Helpless kitten stuck in a tree during high waters in Madison County rescued by firefighters

A helpless kitten stuck in a tree during high waters in Madison County, Alabama was rescued overnight Friday by the Hazel Green Volunteer Fire Department.

Danielle Watson adopted the kitten

The department posted the story, along with photos, on their Facebook page

“At 22:30 tonight we received a call of a cat stuck in a tree in flood waters. As we arrived we found that a baby kitten had found it’s way stuck in a tree over flood waters. Thanks to our captain Rodney Nickelson and deputy chief Bradly locker we were able to save the kitten safely and now has a new home tonight.”

Firefighters responded to the site on Billie D. Harbin Road near Walker Lane where Captain Rodney Nickelson and Deputy Chief Bradly Locker were able to rescue the kitten.

The kitten already has a new forever home. Her name is Rescue.

The firefighters are getting a lot of ‘thank you’s’ on their Facebook page.

Photos courtesy of the Hazel Green Volunteer Fire Department.

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