Photo edited picture of fat rescue cat Mitzi does not help her cause

There is a story going around on the Internet about a charming but apparently grossly overweight rescue cat whose name is Mitzi. Many news media websites present a photograph of Mitzi as grossly overweight which is a reason why, they … please continue reading

Cat found in landfill by Good Samaritan now named Gloria Gaynor. Because she will survive…

A beautiful short-haired white cat is recovering after she was rescued by a Good Samaritan last week after the cat was discovered in a crate in a Prince George (British Columbia) landfill, according to the BC SPCA. Gloria is lucky … please continue reading

Facebook: California Wildfires Pets has rescue photos of 592 cats and 210 dogs

The Facebook Community page California Wildfires Pets is doing an amazing job at keeping up with pets lost, found and reunited. They also have a small album for Rainbow Bridge pets who didn’t survive. Several hundred photos are available of … please continue reading