Hattie: The kitten no one wanted

By Danielle – Ark on the Edge

This is the tale of Hattie a gorgeous little black and white female kitten who was looking for a home at Ark on the Edge animal rescue.

One warm summer day, a special arrival came to the Ark; Hattie was born here at the centre to her mum Lucky along with her brother and 2 sisters. Mum Lucky hadn’t been given the best start in life and now found herself a mum at only 9 months old – but she did a fantastic job. Sadly one kitten died at only a few days old – but the others went from strength to strength.

Hattie kitten

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So Hattie grew and grew and we soon began to see she was a bit of troublemaker – she loved to cause chaos and jeer on her brother and sister “the twins” she had such a personality – she was so brave and loved to get up to mischief and even when you told her off – she would look you right in the eye and go back to whatever she was doing – completely ignoring you LOL!

“The Twins” found a beautiful home with a few other kitties in the house and were spoilt rotten; but Hattie, well she was being overlooked, younger tabbies and torties were being snapped up but people were walking past Hattie – even though she would come rushing out to see who was there.

Kittens leave Ark on the Edge at 9 weeks old after their vaccination and microchipping, and it is very rare that they stay much longer after that as many are reserved before leaving – not Hattie.

And then, one magical day I got an inbox from a lady looking to adopt a kitten to her growing brood. This was a lady called Polly; and I mentioned about Hattie (just by concidence Hattie was the spitting image of a cat Polly already owned called Lucy). Polly replied saying she looked lovely and would be up within the week with her partner to have a look.

GUESS WHAT!!! Polly picked Hattie the unwanted kitten; we explained that she was a bit of troublemaker and loved getting into mischief and Polly said she would fit in fine with the others then.

Hattie kitten

Polly kept up us well up-to-date with Hattie who soon became known as “The breakfast thief” as she loved the morning cereal. And also chicken kebabs became one of Hattie’s favourite in such a way that Polly has to share half’s with Hattie. She quickly became a mummy’s girl and is never far away from Polly and loves to sleep around Polly’s neck.

Hattie kitten

She also took a fascination with the Christmas tree – breaking 2 baubles within ten minutes of the tree going up lol. But that is Hattie, she loves getting into mischief, and you can never stay mad at her face.

And probably the best of all; Hattie fit in with the other cats; especially Lucy and they became firm friends; to such way that when Lucy goes out and about for a wander; Hattie sits at the window waiting for her friend to come home. Her latest trick though; is sitting in front of the washing machine watching the clothes spin. Hahaha she always was a funny little soul.

Hattie kitten

Hattie always was a favourite amongst volunteers who loved her crazy personality and we were so happy that Hattie found the perfect home with the perfect family.

So from Hattie – her family and everyone at Ark on the edge – we wish you all a very merry Christmas – filled with much love….

hattie and caretaker



22 thoughts on “Hattie: The kitten no one wanted”

  1. Oh what a lovely story to warm the cockles of your heart!! Polly you are so kind and generous making a space for unwanted kitten Hattie 🙂 Just love the pictures of them snuggling together they are so prettty and so alike! Love a happy ending and Polly hope you, Hattie and the rest of your brood have a wonderful, puurfect Christmas 🙂

  2. What a lovely story I really enjoyed reading it, especially knowing that there was a happy ending, we can’t ignore the sad stories but oh how lovely to start the day by reading something that ends happily all round. I can’t wait for the next story, you’re a good writer Danielle. Merry Christmas to Polly, Hattie and Lucy, to all of the lovely people at AOE, to their supporters, to all the animals and to all the PoCers (can you see I’ve got the Christmas spirit already?)


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