Trifectant is a Very Effective Disinfectant For Common Cat Diseases


Trifectant is an FDA and EPA approved disinfectant that contains Potassium Peroxymonosulfate as the main ingredient. Trifectant is a popular disinfectant that is known for its enhanced effectiveness against feline calicivirus and ringworm in comparison to other top disinfectants that are … please continue reading

Shelter euthanasia is taking a mental toll: Animal rescuer sounds off in Facebook viral video

Heather Skow

This video comes from Zach Skow and is one that every animal lover should see. Zach gave the intro back in April on his Facebook page as his wife Heather gives us an idea of the torment shelter staff, volunteers … please continue reading

Florida man brings tiny ‘cheetah’ kitten to firefighters and discovers that it is a bobcat

Tiny female bobcat kitten found and taken to a wildlife refuge

Florida, USA: There is a moral to this story and it is made by the Back to Nature Wildlife Refuge and Education Center. “If a citizen spots a displaced, injured, or orphaned wild bobcat, the first thing they should do … please continue reading

Firefighters rescue kitten who ran across multiple lanes of traffic in Lehigh Acres

kitten rescued

Members of the Lehigh Acres Fire Control & Rescue District (Florida) responded to a public assistance call Saturday after a small kitten decided to run across multiple lanes of traffic. The Lehigh Acres, Florida department was able to safely rescue the kitten … please continue reading