17 cats killed by a fire. Could they have been saved?

Cat hotel where 17 cats perished by smoke inhalation from smoke from another area of a mall

Once again, there is a story about cats being killed in a fire and I always notice that under these circumstances people are rarely killed. The people get out, but the cats don’t. In this instance a cat hotel (boarding cattery) was situated in a mall in Los Angeles. A part of the mall …

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98% of cat owners would risk their lives to save their cat from a house fire


A Quora.com user asks, “Would you risk your life to save your cat from a house fire?” There are 46 responses to that question and everyone bar one says YES. And they respond with commitment and certainty. They have no doubts about it. They will risk their lives to save their cat in a …

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Firefighters and cats rescued from wildfires can suffer from the same disease

Rescued cat from fire

I researched this some time ago but another study has been recently published (July 14, 2022) on the subject. The study itself is very technical but essentially what it is saying is that domestic cats and firefighters can suffer from blood clots and cardiovascular disease as a result of burns and smoke inhalation from …

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14 cats resuscitated with oxygen and three given CPR

NEWS AND COMMENT-SINGAPORE: This is an exceptional firefighter cat rescue story in that, in all, 14 domestic cats were found on the floor in a Housing and Development Board (HDB) apartment which was filled with dense smoke when 20 responders including firefighters entered. The occupiers of the apartment and the owners of the cats …

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People with more than 10 cats should comply with customized fire regulations

Fire at cat hoarder's home Woodbury, Orange County.

NEWS AND COMMENT: I have said before, almost a year ago, that people who want to keep a large number of cats in their home should be subject to specific and customised fire regulations. Cat hoarders who have 10 or more cats in their home are treated by the local authorities as ordinary residents, …

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Multi-cat homes should have to comply with enhanced fire safety regulations

Multi-cat homes should be subject to tougher regulations of safety

Fires in multi-cat homes are going to kill more cats than in single cat homes. That is obvious. There are many homes with a large number of cats. The owner does not have to comply with any special fire safety regulations. But in the UK, in houses of multiple occupation (of people) there are …

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Nice guy worried about his cat stuck in tree gets stuck himself

Nice guy worried about his cat stuck in a tree got stuck himself when he tried to rescue him

What I love about this video is the care, professionalism and attention to detail exercised by the Tulsa Fire Department. I bet they just turned up without a complaint and got the guy down really nicely and safely because I’m sure he was frightened, and then they went home, job done. I also feel …

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