and such a happy ending for Hattie. I love all your photos, you can tell by that little face what a character she is lol
    It must be hard to let kittens go as I’m sure you love them all, so it’s nice when the adopters keep in touch.
    We brought our Jozef home as a tiny kitten 12 years ago and still keep in touch with his mother’s human family at Christmas, sadly Walter’s human family were horrible and moved away, we just hope they had no more kittens after that to neglect!
    Happy Christmas to all animals and people at the Ark xx

    • Thanks Ruth – exceptionally hard with kittens ans cats that pull on the heart strings.
      Polly keeps us well up to date so we always know what trouble Hattie is getting herself into xxx

    • What a great story – what a pretty cat Hattie is and how similar she looks to her friend Lucy. It’s so nice to read stories like this. Hattie sounds like a great cat/kitten – I would have adopted her in a second since she seems so energetic and naughty and playful which I love. Kittens are so much fun aren’t they.

      Thanks for sharing such a nice story and all the lovely photos – these stories really make my day 🙂

      • Hattie was such a little character upto so much mischief – u miss the ones like that
        Well u miss em all but Hattie was one of those u don’t get along very often
        Her family is so loving n I know she’s well looked after but I do miss seeing her causing trouble every day lol xx

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